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Sunday, September 30, 2001


That was about as much of that as I could take. I went through 12 of 16 simulations (had to keep taking breaks, though) and couldn't do anymore. Yeah, I have a good idea of what I'll write up on the assignment, and I just really want to relax now.

Maybe I'll finally get around to watching "Red Beard"...? Although I feel "Golden Tee" calling me...

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A little musing

So I'm sitting here in my office on a fine Sunday afternoon, pondering running cognitive neural simulations, so I can answer the homework questions that aren't really due until Tuesday. Seems I have another long Monday ahead of me Tuesday morning is also busy, so I need to plan ahead. I'm trying to break from my procrastinating tendencies, you see.

But I don't want to get started just yet, as I'm finishing the Habanero chips I bought from the vending machine (and the residue on my fingers tends to get the keyboard a bit messy) and I have scattered thoughts in my head:

I have "Sweet and Dandy", by Toots and the Maytals, stuck in my head.

It was lovely just walking over to get breakfast this morning, and it made me appreciate how beautiful the campus is ( we cut through the university, since I live practically next door to it), with lots of fauna and some fairly ornate architecture reminiscent of ivy-covered walls elsewhere.

I love that it's just turning fall, so it's not too cold, but I can still enjoy being snug inside warm blankets at night and indulge in hot showers again.

I talked to my buddy Kurt on the phone for over an hour yesterday, just talking comics and movies and music, and it really made me miss being with folks I've known for a while, with whom I can just relax and be myself.

And I recently dug out my Chuck Taylors again (I hadn't worn them in a while, since they aren't good running shoes and the tread is pretty worn. Sadly, since they took the Foot Locker out of the mall, I haven't been able to find any).

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Well, despite the promising start

Yesterday was a pretty unproductive day. After doing my homework, I laid on the couch like a lump, watching college football (and I know that seems like something that should be so antithetical to me, but I can't really explain the appeal, much as I couldn't explain why I used to like to watch pro wrestling... I think it's partly nostalgia, in that it helps me remember enjoyable times from my childhood, and I just enjoy what I refer to as "the athletic ballet". Maybe that's just pretentious posturing to defend a lame interest, but...) and even took a short nap.

Then I watched that tape with the first three episodes of "Undeclared", and I'm afraid I didn't get it. Yeah, the cast was very good, the characters seemed to be pretty interesting and appealing, and it just didn't inspire much of a reaction. Maybe I just needed to be in the right frame of mind to watch?

Then I hung out with Tom and his daughter for a while, watching "Best in Show" again (it was nice to catch the first 10 minutes, which I missed when I saw it in the theater) and then some "Dexter's Laboratory", then came back home to watch a little bit of "SNL" ( the opening sequence was pretty touching, with Giuliani and the police and firemen of New York, and an obviously choked up performance by Paul Simon), then some reading, some Nyquil, and off to bed.

This cold hasn't quite settled in, since it seems to be slowly creeping up on me, but I still feel pretty tired and achy. I'm thinking there will just be more football watching, some more homework, and lots of rest and fluids today.

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More reading

Here's a link to an interesting article on the bad side of this resurgence in patriotism.

Not that national pride can't be a good thing (especially when it makes us set aside our differences and act kinder towards others), but I think we're seeing some of what the article describes.

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Saturday, September 29, 2001

What the hell...?

No doubt inspired by Meredith, I actually read up on my Stats stuff and did the homework for Monday, and I'm mostly done with my laundry. But the lawn just ain't getting mowed when I have a cold. Nope.

Oh, and "Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century" really bites. Who okayed such a thing, and can I stick his head in a pencil sharpener?

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What do you think?

Read. Discuss.

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Y'know, I had totally forgotten about "The Ripping Friends" (John Kricfalusi's new cartoon) until I stumbled on it this morning. I kinda liked it.

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So, seated on the futon last night, blogging away, my nose started running like a leaky faucet. At first I thought it was just late seasonal allergies, since I stopped taking the Allegra a few days ago. But then it suddenly dawned on me: I've been tired and a bit achy, having horrible headaches and slightely sore throat...

You guessed it. I'm sick. *sigh* I took Nyquil last night (I actually got free samples via the bookstore, one of the only things that place is good for) and passed out, but now I'm pretty useless. I guess it's nice, in a way, since it will force me to take it easy for a few days, but still...

Oh, and I'm watching that "X-Men" cartoon. It's been too long since I indulged in Saturday morning cartoons, I think.

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Friday, September 28, 2001

Oh, and something at the cd store that caught my eye

Jeff tipped me off to Tenacious D, and I'm still chuckling about the cover.

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A pretty relaxing evening

There was a trip to the cd store (and I found that Rival Schools is really much better live than recorded, as their new cd sounded pretty unimpressive there. The new Stereolab sounded pretty swass, though, but I still didn't buy it) and then to the bar for (you guessed it) more "Golden Tee". Lots of it. And a couple beers. And the Kinks on the jukebox.

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Yes, I'm a shameless link swiper

But really, how can anyone be expected to keep something as cool as this Monster Name Generator to himself, huh? (link via Kevin via xkot)

My name, by the way, is "Son of Satan". Try to top that.

A little PS: If you needed proof that the name generator is pretty random, my brother somehow wound up with the name "Midnight Stalker". And he IS the evil twin.

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So today looks to be harried

I mean, I have a little time to just putz around this morning, but then I go from meeting to meeting to meeting, and then 2 1/2 hours of test battery for my neuropsych assessment case. It's a good thing I just took it easy last night, because while that doesn't sound grueling, believe me when I say that it is.

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And while I'm forwarding stuff my profs send me

Here's the scenario we're debating in my Ethics class next week:

A 3.5-yr-old girl attends a private pre-school. The mother of the girl receives a phone call from the pre-school teacher, who explains that the little girl told her that a neighborhood playmate, a boy who is 5, “put a pencil in her ‘giana’” when they were playing at his home yesterday.

The pre-school teacher explains to the girl’s mother than she is mandated by law to report this incident as child sexual abuse, and asks the mother for the name of the male playmate and his parents’ phone number. The mother, who also happens to be a psychologist, is concerned about how to handle this situation.

Is the parent obligated to reveal the neighborhood boy’s identity?

Is the teacher mandated by state law to report this incident as child sexual abuse?

If you were the parent in this situation, what would you do?

Discuss it amongst yourselves. I'll tell you how I'd answer later.

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So I guess it's not just Falwell and Robertson

I got this forwarded from one of my professors, and from what I've been able to find out, it looks legit. But you should definitely go to the site to see for yourself. I'd just think there's enough to hate and feel bad about right now without this kind of crap getting pushed in Congress:

There is a Constitutional Amendment being proposed that will ultimately ban
homosexual marriages/civil unions and possibly domestic partner
benefits in the future. It is being pushed through Congress quickly so
as to make as little noise as possible. Short and to the point: If you
agree that gays and lesbians are NOT second class citizens and SHOULD
be allowed the same rights as all men and women, including marriage/civil
unions, then please go to this site
and sign the petition in order to make your opinion known. This petition is being organized
(it's not an "add your name to the bottom and forward" kind of thing). Go to the site
itself in order to sign the petition. And please pass this along to your friends and family
(gay & straight allies) so that we can all, together, convey the message that
the Constitution is about human rights, not just religious rights.

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Thursday, September 27, 2001

I believe I shall now be eating my words

With a little soy sauce and wasabi.

It seems that after complaining about roomie's boyfriend earlier, he made sushi today. Tons of sushi. And gave me a whole plateful of my own. Yeah. Insert appropriate self-deprecating comment here.

And I somehow managed to get a decent score on my homework (18/21, which was a good score).

It feels like everything is wacky but good today. I rode my bike out to the comics shop to pick up my fix, I had a little blush-inducing experience, and I even managed to get some work done. If not for a pounding headache, I daresay it was a pretty spiffy day.

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Am I a demanding lout?

Yeah, I am sometimes.

One of my roomies has her boyfriend staying with her. Said boyfriend is a lump of flesh. Really. Doesn't seem particularly bright, or outgoing, or ambitious. Since he's been here, he hasn't done much of anything. I offhandedly remarked that maybe we should put him to work mowing the lawn (which badly needs a trim), and now I'm expecting him to, just hoping he will, to prove my opinion of him is somehow misguided.

And it's funny, because my other roommate's boyfriend is the exact opposite.

Some peoples' boyfriends...

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This is what I was talking about

This is a little item on the event yesterday... A little something positive, to brighten all our days, maybe.

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Another night of sleep pretty much like the previous one. It's as if I read for a little bit (Alex Robinson's "Box Office Poison", a thick trade paperback collection of the semi-autobiographical comics series which I'd strongly recommend to any other comics geeks out there) and then someone turned the key on my motor and I just went into my "off" mode. Then I awakened mere minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off (and I'd think my body was trained to wake up at a certain time, but the time usually varies by day. So there's something about my alarm getting ready to wake me up that alerts me prior to the actual alarm. Odd.).

