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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Off to student health

Got myself an appointment for a check-up. Nothing serious, I don't think, although I've been sick WAY too much this year. But it should be nice to get my prescriptions refilled (including allergy medicine, which I've been needing very badly) and get some wart advice.

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Monday, April 29, 2002


I'm pretty bummed that Miss Elle has chosen to give up blogging. I understand, having gone through many periods when I either didn't want to blog or just felt I had nothing to write, but still... You'll be missed.

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Bad haircut time again...

Class was cancelled, so I went off and got my hair trimmed. As usual, it was bad, but it really needed to be cut, so I won't complain. And no, I'm not posting pictures.

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And yesterday (briefly)

Went to breakfast (not all that tasty, honestly, but John picked the place), did the disc golf (played awfully and got quite frustrated about it, probably because I was stressed about getting back to finish some assignments), showered, and worked on said assignments (a Behavioral Neurology homework involving spotting lesion sites from brain images, naming the affected areas, and guessing about what might be wrong, as well as writing up a presentation on anarchic hand syndrome). I watched a litle TV in the evening, including a confusing "X-Files" (I don't know why I watched, really, except out of morbid interest). Then I tried to read up for Behavioral Neurology today but didn't succeed.

More reading tonight (for my Cognitive Neuroscience class), maybe some work on the Stats midterm, and report writing. Should be loads o' fun.

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A competing hypothesis to "The Big Bang"?

Read for yourself here. I don't know enough about the physical properties of the universe to argue convincingly either way, but it sure sounds interesting.

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Amen, again

"Playing hard" I'll dispute. But the rest of it is what I'd prescribe for myself, anyway...

You're working and playing too hard, Scott. You will wear yourself out if you're not careful. The activities you engage in with friends or associates are fascinating, no doubt, but the toll on your body is just too great. Bear in mind that you have been undergoing some real psychological transformations as well. Your body is shouting "stop!" The sleep deficit you're running will require two or three nights of good rest to cure, at least.

By the way, I did watch "ER", Connie, and it was no great shakes. A lot of Lewis in this stupid crossover with "Third Watch", which I could do without. I'm not sure where things stand with Dr. Greene, but he was only obliquely referred to in the episode, and wasn't even on.

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Sunday, April 28, 2002

Amen, Astrologers...

This is a good day to go after things that you really want, Scott. You'll feel confident and assertive. If you've been meaning to get into better physical shape, now is a great time to start working out. With whatever sport you enjoy, make plans alone or with friends to fit it into your schedule. Your body has been resting for quite some time and wants to get the blood pumping again. You'll feel good if you sweat out some toxins and clear your body of emotional residue.

Oh, I'm off to go disc golf in a second. Then studying and work. Joy.

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Yadda, yadda, yadda

Believe me when I say that I hate it when I just blather in these posts as much as you hate it when I do that. But I'm really not feeling all that deep, and I want to go to bed soon, so I may be brief...

So Liz Bates' second colloquium in 24 hours was similarly dynamic and fun on Friday, and we ended up having a wine and cheese reception after. I even got a nice half-bottle of wine out of it.

Then afterwards we went to dinner with John (passable lemongrass tofu, vegetable potstickers, and crispy vegetable rolls with sinus-clearing hot mustard) and stopped by Twist & Shout so I could finally pick up the new Wilco and Costello cds (haven't had a chance to really listen to them much, sadly, but "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" sounds good), as well as taking a chance on the Shins (listened to some of the cd in the store and liked it).

Today was all about trying to tape the "Osbournes" marathon that turned out to be a hoax, thanks to MTV, going to the Health Sciences Library to pick up a reference so I can do a case presentation on anarchic hand syndrome Monday, looking at new futons (since my U.S. tax refund will be here soon, I hope), passable Mexican food (her first time at Los Troncos), and seeing "Cat's Meow" (which was okay, despite the fact that I thought Eddie Izzard was only fair as Charlie Chaplin).

Maybe disc golf in the morning. Maybe.

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Friday, April 26, 2002

So dinner was nice

It was seven students, two faculty members, and Liz Bates, an animated (and somewhat controversial) researcher in language (among other things). We ended up going to a fondue place (which wasn't at all bad, since we had other entrees on top of that, of course) and the conversation was lively and stimulating, and I was able to relax a bit. Unfortunately, we forgot to record Cirque du Soleil (although I did get "ER", but haven't watched it).