So I'm still waking up. I still haven't done any work this morning, and I'm not too disappointed by that. I think I felt like yesterday was one of those days where I had to be on from early morning until late last night, and I just can't bring myself to invest that kind of effort, at least not yet.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2001

So yeah

I got that stupid paper done and I really liked "Enterprise". Not a bad night, all in all. I still have some revising to do on the items for my measure, but I can just get up early and do it tomorrow. I feel good, so why kill that?

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Am I just an idiot?

I read about how people are afraid to fly now, and I just don't get it. I mean, looking at it from a statistical view, the chances of something happen are pretty unlikely, and certainly a lot less than other air disasters which never troubled me before.

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I almost forgot

In a moment to make me proud of people, the University had a rally of sorts in support of our Muslim brethren. There was a luncheon on the lawn, with food provided by many Middle Eastern vendors, an address by a Muslim cleric, and comments made by our Chancellor. And it was well-attended, and not just because of the free food.

The sad part is that many of the businesses that catered the event have been suffering economically in the past few weeks, with less people buying food there (some of it is undoubtedly just because of the slow economy) and some of them just being closed for a few days after, out of fear of some sort of misplaced retaliation.

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The whole morning was weird. I kept feeling like I was out of synch with everything, and really didn't have anything to offer in class or in my seminar and clinic meeting. I was just there.

I couldn't get into my blog this morning, despite being able to post. That was odd. I couldn't read any of the comments, which made me feel a little sad. Like getting the new phone book but your name's not in it.

I still have to write up that paper, and I haven't even really started, aside from opening up a new word document. I'm eating a burrito instead.

And there was "Golden Tee" last night. Two whole rounds. By the second, I was losing focus, but it was fairly relaxing. I needed it. Until somebody put Bob Seger on the jukebox, that is.

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Okay, so THAT was weird

After reading for a while, I fell fast asleep. FAST. ASLEEP. Me, the light sleeper. Fast asleep. Straight through, until about 5 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off. I think I was tired. And I awoke from a dream about being rude to someone (no special someone, but someone who had nevertheless been rude to me, which always brings out the second grade teacher in me, lecturing away about how inconsiderate the other was).

Now I have to run off to school for a solid 6 hour block and then come home to write a three-page paper on revising the APA Ethics Code. It won't be that bad, really, but I just hate feeling constrained when all I want to to do is play.

Oh, and "Enterprise" is on tonight.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Do I dare miss tonight's premiere of "Love Cruise"?

Why, yes. Yes, I do.

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I really shouldn't reward myself

After all, I know I didn't get half of the homework. But I still busted my hump on it and sat through a long day. I still have a couple stats problems, a paper to write, and some revisions on my master's project items, but the latter don't need to be done until Thursday. So there may be more "Golden Tee" tonight.

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I'm showered, so at least I won't be a smelly dope in class.

Some of these problems still look like they're written in Greek to me.

And it looks like I'll have to scrape up money from the department if I want to go to Yale (the why isn't really all that interesting). So I don't know if it's going to happen. We'll see.

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Ever have one of those days?

I just sat there, staring at my Neural Nets homework, doing what I could and feeling like an idiot for the problems that just weren't coming to me. It's so aggravating.

So then I laid in bed reading my Ethics readings (which were enough to put anyone to sleep) and then slept. That was my evening. I think I was hoping that somehow my dreams would tell me how to do those problems, but (upon awakening) I've found they didn't.

Stupid dreams.

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Monday, September 24, 2001

Yeah, I AM tired

Thanks for asking.

Too tired to do anything but sit here on the couch and look dumb. I still have to type up my homework answers, even though most of the work is done, but that seems like a lot of effort right now.

Is it me, or is Chris Kattan just not funny?

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Damned music, stuck in my head

Thanks to my brother playing it over and over while here, I have "Dear Hillary" (by Burning Airlines) stuck in my head. It's kind of like that "Seinfeld" episode, with George and the musical, except Lawrence Tierney is nowhere to be seen.

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So I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing

Well, I sort of am. I got that flyer draft finished, I sent out some departmental e-mail, I went to class, and that ain't bad, considering it's not even noon yet. I guess the problem is that I just haven't run the neural net simulations like I should so I can answer the homework questions.

And, really, I think things are looking up. Financially, I shouldn't be as strapped (and I got some financial burdens taken care of), I'm feeling a little less stressed about research and clinical obligations, and I just think maybe I needed to really get into the swing of things around here.

Yeah, and there's someone I'm kind of intrigued by, but it's all very tenuous right now and nothing may come of it, so I'm kind of reluctant to talk about it. Nothing may happen, after all, and it's not all that important. Just a nice distraction right now.

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I'm delighted to report

That I slept pretty well. I mean, yeah, I did wake up around 6 and laid there like a lump for another hour, but I feel rested for a change. It's good, since I have a long day ahead of me.

My sleep was punctuated by some weird dreams. I usually don't remember them at all, but today I did. There was this one about invisible visitors planting stuff in walls. Yet another had this theme of putting stuff in ears. And then one was sem-autobiographical, in that it recalled a funny accusation I heard from her (and I'm sorry to dredge this up, since I'm not all that upset about her, really, but the statement was just so ludicrous that it makes me laugh a bit): when I moved into the new place, I got rid of my old bed, which was pretty worn, and got a thick futon that I just threw on the floor and have been sleeping on most nights. Months later, she tells me that she thinks the reason I got rid of the bed was that I knew she wouldn't like that and that I was trying to discourage her from sleeping over. I'm not making this up, folks.

Anyway, back to breakfast now and then off for long day. Be good.

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Sunday, September 23, 2001

Not the most exciting day I've had

I've been mostly reading and doing homework (still trying to remember my algebra from way back so I can solve this stupid homework problem for my Neural Net class), watching football, doing more laundry, and thinking a bit. I also have to make up a flyer for a colloquium (I'm not giving it, but it somehow got delegated out to me).

And it hit me, really, that I've been really depressed for a while, and not really acknowledging it, to me or to you. I don't know why, really, but I think it struck me because it felt today like that fog lifted a bit. I don't know if it's a false lull in the emotional turmoil, or just a sign that I may have turned the corner. That's usually the case with these funks.

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This is what procrastination gets me

So a good chunk of my day will probably entail doing homework for Monday and Tuesday, since I have other school stuff (like starting my neuropsych assessment) to worry about tomorrow. It kind of bites when your long weekend ends up being abbreviated.

The twin and I are going to breakfast in a bit and then he's heading out. It's been nice seeing him again, and his visits have given my life a little bit more of a relaxed feeling, which has been much needed after weeks of inner turmoil and concern about school starting and overwhelming me.

John was kind of a pain in the ass last night, by the way. Not only dragging his feet so we missed a substantial portion of Rival Schools (which he regretted, since he really dug their stuff), but also a bit drunk and a little surly. He wasn't so keen on Burning Airlines, but he didn't need to act like a baby about it.

And I was so tired when I posted last night that the few typos in there were actually a positive surprise.

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So I never DID get a nap in

I spent pretty much the whole day yawning and tired (and I drank 6 cups of coffee at breakfast, which is a lot even for me), but I still enjoyed it. It was a mostly lazy day, going to get breakfast with Tom and Rachel (and seeing them get snippy with each other like an old married couple was a treat, let me note), then going off to get groceries and just relaxing for a while.

Ben called and laid a guilt trip on me for not coming to the party, since he's been curious to meet the twin, so we went over to Ant'ny's and drank beer and played pool (probably the worst I can remember playing, honestly). There was an awkward moment there when Evil started to make a comment about C. that I cut off because Ben's girlfriend is friends with her and I wanted to avoid any unnnecessary tension. Then it was off to more awkwardness, as dinner was bought (for me, one of my roomies, and her by our asthma camp supervisor). I think she sensed the weirdness (how could she not?), but it wasn't too awful.

After that, it was off to the Ogden to see some great live music. We were late thanks to John and only caught about half of Rival Schools, but Burning Airlines (spare me the comments about the irony in that band name) was incredible, and now I'm exhausted but happy.

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Saturday, September 22, 2001

A little trivial aside

It looks like the trip to Yale may be on for late October. I'm actually excited about that prospect.

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Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Four or so hours of sleep. Then a phone call and now I can't get back to sleep, in that post-drinking beer state that I hate. Oh, the consumption prior is usually pretty delightful, but it's the after effects I despise.

I stayed up too late after getting back, too, which was a mistake. I do that, though. Make mistakes.

I'm imagining the roomies will be irritated I didn't come to their little shindig, but (honestly) why should I subject my vacationing brother to someone else's agenda? Really.

I wish I could say I wasn't delighted when my brother and John gave C. the cold shoulder at the bar last night. But I was. I'm immature that way.

I'd like to go back to sleep, but I keep thinking I should be doing something. And I can't. Go back to sleep, that is.

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So now I've got a few beers in me

And I should be asleep. But I'm not. Instead, I'm thinking about the evening. Instead of going to the lame "end of summer" wine and cheese fest my roomies hosted (attended by grad students in large part, no doubt meaning the conversation was filled with dishonesty and pretense), I went to dinner with my bro and stopped by Tom and Rachel's to catch part of "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" on cable (and if you don't like that movie you're insane) before heading out to see "Happy Accidents", a fine little film written and directed by Brad Anderson (he of "Next Stop Wonderland" fame).

We came back to find John waiting and the lame party still going, and headed over to the bar for more beer and "Golden Tee". Of course, some of the party folks found their way over, including someone I didn't care to see, who just ended up looking ridiculous and got pilloried by John and Jeff.

And now I'm going to sleep. And I do so knowing that I'm not a bad person, really. Despite wanting to run over that pedestrian.

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Friday, September 21, 2001

Well, that a bad omen

Check this shit. That's the first publicity photo of the "Green Goblin" from Sony's "Spider-Man" movie, and I have to admit to being more than a little disappointed. Go, go, Power Goblin?

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Time for a little breather

I've just been hanging out, hitting some of the usual haunts with Evil, and it's been nice. Relaxing. I'm a bit tired (didn't get to sleep until late and didn't sleep all that well), but sucking down a highly caffeinated beverage, which may counteract that. No big plans for the rest of the day, really.

Have you ever been driving around and just thought to yourself "I'd like to let off the brake a little and knock down that person in the crosswalk"? I have. I did. I'm gonna burn in hell for sure.

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So the evil twin got here

Not even too late at night, so we stayed up late just BSing and blabbing away. I really don't have much to do at school today, so I may just opt for playing all day.

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Thursday, September 20, 2001

I'm goin' to hell

There's just no doubt at this point.

So I was at the bar with John, playing a stupid golf videogame and I whined loudly when the hillbillies at the counter demanded the channel on the TVs be changed so they could watch the address by the monkey that some folks elected president.

But really, did he offer any insight? Anything new? Or was it all rah-rah with no substance, delivered in his
brain-dead, halting monotone, and insincerely at that? Call me jaded if you must. That's fine. But I know that I find no comfort in feeling there's an idiot at the metaphorical wheel of the country, who reads straight from a safe script that delivers just what the more alarmist among us need to hear: that action will soon be taken, to sate their bloodlust. That we need to be tolerant (but no finger shall be pointed at those among us who have already been practicing intolerance, nor shall fools like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell be condemned for being the bigots they are when we should be as cohesive as a people as possible, oh no).

Shall there be talk of reconsidering our role in the world? Reasoning about just why people elsewhere may see the U.S.as the bully of the world? Heavens, no. Because we need to feel good. So deliver a pep talk, puppet. Make us feel better.

You know, I feel awful that people died. It moves me to the point of despair, and (honestly) tears at times to know that people died senselessly at the hands of fanatics. But I don't need to feel good at the expense of my feelings of humanity. Of morality. I don't want to see innocents in Afghanistan die so we can show the Taliban and Osama bin Laden who's boss. So we can tell the rest ofthe world not to fuck with us. That won't make me feel better, to know that more people died. I just want it to end. Is that really so much to ask at this point? To see rationality win out over fanaticism?

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Not a bad day, really

I'm really not sure how to work the neural net simulations just yet, and I haven't done everything I planned on, but I feel good. My bro will be here around midnight, John's coming over so we can go play "Golden Tee", and life is good. For the moment, anyway.

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I didn't get my copy of The Onion this morning, but I did get my check. So I'll have my bodily sustenance (at least for a while), but I'll have to wait for the humorous nourishment. Dammit.

So I just got done with my research meeting, which always brightens my day a bit, because I get excited about my research. And it got me to thinking about nonsexual crushes, as I think I'm getting another one. It's funny, because they're like admiration crushes, in that I see these distinguished academics, and there's just something almost godlike in them. Like Stephen Hawking or Oliver Sacks.

Am I weird?

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Another one of those "bleh" days

A slow wakeup is occurring, and I'm just sensing that nobody is really on today. Sherri let me know she's feeling down (which I'm sorry to hear about, since I know how awful I feel when I'm down), for example, so it seems like it's all over the place.

I updated the Weezer playlist, adding a couple songs off the green album I had omitted just because I was dopey at the time of posting.

I'm going over to the financial aid office to see if they have money for me, which would be lovely.

My brother will be here late tonight, so there will be camaraderie this weekend and probably not much work.

And I'm still on my first cup of coffee.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2001

I don't know why

But I became aware that I'm angry and bitter tonight. I'm going to try to lay my finger on it, work through it, get it out of my system, because it really bothers me. And it doesn't even have a target.

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It seems weird

I was actually a good boy tonight and did my homework early (I could try to get somewhat ahead in my assignments, but that's asking a bit much). I think it was all the experience I've had with kids with ADHD of late, seeing their incredible procrastination, and trying to avoid that trait in myself. Now that I'm done, though, I don't know what to do with myself. I could read ahead and do some of these impending assignments, but that's asking a bit much. So instead I've been watching the finale of "Voyager", and it seems so... unrewarding?

Oh, and I think I'm beginning to understand why some folks hate the Red Sox, Keith. That saddens me. Maybe it's just Kerrigan and Duquette?

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Here's that setlist from last night

As best as I can remember...

From Pinkerton:

"Tired of Sex"
"No Other One"
"Why Bother?"

From the blue album:

"My Name is Jonas"
"Buddy Holly"
"Undone (The Sweater Song)"
"Say It Ain't So"
"In the Garage"
"Surf Wax America"

From the green album:

"Don't Let Go"
"Island in the Sun"
"Knock-down, Drag-out"

Plus about three or four new songs that sounded really poppish.

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Thank you

To Susan, who let me know the link to my Amazon wishlist wasn't working. And the rest of y'all suck for not only not letting me know, but not even checking it out. Schmucks.

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Yes, I'm running late again

The feeling of being bundled up and warm was just so inviting, and the stats homework took longer than expected. So this little brief is all you get until tonight.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2001

So yes, Weezer was awesome

They didn't play "Pink Triangle", though.

It's nice to see a band that just goes out and plays, exhibiting showmanship in their performance instead of stupid antics and big trappings (although the lighted "W" was a nice cheesy touch).

And we only thought the Start was an awful warm-up until Cold came out and proceeded to "play" (I use that term lightly).

But hey, we saw Weezer, and despite the small crowd and the weird acoustics, they put on a great show, the sound was good, and we enjoyed the hell out of ourselves, like a couple of geekboys.

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I realized something

I forget to mention that I'm going to Weezer tonight. But I shan't be rubbing it in any faces. Oh, no, I must not do that. Nope.

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"People who want to say merely what is sensible should say it to themselves before they come down to breakfast in the morning, never after"

That's a little Oscar Wilde wisdom, by the way. For some reason, I felt compelled to pull "The With and Humor of Oscar Wilde" down off my bookshelf and read some of it before trying to sleep, and I can't decide if the witty epigrams and bon mots soothed me or agitated me.

I tossed and turned for some time thereafter, partly because my roommates' toilet was flushing every two minutes (um, the chain was stuck so please just go wiggle the handle, instead of wasting water, okay?) and I'm the kind of light sleeper who can't doze through something like that. I awakened again quite groggily, to the sounds of the roomies walking about upstairs, some bizarre dream half-remembered and fading, and then had to listen to NPR broadcast far too loud from their radio (and after all the news saturation of the past week, I didn't want that at all).

So, in a bit of lameness (?), I threw Weezer onto the mini-stereo pretty loudly, partly because I was annoyed and partly because I want to be in the right mindset for tonight.

And I feel very scattered this morning. I need to get my stats homework done early, since I won't be around tonight and don't want to have to scramble to complete it tomorrow morning. But I can't seem to get started.

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Monday, September 17, 2001

And a little depressing news

Because I know y'all need that.

(Courtesy of CNN.com)