Oh, and Chance, I went out to the comics store before dinner, and I despised that issue of "Captain America"... Lovely art, but a horridly sentimental and clumsy story. If this is what that series is going to be about, then that will be my last issue.

Dr. Bates is giving a colloquium talk to our department today, and there will be a wine and cheese reception after, so I'm looking forward to that.Other than that, I may try to relax some more tonight, so I can buckle down and get stuff accomplished over the weekend. And yes, I'm planning to go disc golf.

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Thursday, April 25, 2002

Got a check today...

It's my state of Colorado tax refund (quick, I know), which is lovely.

I'm tired (sleep-deprived, having stayed up late to finish the stats homework and the reading for class today), and a bit worried, since I have a lot to do this weekend. But tonight will be all about relaxing (going to dinner with a colloquium speaker at a nice restaurant to be named later, at the department's expense, and then trying to catch up on sleep, since I have no class tomorrow).

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Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Have I mentioned that I like Cirque du Soleil?

Well, I do. I thought their performance was one of the only things (besides Woody Allen, the Sidney Poitier tribute, and the Errol Morris piece) that kept me from smashing my TV during the Oscar telecast.

That said, Bravo is running videos of their performances the rest of this week. Well, Wednesday and Thursday, anyway, if you missed the first two nights. We're recording them. And planning to see them when they perform here in June/July.

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Woozy but better, thanks...

So I pretty much slept through the evening and then the night, interrupted only by the girl stopping by to see if I needed anything (and she called later to read me some Woody Allen, which was a hoot), my own obsessiveness forcing me to do some scoring on a test protocol, and a viewing of last night's "Andy Richter" episode, which had me chuckling until my eyes watered.

And now I'm up. I've got class and two clinics, and then I have to read for one of tomorrow's classes and come up with three theoretical questions and send them to the instructor, do my stats homework, and maybe do some work on two psychological reports. Fun.

Come on weekend... Come on weekend...

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Tuesday, April 23, 2002


I don't get migraines very often. Maybe three or four times a year.

As anybody who has them can tell you, they're awful. And sometimes you can feel them coming on, but others you're sort of blind. So I was reading for class last night when my eyes started to get weird, seeing spots. I just thought I was tired.

And then today I was feeling really woozy and out of it. I thought it was just lack of caffeine. But I made it through class and my feedback session. But while eating pizza with the girl, it hit me again. The spots on front of my eyes, a pounding pain in my head, weakness, nausea. I barely made it back here before it started feeling like the back of my head was coming off. So I just laid here in the dark, knowing I had stuff to do, but unable to do anything.

I'm not relaying this to whine (although we missed the sneak of "Hollywood Ending", sadly), but to give you an idea what a migraine is like. The bad thing is that it's the most salient part of my day.

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Monday, April 22, 2002

I'm doing everything I can to avoid reading school stuff

It's true. I think it's one bad thing about working on the weekend... Then I don't want anything to do with school early in the week. And I just have too much to do. *sigh*

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Sunday, April 21, 2002

I'm feeling a bit better

I actually made it to the gym after working, and now I'm watching the season finale of "Futurama" (long live "Trek" geekiness!) while the girl hosts a "ladies only" dinner party. I've gotta read some stuff for class tomorrow, too, but I think it should be a relaxing evening.

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Home for lunch

Still trying to wake up, and I just this was an interesting read... I''m trying not to just post such things as a substitute for posting something, but it seems to suit the way I'm feeling.

Venus in square to Uranus at the start of the week may mean that others at home will need more of their own space. So if your family seems to be ignoring you or playing it too cool, it's nothing personal. You could probably use this time to catch up on all your own stuff as well, and do a few things you haven't had a chance to enjoy for a while. The Sun moves into the sign of Taurus and into the sector of your chart associated with your home and private life. This highlights not only the kind of family dynamics that are going on in your home, but perhaps more importantly within yourself. You may feel it is necessary right now to spend more time in reflective contemplation and to try and understand some of the processes that are going on deep within you. Venus moves into Gemini, which brings a sparkle to your life. Now more than ever it is essential that you take a break from your routine. In fact you may find it very difficult to focus at this time, and this could be because your whole system really does need a break. Make sure you get out and really have some fun - it is your duty!