> Hate crime reports up in wake of terrorist attacks
> September 17, 2001 Posted: 7:15 AM EDT (1115 GMT)
> ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Reports of hate crimes against Muslims and
> southeast Asians have risen exponentially across the U.S. in the wake of
> Tuesday's terror attacks. The backlash has prompted Indian Prime Minister
> Atal Bihari Vajpayee to ask President Bush Sunday to ensure the safety of
> Sikhs living in the United States.
> The Council on American-Islamic Relations says it received more than 300
> reports of harassment and abuse from Tuesday through Thursday night,
> nearly half the number it received all last year. Khalid Iqbal, director
> of the Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group, says cases range from
> families being spat and yelled at, "Go back to your country," to assaults
> on people and businesses.
> In Mesa, Arizona, a man was charged with first-degree murder Sunday in
> connection with a series of shootings that police said could be a
> racially-motivated response to last week's terrorist attacks on New York
> and Washington.
> Mesa police said Francisco Roque, 42, was being held on a $1 million bond
> in the killing of Balbir Singh Sodhi, 49, a Chevron gas station owner.
> Sodhi, from Punjab, India, was shot to death while doing landscaping
> outside his business Saturday afternoon.
> Many Sikhs believe he is the first to have been killed in retaliation for
> the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
> Family members, friends, and members of the Indian Sikh community say they
> are being targeted because their men wear turbans and long beards as part
> of their religious dress, a tradition that's lasted for 500 years.
> "Our appearance looks like Osama bin Laden and those of Afghanistan," said
> friend Suminder Sodhi, alluding to the man the U.S. has branded the "prime
> suspect" in the attacks. "But we are different people from Muslim people.
> We have different beliefs, a different religion."
> A leader of the Phoenix Sikh community says the media didn't help to
> dispel bias when they broadcast the arrest of a Sikh aboard an Amtrak
> train on Wednesday. He was charged with carrying a knife, but was later
> cleared of any connection to the terrorist attacks.
> "And the media just showed that over and over and over," said Guru Roop
> Kaur Khalsa, a minister of the Guru Nawak Dwara Sikh temple in Phoenix.
> "It sets us up."
> "We strongly condemn the attacks on the U.S.," she said. "The American
> Sikh community and Sikhs worldwide feel we not only share Americans'
> grief, but we have some killed in the World Trade Center, too."
> Suminder Sodhi, who is not related to the victim, said just the day before
> the shootings, the two friends were working on setting up a news
> conference to discuss the Sikh community's reaction to the terrorism
> attacks -- and to allay public fears that Sikhs have no connection to bin
> Laden. They were trying to get in touch with Arizona Sen. John McCain.
> Sodhi's brother Rama Sodhi says they had been warned by well-meaning
> customers that they should be careful.
> Sodhi is survived by three sons and daughters. The 49-year-old former taxi
> driver was known for giving candies out to children at the gas station.
> Attacks on Sikhs have also been reported elsewhere in the United States.
> They include a Queens, New York man who was shot in the forehead by a BB
> gun as he left a temple. He had gone there to pray soon after the attacks.
> And a Fairfax, Virginia man was nearly driven off the road by two vans on
> his way to donate blood.
> A Hindu temple was also firebombed in Matawan, New Jersey last week.
> Sikh Dharma's official website -- Sikhnet.com -- reports 133 incidences of
> hate crimes and harassment since Tuesday.
> Attacks on Muslim-Americans have also been reported.
> In Texas, mosques in Irving and Denton were attacked last week in the wake
> of the terror attacks.
> Iqbal said while he thinks the media are more responsible in their
> coverage of last week's terrorism attacks, he believes they still carry
> subtle biases against Muslim-Americans.
> "When I see reports of Osama Bin Laden or Afghanistan, what images to I
> see? The call for prayers and Muslim men and women praying with their
> Muslim attire. It not only hurts me, but my children," he said.
> The Council on American-Islamic Relations said there are an estimated 7
> million Muslims living in the United States; about 1.2 billion worldwide.
> The group recorded over 138 media reports fingering Islamic extremists as
> the culprit during the week of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, he said.
> And it was repeated again after the crash of TWA Flight 800 the year
> after.
> Attacks on Muslims and mosques are often triggered by news reports, the
> group said, from the latest violence in the Middle East, the destruction
> of the Taliban statues in Afghanistan, to terrorist attacks such as the
> ones on Tuesday.
> "I urge you to try and understand -- for everybody to understand what each
> other's religion is so we can live in harmony with each other," Iqbal
> said.
> Iqbal did point to something good coming out of last week's tragedy.
> Some Muslims in Seattle had been afraid to go to mosque all week, and when
> they went, they found non-Muslims standing there with flowers.
> One woman had even approached Iqbal asking, "What can we do?"
> "And when I told her, women are looked at and targeted mostly because of
> their recognizable headscarves and veils, she said she'll dedicate Monday
> to wearing a headscarf in solidarity. It touches my heart."
> On Sunday, the Islamic Society of Denton in Texas, which suffered only
> minor damage by the Molotov cocktail attack last week, held a prayer
> vigil. Joining the Muslim prayer were the city mayor and 15 other church
> groups. "It is a gathering of peace, prayer and friendship. Baptist,
> Catholic, Presbyterian..." Irfan Ali, a member of the mosque, said,
> trailing off.
> The day before, the mosque received a gift from the student body of the
> University of North Texas: 50 posters with greetings, flowers, condolences
> and prayers. The student body president had delivered it in person, Ali
> said.

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An unproductive afternoon?

Maybe. I think I really needed it, though. I came back and ate some wasabi ramen, checked some e-mail and websites, and then went to read Eddie Campbell's "Alec: How to be an artist", then took a much-needed nap. I woke up from that having remembered a little bit of an odd dream that soon faded (all I remember was that I was somewhere with John and the noise in the background was so loud it caused physical pain), to find that my friend Kurt had called. Then I jumped into the shower for a very welcome and long, hot shower. And now I'm back, having made (yes!) a second pot of coffee and a tuna sandwich (red pepper flakes can help spice them up rather admirably).

By the way, if you haven't visited My Wish List lately, I've made enough revisions that you might want to look at it. I don't say that so much so you'll buy me stuff, but because I think they actually help you to see the kind of stuff I like, much like being in a restaurant while I order food (although all that might let you know is that I like bean and cheese burritos and hate most condiments).

Oh, and I remembered that during the viewing of "White" last night, John and I were talking seriously about visiting France next summer.

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And I'm regretting missing the department party

I mostly skipped it so I didn't see her, and it turns out she didn't go. Meanwhile, I heard there was good food and good wine (!) and there was someone there I wanted to chat up.

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It's already been a weird day

So thanks to someone calling me last night and keeping me awake for a while, I woke up groggy and unprepared for a gray, drizzly day. I stumbled out of bed and sat on the toilet trying to do my stats homework while the coffee was brewing, and then rushed over to the university, where the professor was having all kinds of trouble focusing and getting the equipment to work. And there was tension in the air with her sitting next to me, giving looks, and me doing the "not repsonding" thing. And I've come to the conclusion that that class is just too early in the morning.

Now I'm at home, prondering crawling back into bed for a while. I still haven't showered, the sky is dreary, and I have lots of stuff to read for tomorrow. It may be one of those two pots of coffee days.

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She sucks my good left nut.

Now I say this as a girl. With no nuts. Let alone good or bad ones. But I feel like being vulgar. I hate her. I do. She's lame.

*makes gagging noises* *gag* *gag* *gag*

She said that he was damaged, people. And beyond repair. And unable to love. And manipulative. And what other nasty things Scott? Oh yeah and all sorts of other untrue things like - um taking her for granted, feeding off of her, cold and heartless . . . all bullshit.

*makes more gagging noises*

As someone who was successfully able to love and be loved by this here Scott A. Vice (and also met the humorless dull blah little thing - ick, didn't do anything at all for me except blink her vacant eyes and be uninteresting) - she probably wouldn't know love from her ass. Really. I can't believe she has the nerve to even bother you still. Let alone give you passive agressive (well not really but something like that - you know what I mean) wimpyass 4th grade letters that say "let's talk" . . .

Gross people should just go away. Figure out their crap but until then stay away. Don't let her get you down.

And you should be more stern with her!

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So d'you suppose

That I will start getting referrals for "naked+Pokemon+porn+pics" now?

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Sunday, September 16, 2001

Yeah, a pretty relaxing day

As noted in the comments below, I managed to avoid having to see and/or really talk to her today (she left me a little note saying she wanted to talk, though) and instead just hung out with John most of the day, stopping by the music store (I managed to listen to a couple cd's I thought about buying, but couldn't find a station with the new They Might Be Giants in it, unfortunately), then going by Luis's to watch "Violent Cop" (a very disturbing Beat Takeshi film) and then wandering down to a watering hole for drinks, pool, and 18 holes of "Golden Tee" (and I hate golf, but that game is pretty addictive).

We managed to get over to the video store to rent some films, too (watched Kieslowski's "White", which I remembered not liking on first viewing, but I enjoyed it this time around) and grabbed some Taco Bell (the green sauce is definitely better on the burritos than the red), and now I'm wishing the weekend weren't over. Oh, and I managed to skip the department party tonight. C'est la vie.

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I'm not watching T.V.

Today I babysat this great kid in Brooklyn and had so much fun. She told me not to shave my head. We had McDonald's and played an old game called Go for Broke. We played and she glittered and we walked around beautiful Brooklyn. We played with her dog. We tried to watch some of The Jerk.

I have no idea about the people who live outside of the city but reading around these other blogs . . . it seems like you were more traumatized than we were. I mean how could seeing an endless loop of the towers falling not do that to you?

The last I heard the site was secure. The immediate area around it is secure. They're making arrests, furthering the investigation, and not going to do anything rash. They're building a barracade around it to sift in peace. Trains are running as much as they can and things are picking up as swiftly as possible to have the financial district open again. I mean I could be freely saying this because I haven't allowed myself to venture further down than 49th st. in Manhattan and have kept myself to Queens or Brooklyn mostly (despite George's constant invites to the east village). Thus I haven't let the event hit me as fully as it could. But how is this really all that different than Columbine? Or Oklahoma City bombings? Or any sort of tragedies before? People are hurt, a landmark is down, we're shocked . . . but I don't know. Do I sound too callous?

I feel like in NY we're as busy as can be to get this scab to close over as soon as it can. We mention the thing occasionally. We note that the trains skip certain ghostly stops. We never refer to the event directly by name. We await phone calls to tell us if we can come in tomorrow. Or deal with that phone call appropriately. My uncle just got his phone call. I'm not sure how he's dealing with it. And he seems to be the only one I feel I know who is entitled to deal with it any way he can. He saw it for real. But even then I wonder.

What is strength at a time like this? What is strength and what is denial and what is picking at a wound so it won't heal? My Californian friends and family seemed more concerned and traumatized/dramatising this more than I am. It's about entitlement isn't it? If this is supposedly a national injury why is the cut so uneven? I'm grateful that no one I know is hurt. But I know people almost hurt. There are people who don't even know anyone in the state. So should any of this even matter to them? I think it's okay if it doesn't. What is patriotism at a time like this?

I ask that not with any kind of agenda but as a simple philosophical pondering. What is unity? And why?

Lower Manhattan pulses red and swollen like a pin prick or maybe a violently popped pimple. It could be a bigger deal. There could be no New York City at all. There could be 8 million dead and not 4 thousand. What makes one more painful to bear than the other? And how low does the number have to go to have us feel a little better? And if we were to feel better at that new number - where does the guilt we feel at feeling better come from?

Is it wrong to want to feel better?

The most amazing thing to happen today was reading this American Girl book by accident. The girl I was babysitting has a "Kit" American girl doll in her room that I thought nothing of at first. Earlier, as we had just started out to get dinner, it had occured to me after spending all of these hours with her to maybe tentatively ask how she felt about the event. She was upset at the enemy and wanted vengence but didn't want innocents hurt. She didn't think that the woman missing in her building was actually dead but was just definitely still "missing" as stated in a flyer. I unthinkingly asked "but where else could she be?" And the look of pain in considering the im/probabilities flashed across her happy go lucky glittery face. This intensely intelligent and mature 8 year old shook it out of her head and allowed herself to be her age, to let her innocent hope take over for her precocious intellect. I felt guilty and had her immediately continue with whatever else she was talking about before. We walked around her gorgeous neighborhood and briefly noticed what was shops were open or closed. When at first she didn't get why, I said "maybe because it's Saturday" but unconvincingly so. Her little head churned and it was suddenly all clear as she let herself remember everything. Like puzzles pieces raining in to their rightful places in her mind. When I asked how long ago her T.V. "broke" according to her parents, I think she slowly started to put that together too. Anyway, after corrupting yet another impressionable youth(letting the other kids watch Hairspray the other day was borderline like this stuff - letting the boys play that computer game was definitely bad no contest), I wanted to know more about these dolls. I noted how they're probably making loads of cash. And she mused about that with me while sifting through the accessories catalog. The dolls each have different time periods to inhabit and stories to have but mostly exist to be some lucky girl's smaller copy (they have every color skin tone you need). Her particular doll has short blonde hair and was "raised" during the Great Depression. I guess that's my only real hook in all this. I read this book that came with the doll about her character living through that crisis, surviving it and all that. I read the short passages in the back that had more details on this period in time for the kids to digest. There were pictures, the drawings, insights on how it was like to live back then. I read how everyone who was rich was suddenly poor. How people were kicked out of home and needed to sell eggs. How everything turned on thin dime one dark day and how you needed to be strong to get by. I then thought about us of course. How could I not? Are we so far off from that day? So I worried for us. In between my worries for me. And my soon to be bald head. I worried for us and for our economy. But only because it has a lot to do with me.

Go stock market and however it may tread tomorrow.

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Um, and I know

That it seems there are a couple minor glitches in my template html modifications (notably the text color in a couple of posts). I'm not sure where the problem lies, though.

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Why do I keep doing this to myself?

So I was awakened this morning by her, the woman I was bitching about for months. She asked me to do her a favor, and (like a complete bonehead) I said "yes" without even thinking. So now she'll be over here around noon, and I know full well it won't just involve the favor, but there will be talk, more talk, which I just do not need right now.

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and I'm totally digging this boy I barely know online named rubbertoe. He's a freak. And I can't really fall in love because of work politics. I love how it's forbidden slightly. lol. I think I mostly just create this for myself for fun or something. But then it's like - oh yeah . . . I guess I didn't make it up. I mean I'm not right? *pokes* Hey, are you real?

Okay, I'm chatty. And tired. I'm two hours ahead of any of these silly time tags around me . . .

*yawn* nighty.

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I had a post. And it got lost.


Well here's recap then.

1) I'm brilliant.

2) Boys come on to me.

3) I think it has to do with the hair or its random combination with something or another.

4) tonight - 5th or 6th boy this past week made major major advance. And I spent most of this week holing it up with grandparents or cats and friends. I'm gettin more action than I could have ever hope for. Or offers. Or opportunities. From guys and girls. I'm slightly scared.

4 1/2) I would chalk all up to disaster relief or illusions but half happened before it happened. And half I've know for at least half a year.

5) In spite of all I like birthday parties in Brooklyn and I like new friends I meet on trains the night of major national disasters. Yup. Williamsburg hipsters be damned.

6) It's nice to be home in a new temporary home. Don't like the cat much more but I'll be a monkey's uncle if I weren't glad it's alive. *whew*

7) Yippee! Charging phone and nice stuff that belongs to ME

8) I solved a hard puzzle made of steel (that nice suitor - Amit's Sam - left on the door for me a few days ago - very sweet) in a few minutes.

9) back to one.

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Entry Word: confuse

Function: verb
Text: 1
Synonyms EMBARRASS, abash, confound, discomfit, disconcert, discountenance, faze, rattle
2 to make unclear in mind or purpose
Synonyms addle, ball up, befuddle, bewilder, ||bumfuzzle, discombobulate, distract, dizzy, fluster, fuddle, mix up, ||mizzle, ||momble, muddle, mull, throw off, throw out
Related Word misguide, mislead; agitate, bother, discompose, disquiet, flurry, perturb, upset
Synonyms PUZZLE, befog, bewilder, ||cap, confound, metagrobolize, pose, stumble
4 to make indistinct the elements or true character of (as a discussion)
Synonyms becloud, befog, blur, cloud, fog, muddy
Related Word complicate, confound, involve, mix up
Idioms lose in a fog
Contrasted Words clarify, elucidate; simplify
5 to throw into disorder
Synonyms foul up, jumble, mix up, muddle, ||snafu, snarl up, tumble; DISORDER 1
Related Word derange, disarrange, disorder, disorganize, disturb, mess (up), unsettle
Idioms put in a flutter, throw into confusion
Synonyms MISREPRESENT, color, distort, garble, miscolor, pervert, twist, warp, wrench, wrest
Synonyms MISTAKE 1, confound, misdeem, misidentify, mix, mix up
Antonyms differentiate

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Skattie the party animal

So John and I wound up going to Boulder this afternoon, because I really needed to get out of here, for a while, and it was mostly enjoyable, listening to some Manic Hispanic and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes on the car stereo and just wandering around that city. I think it's one of the few places I could see myself wanting to live, despite some of the yuppie elements.

The evening was spent watching "French Connection 2" (which is really quite awful) and then at a party that was okay but saddened me a bit. It seems I got chastised first for being a wallflower because I wanted to watch "The Quick and the Dead" rather than talk to some of the dopey undergrads who were there. Then I made the mistake of getting into an argument with some of those same undergrads later, when they started talking about "killing all the towelheads" (and telling them they were small-minded bigots with no world experience from which to draw their worthless opinions probably wasn't very diplomatic). And then I had to witness relationship fireworks between Luis and Sarah, since he just can't seem to bring himself to be honest with her.

I'm getting very pessimistic about relationships.

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Saturday, September 15, 2001

A little tidbit to share

This comes via Miss Hell, by the way... Just to keep things in perspective.

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The words that I love by

(err, live)

- Nada Surf

three important rules for breaking up
don't put off breaking up when you know you want to
prolonging the situation only makes it worse
tell him honestly simply kindly but firmly
don't make a big production
don't make up an elaborate story
this will help you avoid a big tear-jerking scene
if you want to date other people, say so
be prepared for the boy to feel hurt and rejected
even if you've gone together for only a short time
and haven't been too serious
there's still a feeling of rejection when somebody says
she prefers the company of others to your exclusive company
but if you're honest and direct
and avoid making a flowery emotional speech
when you break the news
the boy will respect you for your frankness
and honestly, he'll appreciate the kind straight-forward manner
in which you told him your decision
unless he's a real jerk or a cry-baby you'll remain friends
i'm head of the class
i'm a quarterback
my mom says i'm a catch
i'm never last picked
i'm a cheerleading chick

being attractive is the most important thing there is
if you want to catch the biggest fish in your pond
you have to be as attractive as possible
make sure to keep your hair spotlessly clean
wash it at least every two weeks
once every two weeks
and if you see johnny football hero in the hall
tell him he played a great game
(tell him you liked his article in the newspaper)
i'm the party star
i've got my own car
i'll never get caught
i'm the teacher's pet
i make football bets

i propose we support a one-month limit on going steady
i think it would keep people more able to deal with weird situations
get to know more people
i think if you're ready to go out with johnny
now's the time to tell him about your one-month limit
he won't mind
he'll appreciate your fresh look on dating
and once you've dated someone else
you can date him again
i'm sure he'll like it, everyone will appreciate it
you're so novel, what a good idea
you can keep your time to yourself, you don't need date insurance
you can go out with whoever you want to
every boy, every boy in the whole world could be yours
if you'll just listen to my plan
the teenage guide (to popularity)
i'm head of the class
i'm a quarterback
my mom says i'm a catch
i'm never last picked
i got a cheerleading chick
i'm the party star
i've got my own car
i'll never get caught
i'm the teacher's pet
i make football bets

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Wiggles hips

Girls on film . . . two mintues later . . . girls on film . . .