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Yesterday wasn't so bad...

I only had a half-day of testing, and the kids were really cute. Then I went to brunch with the girl and we went off to check out some shops along Broadway (Denver Broadway). We pondered seeing "Panic Room", but wound up going to grab stuff for her dinner party tonight, instead, at which point I became quite ill again and had to come home. Then I more or less laid in bed for a while, trying to watch the "ER" repeat and failing, catching some of "SNL" and deciding it was pretty lame, and then fell asleep.

Oh, and if you've been reading for a while, then you know I've had this damned plantar wart behind my left big toe for a couple years now. I've been treating it over and over and never been able to get rid of it, so I gave up for a while. Well, I'm treating it again, and it's kind of fascinating to watch the process, as the skin around turns white and peels off, and as each successive wart layer falls away. It's kind of disturbing to see this little science experiment on your own flesh, but I can't help but be enthralled. Either that, or I'm really bored.

I know it doesn't sound all that exciting, but the rest was nice. Believe me.

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Saturday, April 20, 2002

So that was my night

I had to go over to the cd store twice to get Ozzfest tickets for the girl, since Ticketmaster (don't get me started on a rant) changed the release time to 3 PM. Then I had to console her after a rough meeting with her research mentor and then felt drained. I was supposed to go to a birthday party (for the son of one of the other grad students), but stayed home instead, watching taped episodes of "Six Feet Under" (thankfully, things have improved mightily since the flat season premiere) and Session 9, a creepy little film by one of my favorite young directors. The ending was a bit of a letdown, but the buildup was quite suspenseful, I thought.

I'm working this morning, but have the afternoon off. Not sure what's in the works, but I feel like doing zero work.

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Friday, April 19, 2002

Go vote, dammit!!!!

Um, it's a fun poll.

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Feeling much better, thanks...

Sorry no update yesterday. I'm tempted to chalk it up to disillusionment because Robert Blake was arrested, but that ain't the truth. Honestly, I didn't have the time and had all kinds of trouble with Blogger. Not that I had anything deep to say, except that I was feeling woozy but somewhat better. And all the sympathy helped...

So I somehow managed to ride my bike out to the comics store yesterday, after classes and meeting with my clinical supervisor. It felt nice to stretch my body, even if I felt sore afterwards. And I somehow ended up watching "Trading Spaces" with the girl again and discovered I actually kind of like it. Call me crazy, but it's kind of fun.

Thanks to my brother, I will be attending a conference in Boulder, too, by the way. I suspect if he keeps acting like this, I won't be able to accuse him of being the evil twin anymore.

Oh, and surprise!, I finally watched the inscrutable" Mulholland Drive" and liked it. A bit over-the-top, and definitely weird, even by David Lynch standards, but I think I got it. Think I got it, mind you.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2002


Weenie, it looks like you were right: I spent most of the morning feeling oogy and threw up a couple times (more detail than anybody probably wanted to know, but hell, I felt like sharing). So I'm staying home, trying to rest up and recover. It's bad timing, since this is typically my busy day (with class and then my two clinical supervisions), but there ain't no controlling such stuff.

The girl is trying to convince me to stand in line to buy tix for Ozzfest for her Friday, since she has to proctor an exam when the tickets go on sale.

And, once again, I'll say it: "Samurai Jack" rules!!!!!!

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It's getting almost comical...

I renewed "Mulholland Drive", but still didn't get around to it. Instead, we ended up going to the gym (it felt nice to work out again for the first time in weeks) and then over to the pizza place for a couple slices and "The Osbournes". And then it was back here to watch the taped "Andy Richter Controls the Universe", which is rapidly becoming my favorite series.

Did I mention that I'm not too impressed with the "Justice League" cartoon (despite the cool references, something just feels off)?

Or that I'm procrastinating writing that neuropsych assessment report?

Or that I'm feeling horribly nauseous and sick to my stomach this morning?

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Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Yeah, sometimes I suck...

I rented "Mulholland Drive" but never even got around to watching it. I fell asleep instead, woke up and went to dinner with the girl, and came back to read stuff for my cognitive neuroscience class today. And even though I got 5 hours of sleep or so (not including my impromptu nap), I feel rundown, like I got hit by a truck.