All the other songs on my playlist feel weird. David Bowie's I'm afraid of Americans or R.E.M.'s Great Beyond. Now this is what I mean by not feeling entitled to my feelings. I feel like I'm just over dramatising everything. Drama. Unnecessary.

Island in the sun . . . we'll be playin and having fun . . .

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Um my site is down again. And I don't really care. But do you guys mind if I hang out here for a little while?

Ick - bad mexican food with John. lol - geekboy with the signings and the beer.

I like K-mart. They usually have bright and shiny things. With color.

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About last night

Michael Chabon was supposed to do a signing at Tattered Cover and I don't know if it happened. Ordinarily it would have been something I had to attend. But not last night.

Instead, Tom came by to pick me up to make a trip to K-Mart, which really wasn't all that exciting, but it felt good to get out and just be around other people. We headed back to his place, beer (Harp) also having been purchased, and waited for Rachel to get home. I'd already eaten, but they were hungry, and we sure as hell weren't going to get bad Mexican food with John...

Anyway, we came back after and waited to be summoned to the real birthday celebration in LoDo, then headed off to the bar, and it was nice. Laidback, silly, and fun, and I think we all needed it. The streets were crowded and cramped, almost like New Year's or Mardi Gras, so I think everyone had the same idea.

That continued for a while until we got a bit bored and set off to another bar, finding only fa-fa places and annoying folks. By then it was after 1, and we were ready to adjourn, tired but happy, spirits lifted.

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Too quiet

I realized I haven't listened to music in my place since Monday. There's something just not right about that, so I think that has to change.

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Friday, September 14, 2001

So, Mr. Vice, you finished your first week of classes. What are you going to do now?

Why, I'm going to K-Mart!

Yeah, I know it ain't Dizzyland, but it just sounds so appealing. It felt like a long day even though it wasn't. I just worked for a little while, attended a very interesting talk (and somehow the power of science made me feel better; getting some sense that humans can be positive, and the idea that we can use these tools to better understand how we think was just curiously powerful), and then went to the impromptu venting of emotions for folks in the department, which just felt so unsatisfying.

I think I need to get out tonight, to just be with people.

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And it looks like I'm going to Weezer after all

I just talked to my friend Kristen, and her hubby (and my buddy) Jonathan already picked up tickets. And I think I really need something like that.

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A little bit of "Simpsons" cheer

Courtesy of yesterday's desk calendar quote...

Grampa: Well, whenever I'm confused, I just check my underwear. It holds all the important answers.

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While we're passing out the "unsatisfactory" performance ratings, Bill...

So the idiot who acts as governor of this state, Bill Owens, released the report based on academic achievement tests, which you can read about here.

Setting aside any issues surrounding the validity of such tests (and believe me, y'all should take an assessment class so you can see just how much doubt you should have in academic testing), I want to point to a couple of passages:

A Rocky Mountain News analysis of the report card data found strong ties between the school ratings and student poverty and race. The state's lowest-rated schools are overwhelmingly poor and minority, the News found.

Other factors, such as teacher experience, appeared to have little impact.

I'll let that sink in.

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A few bits and pieces

Just in case anyone was interested, I edited the post below with that text so you can go straight to the website and see why I was so passive-aggressively whining about it.

My brother may visit next week.

And I'm watching the service at the National Cathedral, hoping it provides a little bit of comfort.

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So today is John's birthday and there's a celebration tonight. I feel so torn because I want to be there for him, but it just feels like it would be wrong. It's not that I don't want to be with others, but I can't help but heed the words I heard today from a psychologist on the news (paraphrased): "Healing is only possible when people feel they can express their emotions and deal with them". Lord knows I've been suppressing emotion for a while, and not just about this, and I think it's time for some healing. I think I'm going to try to make that happen.

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Advice does sometimes seem to be absorbed

Talking to Rachel on the phone last night, I was heartened to hear her say some things I knew about her but which I'd never heard her acknowledge. I hope that (unlike Tom) she'll follow that wisdom, and it made me think a bit, too.

In essence, she was remarking that she feels best not when she's involved with someone but when she surrounds herself with a group of good friends. So she feels determined to make that happen, rather than pursuing a relationship just to feel some comfort in the wake of the troubles with Tom.

I think I need that, too. Hell, I think a lot of people do. It's like we're programmed to think we need to be with someone else and never learn (or forget) how to be comfortable in ourselves, so we wander from person to person, looking for ourselves in someone else. It's wrong, so very wrong, and not good for anyone involved.

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I get junk mail

Luckily, every once in a while someone sends me something not personal but which is actually semi-useful, and in this spirit, I share this link this link with you. Hopefully, this will defuse some of those characters who are trotting out the Nostradamus lore again.

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Thursday, September 13, 2001

How the academic world reacts

It's so odd. You'd think that folks studying or teaching psychology would know how to react in times like these, but we don't. I've seen so much sadness and worry in faces, but nobody seems to be talking, really. It probably helps that the university has been so completely clueless in responding, spewing out advice that seems so ridiculous ("Try to return to normal, even as we recognize that things are very our of the ordinary", puh-leez!).

We're having a get-together to discuss tomorrow afternoon, for the express purpose of catharsis, thanks to some of the wiser faculty members. I think there's going to be some venting.

posted by Skattieboy @ 7:59 PM

Meanwhile, the craziness goes on

So Rachel stopped by on Tuesday, which was nice, in that I didn't want to be alone. I couldn't be alone with my thoughts and feelings. So it was comforting, even though I knew something wasn't quite right, as she complained about Tom going out partying with this new woman (my take was that people just have different ways of dealing with stressful situations).

Well, Tom stopped by tonight, and there's more insanity going on between the two of them. I had to nearly bite through my tongue to stop from saying "I told you so", but I think he knew.

It's all so disheartening, this stupidity between people in relationships. I mean, I know that ex-couples like them are not really representative, but it can't help but bring you down.

posted by Skattieboy @ 7:54 PM

Yeah, I needed it

Thanks to the folks at The Onion. That little dose of humor really helped.

posted by Skattieboy @ 7:48 PM

So help me, I crave a strong leader

Is it just me, or has Baby Bush just been awful? I know, I know, it's kind of low to pick on someone when he's facing a national crisis. Lord knows I've never been a fan of the man, but I just feel so disillusioned. He doesn't seem like a leader in his demeanor, his rhetoric, or his actions, at least not to me.

I mean, I see leadership elsewhere, from people with whom I've disagreed, especially Rudy Giuliani. But I just don't feel it from Bush. I think (as funny as it sounds) that I expected better. And I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised. And inspired. I think we all are.

posted by Skattieboy @ 4:16 PM

That Weezer concert

I still haven't bought tickets. I don't even know if it will happen now, but I guess I really should get off my ass and think about it, shouldn't I?

posted by Skattieboy @ 9:54 AM

A little help here?

Anybody want to read the first two and a half chapters in "Computational Explorations in Cognitive Neuroscience" and report back to me on them?

I didn't think so.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2001


I went to the comics store today, because I couldn't think what else to do. I needed the reassurance of some routine in my life. And I picked up "Haw!" (a little booklet of very crude and crass strips by the very warped Ivan Brunetti), and it's somehow strangely comforting. I don't know why. Maybe because I need to laugh.

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A little message to pass on

A very dear friend passed this on to me, and I thought I'd share it. No matter your religious beliefs, I think everyone can get behind the sentiments:

Where Does This Violence Come From?
A response to today's terror attacks on American soil.
By Michael Lerner

There is never any justification for acts of terror against innocent
civilians--it is the quintessential act of dehumanization, one that does not
recognize the sanctity of others. The violence being directed against
Americans today, like the violence being directed against Israeli civilians
by Palestinian terrorists, or the violence being directed against
Palestinian civilians by the Israeli army occupying the West Bank and Gaza,
seem to point to a world increasingly irrational and out of control.

It's understandable why many of us will feel anger. Demagogues will try to
direct that anger at various "target groups" (Muslims are in particular
danger, though Yassir Arafat and other Islamic leaders have unequivocally
denounced these terrorist acts). The militarists will use this as a moment
to call for increased defense spending at the expense of the needy. The
right wing may even seek to limit civil liberties. President Bush will feel
pressure to look "decisive" and take "strong" action--phrases that can be
manipulated toward irrational responses to an irrational attack.

To counter that potential of mass panic, or the manipulation of our fear and
anger for narrow political ends, a well-meaning media will instead try to
narrow our focus solely on the task of finding and punishing the
perpetrators. These people, of course, should be caught and punished.

But in some ways, this exclusive focus allows us to avoid dealing with the
underlying issues. When violence becomes so prevalent throughout the planet,
it's too easy to simply talk of "deranged minds." We need to ask ourselves,
"What is it in the way that we are living, organizing our societies, and
treating each other that makes violence seem plausible to so many people?"

It's true but not enough, to say that the current violence is a reflection
of our estrangement from God. More precisely, it is the way we fail to
respond to each other as embodiments of the sacred. We may tell ourselves
that the current violence has "nothing to do" with the way that we've
learned to close our ears when told that one out of every three people on
this planet does not have enough food, and that one billion are literally

We may reassure ourselves that the hoarding of the world's resources by the
richest society in world history, and our frantic attempts to accelerate
globalization with its attendant inequalities of wealth, has nothing to do
with the resentment that others feel toward us. We may tell ourselves that
the suffering of refugees and the oppressed have nothing to do with
us--that's a different story that is going on somewhere else. But we live in
one world, increasingly interconnected with everyone, and the forces that
lead people to feel outrage, anger and desperation eventually impact on our
own daily lives.

When people have learned to de-sanctify each other, to treat each other as
means to our own ends, to not feel the pain of those who are suffering, we
end up creating a world in which these kinds of terrible acts of violence
become more common. No one should use this as an excuse for these terrible
acts of violence--the absolute quintessence of de-sanctification. I
categorically reject any notion that violence is ever justified. It is
always an act of de-sanctification, of not being able to see the divine in
the other.

We should pray for the victims and the families of those who have been hurt
or murdered in these crazy acts. Yet we should also pray that America does
not return to "business as usual," but rather turns to a period of
repentance and atonement, a turn in direction of our society at every level,
a return to the most basic Biblical ideal: that every human life is sacred,
that "the bottom line" should be the creation of a world of love and caring,
and that the best way to prevent these kinds of acts is not to turn
ourselves into a police state, but turn ourselves into a society in which
social justice, love, and compassion are so prevalent that violence becomes
only a distant memory.

(Rabbi Michael Lerner is editor of TIKKUN Magazine and rabbi of Beyt
Tikkun Synagogue in San Francisco. He is the author of 'Jewish Renewal: A
Path to Healing and Transformation' and of 'Spirit Matters: Global Healing
and the Wisdom of the Soul.')

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I went running tonight, for the first time in days. It was as much for my mind as for my body, and even though it was dark and a bit cool out, it felt like a relief. In a way. Just that feeling of really pushing myself physically and getting out of my head for a while, until it suddenly struck me.

Usually, when I'm out, I see airliner after airliner passing overhead, on route to DIA. Tonight, the evening air was not only quiet, but empty. With that realization, my mind came tumbling right back.

posted by Skattieboy @ 8:59 PM

I think everyone is scared

For me, it's not so much fear of further acts like yesterday's (although that's still in my mind, of course), but fear of what happens next. I fear an overreaction and retaliation, not so much because a response is not called for but because I worry about a hastily-devised response. I worry that there will be fear and outright hatred expressed toward people of Middle Eastern descent in this country. And I worry that people in the government will use these events to push their own agendas.

I watched the film and video of people celebrating in the Middle East, and I couldn't help but worry that all that could be inflammatory, when people are feeling so raw, so emotional. And I just kept thinking back on why people would be so happy about so many innocents dying.

I don't know. This is all coming out so muddled. I just hope (and yes, prayed for) something good to come from all this.

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Glued to the TV?

I was so disoriented last night and not really sure what to make of anything. I spoke with a few family members, partly because I think we all wanted the comfort of the others' voices, partly because we wanted to understand, and partly concern over others. I was supposed to do some reading for class today which somehow got neglected as I just stared at the TV.

I had calls from friends, too, wanting me to go out and drink, which just seemed so somberly inappropriate. Luckily, Rachel came by, and I think she was similarly lost and confused, so we just watched the coverage together and talked. ABC was a pretty good destination, with Peter Jennings very sober and sane, even if he seemed a bit frazzled by late evening.

It's all still a meaningless blur, though, this morning.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2001

No class cancellations

But before you think the university is heartless, it should be noted that both instructors offered the opportunity to just cancel things or talk about the events, but instead we all chose to continue, to start our first session.

And even agnostic me stopped by the chapel on campus for a moment of silence, because I didn't know what else to do. For the victims, for their families, and for me, because so help me, I don't even know what to think at this moment.

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My mentor called to reschedule our research meeting this morning, but I still went over to the university to do a little bit of work, and then wandered for a bit, sort of lost in thought. One of my neighbors has an American flag out on his porch, at half-mast. And I've been glued to the television screen since wandering back.

I'm hoping my classes will be cancelled today, too, not so much for evasion, but because I don't think anyone's mind will be on anything academic.

I thought to remove one of my posts below, but I think it kind of underscores just how crazy this is.

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A snapshot of my life

Picture me falling asleep before 11 PM last night, exhausted, and being awakened by the dryer going off, telling me my laundry load was finished. So I stumbled up and grabbed the stuff, folded and put away, and then read for a bit, since I couldn't fall back asleep.

Picture me waking up at 7 AM my time, for no real reason I can figure, but just lying there like a lump until I could stand it no longer, then arising to get online and finding out about this horrible, horrible news from Tab, just as the dogs next door started barking. It was odd and surreal.

And I really can't think of anything to say.

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Monday, September 10, 2001

Despite my whininess

I really don't think this quarter will be that bad. I mean, yes, I am starting the stats series. Yes, I am taking three classes (and these are grad classes, folks, not undergrad), and busy with two clinical meetings a week, area meetings, an RA and a half, my master's research, etc. But after the first day of classes, it doesn't seem like it will be too bad.

Yeah, I'm tired, and yeah, I did bust my ass today, but at least I got something done and I feel productive. Today, that is. We'll see about tomorrow.

But I still feel like poop.

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So life seems to be choosing me as a witness

Yesterday, driving to pick one of the kids up, I was held up in traffic by a police cordon as some unkempt-looking gent was standing on a bridge, threatening to jump into the Platte River.

Then, tonight, walking to the convenience store and with the sun still fading, I spotted a huge meteor burnup, streaking across the sky brightly enough to actually make it a bit lighter outside, and glowing green and orange.


I'm guessing it's the second coming tomorrow.

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Sitting here in a daze, eating overcooked oatmeal (my fault for not monitoring it better) and drinking my morning wake-up, staring around fairly stupefied, and feeling miserable. I spent my last day off from classes (yesterday) working from 9-4, then came back to take the kids I'm mentoring to dinner and then just laid there.

I would love to have only done that last part, by the way, soaking up nothing and taking in nothing, just relaxing and trying to unwind. Instead, I had a harried day and just crashed on my futon, exhausted and aching in places I never knew could ache.

It must be psychosomatic, really, as I haven't exercised in a couple days. Maybe it's just stress, as I'm feeling mentally and emotionally overwhelmed. It just feels like what I really want right now is to retreat to bed for a week or so and just sleep, sleep, sleep, and hopefully awaken refreshed and recharged, instead of stumbling off to classes worn to a mere nub of myself.

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Sunday, September 09, 2001

Another long day

I'll be working in the lab most of the day and then working on my literacy volunteer commitment, so I wouldn't anticipate seeing me post a lot today. Yesterday wasn't all that exciting, anyway, other than morning work, afternoon lying around (I did a lot of that), and evening hanging out.

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Saturday, September 08, 2001

Stupid Reblogger

Thanks for letting me know about the fix, Meredith...

posted by Skattieboy @ 4:05 PM

Note to self

Yes, some more sleep and a shower would be lovely.

posted by Skattieboy @ 1:05 PM

Lord save us from the indie rock kids

So John and I had the bright idea to go down to the Bluebird to see this indie rock band, Pedro the Lion, and it was enough to disillusion us both for a while I think. If these guys come to town, skip it. You'll be happy I saved you the money.

To wash the taste out of our mouths, we decided to go view "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" again, but thanks to the botched movie listings we perused, ended up there about an hour early. We caught the first 30-40 minutes of "Curse of the Jade Scorpion" as a result, and I have to say it was as bad as I feared. Woody looked tired and old and the jokes didn't have much punch. I hope it got better after.

But at least we got to sit through a dopey, if amusing movie.

Now I have to work in the morning. Pity me.

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Friday, September 07, 2001

Oh, and by the way

They cancelled the catering for the luncheon and went with the university catering, so there was actually edible food.

Hey, I was impressed.

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Why yes, I CAN be a colossal dumbass

I actually volunteered for something extra, like my other obligations weren't enough somehow. It may not come through, though, but I'd be TA-ing a class winter quarter and not getting paid for it. Don't ask what I was thinking.

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For what it's worth

No, I don't know what's up with Reblogger, either. Oh, well, it gives us all a clean slate to comment on, if it ever comes back.

And now it's back. Okay. I guess all I had to do is bitch.

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And when I say I'll be busy starting Monday, here's what I mean

I have three classes: the beginning of my stats series (which is reputed to be a real bitch, beginning with statistical inference), a seminar on neural network computational models, and my psych ethics course.