Oh, and my brother reports that "Spider-Man" is peachy keen.

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Monday, April 15, 2002

So, yeah...

I didn't end up going to the Book Fair (it sounded cool, but I really didn't want to pay for admission), but (instead) rode my bike out to the comics store (it was a lovely warm and sunny day), bought some cheap comics (from the discount bin, and I actually found some stuff I wanted), got Taco Bell food, and came back to watch more of the videotapes my brother sent (stuff off Cartoon Network, like "Samurai Jack", "Justice League", and the John Kricfalusi homages to "Yogi Bear", "The Jetsons", etc. I haven't gotten around to the "Six Feet Under episodes yet).

Oh, and I rented "Mulholland Drive" but haven't watched it yet.

I could use another day off. Really.

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Sunday, April 14, 2002

Musical heaven

So for as long as I can remember (as an adult), I've been an Elvis Costello fan. His stuff accompanied me through some painful growing up years, guided me through break-ups, acted as a bridge to new friendships, and just inspired me. I've always wanted to see him live (well, him, Van Morrison, and Tom Waits, actually). And he's coming here in June. Finally.

Yeah, I am excited.

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Kind of a rollercoaster

So my Friday started off poorly, being exhausted and all and then finding out I'm not even eligible to go to this week-long course in New York (even though I have travel funds from the department to go there)... Seems I'm not senior enough in the program, and it's intended for professionals and advanced grad students.

Blah. Whatever.

Thankfully, I got my taxes done in the afternoon, though, and I'll be getting money back. I'm happy for the tax help, even if I paid for it, since I always used to file wrong and claim income I shouldn't have, which meant I got nothing back. This way, I'm poor for a month, but then it comes back.

Then I got a bit envious knowing my brother is in L.A. this weekend to see "Spider-Man"... It's not just the movie, but flying to L.A... I haven't been to my birthplace in forever, and I'd love to take a trip. Maybe this summer, though.

So then John and I went disc golfing Saturday morning, and I played horribly. I don't know why, but I just couldn't get into it. I lost yet another disc, too, which is getting a little old. It wasn't even due to wind this time.

Then we went off thrift-shopping, looking for a stereo receiver for the girl (she bought a turntable a couple weeks back and didn't realize it wouldn't hook up to her home stereo system). It was a long, frustrating experience, but we somehow ended up getting good Thai food out of it, I found "Ghost World" on VHS, and we watched some of the DVD version of that film (including the great East Indian music video extra). So it all worked out.

Today we'll probably be at the school Book Fair (which is a big deal, believe it or not, with a play debut by George Plimpton). And we might finally see "The Panic Room".

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Friday, April 12, 2002

I really am okay

Just a bit sleep-deprived and burnt-out on school (a one-week spring break that really doesn't allow for relaxing will do that). I've been doing more or less of the same kinds of things, hearing about interesting research, finishing up my neuropsych assessment (which actually involved a lot of socio-emotional issues for the kiddo), doing stupid stats homework, etc., etc., etc. That kind of thing.

I finished watching "Welcome to Eltingville" (the Cartoon Network cartoon adaptation of Evan Dorkin's concept from his occasionally great "Dork" comic book) and hated it. Watered-down and unfunny, it really left a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe I'm just crotchetty, you argue? Au contraire, I say, since I've been loving "Andy Richter Controls the Universe".

Ugh. Time to get my taxes done, finish my application to a week-long course in New York this summer (keep your fingers crossed that I get accepted), and then ponder relaxing this weekend. I have no class today, and it's a sorely needed break.

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Tuesday, April 09, 2002

I am still around, I promise

Just been doing schoolwork, disc golfing, seeing a movie here and there ("Sexy Beast" was very disappointing, not for Ben Kingsley, but because there wasn't much original to it, I didn't think), and spending time with the girl. Mostly, it's been school, though.

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Wednesday, April 03, 2002


Yeah, I'm working on my own site redesign. It's still in the very early stages, and it probably will look crap and won't work. But it's about time I did it myself.

So keep checking back. I can't guarantee new content, since there ain't much to tell, but at least you can say you visited, right?

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