I have to carry two assessment cases: one in the neuropsych clinic and the other in our child study center.

I have my research assistant duties: working part-time on the study I worked on this summer, and working in my mentor's lab, doing data collection on her studies and working on my master's project.

I'm working part-time as a mentor in a reading literacy program.

And I may be the representative for my class in the department meetings.

Goodbye nights of 8 hours' worth of sleep. Welcome back days of far too much coffee.

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My week of video-watching continues

I finally got around to watching "Before Night Falls" last night, and found it a flawed, but still enjoyable film. The performance by Javier Bardem was really quite outstanding, and probably worthy of an Oscar, but I won't open up that topic. The cinematography and look were equally beautiful and gave one a real sense of a Cuba most of us have never and will never experience. And the writings of the real Reinaldo Arenas, used throughout the movie, were heartbreaking and now I really want to find some of those writings.

At the same time, the film felt very unfocused at times, jumping ahead from point to point without a lot of cohesion, and lacking in occasional depth and insight. I got the sense it was a much longer work, heavily edited to fit into a running time of barely over two hours, in which case I'd really like to see the whole film.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed the movie a lot, both for its perspective on human rights and art in Communist Cuba and for Arenas's story, but it felt really choppy and a bit underdeveloped.

Oh, and maybe "The Girl on the Bridge" tonight. I've gotta watch movies while I still have the spare time to do so.

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Thursday, September 06, 2001

Orange shirts rock. I now have an orange jacket.

Are you sure you want me posting here?

posted by Tabitha @ 4:40 PM

By the way

Today was orange shirt day. But I'm nowhere near my webcam to prove it.

posted by Skattieboy @ 2:14 PM

Call me Scrooge

Really. Some days I feel like the most bitter and uncharitable person on the planet, thinking the worst possible things about others. And it makes me feel horribly, horribly guilty, yet I seemingly can't stop.

Turning it over in my head, I think it's that I feel like I give so much at times, only to have that go unreciprocated or have my motives misinterpreted, and it can't help but wear me down.

Am I damaged? Sometimes I wonder.

I mean, I know I'm more than a bit of an ingrate, in that I know I'm loved, and I feel the love others give me. Somehow it doesn't feel like enough when all I want is to be understood and appreciated. IS that so wrong?

Probably not. But the kinds of mean-spirited thoughts I think at times probably are. *sigh*

posted by Skattieboy @ 1:18 PM

So what else have I been up to?

Surprisingly little. I picked up my books for the quarter (and it seems I have only one text and then photocopied manuals for the other two courses, which is nice in that it's inexpensive for me, but bad because I can't sell them back at the end of the quarter) yesterday, bought some more groceries, got a couple slices for dinner (and managed to dump the whole shaker of oregano on one slice, but the folks at Ant'ny's managed to spread good will by not only not laughing at my misfortune, but replacing the slice), went running again, and fell asleep reading that "Strangehaven" graphic novel.

Oh, and in a funny bit of coincidence, I found out that our little lunch function to welcome the new grad students tomorrow will be catered by Piccolo's. My tongue is being firmly bitten.

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Some Sam Raimi fan I am

I hadn't watched "The Gift" before last night, and I have to admit I was impressed. Sam did a very subtle job with the direction, and managed to coax a good performance out of Keanu, which I thought was nearly impossible (maybe he should just play abusive rednecks?). Anyway, I enjoyed the hell out of the movie, which turned out to be fairly effective and creepy. Yeah, the real killer was a little too predictable, and Katie Holmes's character was a bit one-dimensional, but Cate Blanchett managed to carry a lot of the film and I didn't find myself annoyed as I do so often with thrillers.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2001

Skipping the intervening years

I think it would be better for all concerned if I just jump straight ahead to my cranky old man phase, okay?

posted by Skattieboy @ 11:55 AM

More things I discovered

(1) People have a way of just insinuating themselves in your life when you least expect them. For example, last night John called out of the blue to inquire about coming by to watch a video, so that happened. Unannounced, Tom and Rachel later stopped by, too. It's comforting to be in demand, if a bit disturbing.

(2) Cheesy movies really were done better in the 1960's. John and I watched George Pal's "The Time Machine" (which I've heard is being remade, for some reason I can't fathom), and while it's hardly high art, it was fairly well-done and preserved that H.G. Wells quality rather well. I compare it to stuff like "The Mummy", in which folks just figure keeping the pace going while injecting plenty of special effects equals good filmmaking, and it makes me shake my head.

(3) Running lowers my anxiety level. After not having gone for a few days, I ran again last night, before the video, and I felt so much more relaxed after and slept well for a change.

(4) I should really write when the ideas occur to me. I actually had all this in my head last night and waited until tonight to type it up, and it doesn't sound nearly as entertaining to me.


posted by Skattieboy @ 10:53 AM

Affronts to human sensibilities

I don't know why I'm feeling like jumping on the proverbial high horse, but there's this "restaurant" (I hesitate to use that word for the place) just up the street from me. The name isn't important (but it's called Piccolo's, and I recommend you stay at least 20 yards from the place at all times), but this little establishment purports to serve Mexican and Italian food. This person can attest to what I'm spouting here; that place doesn't manage to do either well.

To illustrate my point, I should mention that the appetizers they bring out are chips and garlic bread, in the same basket. Their marinara and enchilada sauces are nearly identical. And their cute little banner features cartoon Italian and Mexican gentlemen who look nearly identical.

What's most infuriating is that the place is often packed, and they even deliver food.

posted by Skattieboy @ 10:27 AM

I'm a lazy slacker

It's true. I still haven't bought my Weezer tickets, tempting the gods of fate to sell the thing out, leaving me frustrated and highly disappointed.

I'm discovering that I can procrastinate with the very best of them.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2001

Lacking words

It's true. I've been staring at all that white space for a good 5 minutes and nothing comes. Nothing insightful, nothing witty, nothing mundane, nothing trivial. Nothing. It's like my mind is so internalized, so focused on the emotional and the visceral that it can't even be translated.

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Monday, September 03, 2001

Something to keep you occupied

So I'm going off to (finally) see "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" tonight. In the meantime, I've been watching more taped Samurai Jack", which may be one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time.

posted by Skattieboy @ 8:11 PM

In other Labor Day news

I bought a big bag of plums today. I know you're excited for me. You can't hide it.

posted by Skattieboy @ 6:23 PM


So my brother just left a little while ago, and I'm kind of quietly reflecting a bit on his trip. As usual for his trips, we ended up spending too much money, but it's worth it for that sense of consumer satisfaction that only buying stuff can provide. And I got some stuff I really wanted, anyway, in the forms of comic book stuff, books (including Michael Chabon's "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay"), and a ton of music (including a bunch of used stuff like the new Built to Spill, the newest Tiger Army {a spiffy psychobilly band that will be opening for the Dropkick Murphys when the latter returns here in October}, something from the sadly defunct Cali ska band Punch the Clown, and I actually found a cd by Thug Murder, a fun three-piece punk-styled band from Japan). Yeah, I know that sounds disgustingly capitalistic.

Anyway, it was an event-filled weekend. The evil one got here bright and early Friday, so we lounged around for a bit that day but managed to stop by a couple record stores and went to go see "Ghost World" (which really is one of the favorite things I've seen in a while. I was fairly impressed that Zwigoff and Clowes managed to tone down some of the Clowes touches but still kept the heart and soul of the comic there while fleshing out some underdeveloped situations) and sniggered insanely during the trailer for the re-release of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" (which has to be one of the most brilliant ads I've ever seen).

Saturday we went off to Boulder and discovered that some of the favorite haunts there had been closed, but that didn't diminish the relaxing quality of the visit. Boulder's been getting yuppified for years, it's true, but we mostly stuck to the college area. We also stopped off at Tattered Cover later and found that they had autographed copies of Bruce Campbell's "If Chins Could Kill" for sale (which was a nice surprise after I had been unable to attend his signing a few weeks back) and then just came back to the homestead to watch some taped "Samurai Jack" (and I realize I'm going to come off as a dork by admitting this, but I'd have to say it's one of the rare TV series of the last few years that has managed to really impress me, in much the same way as "Six Feet Under", "The Corner", and "Sports Night").

We had planned to finally go disc golfing yesterday morning, but since he sliced his hand open, that was out, and instead we made an ill-advised trip to one of those big, glorious, horribly disappointing events, "Taste of Colorado", which was free for admission, but required purchasing tickets in order to buy the food. Most of it was horribly overpriced and decidedly untasty (How good can it be when Chevy's is one of the food vendors, after all?). But then we headed over to a decent bar close by and then Dave & Buster's (one of those big videogames places, except there you can also drink. We wound up overstaying our welcome there, finally getting the boot when they were trying to close up).

And that's a brief recap. I managed to censor most of the fun out of it, but it was enjoyable and brought a bit of sanity back to what had been a couple of pretty boring weeks. And I'm happy to say that even with school starting up next week, it looks like there's enough happening to keep me from going nuts.

posted by Skattieboy @ 10:39 AM

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