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Thursday, February 28, 2002

Olympics trip, Day Two

So I awakened early, cold and bleary-eyed in the passenger seat, to find her still asleep, smile on her face. We were still safe and sound at the rest stop, but after a few minutes of wake up, I was fine to drive. So we swapped seats, somehow managing to stay wrapped in our respective blankets, and resumed our trip to Salt Lake. She slept for a good portion of the journey, until light started shining on the surroundings, which prompted her to take some photos. We must have stopped at least half a dozen times, at various locales, so she could shoot cows (!), a frozen stream, and some astounding mountains.

We rolled into Salt Lake around 10 am, Saturday morning, and headed straight to this little Scandinavian place for Swedish pancakes (yum to butter and lingenberry preserves). She was in heaven, with all the Sacndinavian goods, so we headed out to another place, and then (finally) set off for my brother's place. Once there, I finally got a chance to shower, while she napped some more. I got to see some of my old chums from the coffee shop, and then brought coffee back to her for a little pick-me-up.

A little later, we were off to check out the downtown activities. Sadly, most of the events were over or were outrageously overpriced. So we settled for walking around, checking out various stores and sights, but eschewing the Olympic village (the line was just way too long, especially given the security checkpoints). Instead, we went to see the Chihuly exhibit (some amazing blown glass sculptures) and then off to see a performance by Ballet West (we lucked into great tickets, even though I kept nodding off from exhaustion). Then we were off back to my brother's, for take out Indian food (yum to Kali Dal, very hot, naan, and mint chutney), a little bit of "Ghost World" on DVD (love that East Indian music video), and, finally, some much needed sleep.

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Yeah, I am planning to tell more of the story

I'm just a bit scatterbrained today. I got my first night of 7 + hours of straight sleep since I can't remember when, and it was a bit disorienting. And I severely underestimated how mad and hurt the girl is. So my mind has been elsewhere.

I went running for the first time in a long time, and I enjoyed it. I'm thinking I need to make it a more regular practice.

My brother will be here tomorrow, we'll have fun, and I'll be able to (hopefully) not worry about her.

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Have fund?

Otherwise, this is a pretty scary message.

You'll be ready to do some socializing, Scott. Maybe you have been away from home and haven't seen your friends in quite some time. Friends are very important to you and so you plan a get-together to tell them about your travel experiences and to be filled in on what happened in your crowd while you have been away. This could easily be a long evening with lots of laughter. The idea is to have fund and to enjoy your circle of friends.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Olympics trip: Day One

So Day One (Friday, February 22nd) started simply enough. I woke early, to help the student applicant who was staying with me to get ready for her interview day. I was tired, having stayed up late talking to her and getting my stuff ready for the trip.

I escorted her over to the building and spoke with a few of the other applicants, trying to get a sense of them (we, the grad students, are in on the selecton process) and make them feel welcome. And I waited for the girl to call and let me know about the plan for leaving. I really wanted to go early.

Around noon, I started to get nervous and called her. She was running late and wanted to meet me here at home. So I bid the applicants farewell and headed home. She got here shortly after and wanted to watch the taped figure skating from the previous night. And she still had to drop off her car at the repair place and get a rental.

(Is it getting foreboding?)

We got to the repair place around 5. I was trying to be patient, and I think I was. Then we had to wait for the rental place to come get us. We arrived there to find that there was a problem getting the rental, which dragged on and on. A sick feeling hit me the longer we waited, until things finally worked out after the place had been closed (after much deliberation on her part, much to her credit). We ended up with a fairly nice SUV (no comments, please), and then went back to her place to pick up a few more things. A couple hours later, we were on our very tired way. It was a bit windy, but dark and lovely outside, which amazed her. She'd never been to Wyoming, so she was really struck by the view.

Shortly after Rawlins, both exhausted, we pulled over to a rest stop, pulled out the blankets and pillows, and went to sleep.

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A sweet little experience

So I went out ot a Head Start site today, to see how the teachers train the tutors in the program. It's for a little side projject I work on, in which grad students from our program mentor former Head Start students in being mentors for younger kids. (Confusing?)

And I was in a classroom with four-year-old kiddos, and it practically broke my heart. Several of the kids took to me right away, wanting me to read to them and hang out with their group. And one little girl, in the country for only a few months and possessing no English, kept tapping me and grabbing my arm, wanting my attention. It was sweet and saddening, and supported my belief in wanting to do work with kids. Call me a sap, but I really do like being around children.

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The story of the trip is coming...

I just need to find time to tell it. Really.

She's mad at me, by the way. But we both enjoyed the trip.

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Friday, February 22, 2002

And yes, I did watch last night

I had the applicant staying with me, so it was nice that she wanted to watch, too. It made me all that much more certain, that I want to be there and try to see some of it with the girl.

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So we are coming

It's going to take some effort, some people are mad at me, and there are other complications, but we're coming to Salt Lake today.

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Um, yeah. No duh moment.

You could have fun traveling or running errands, Scott. You probably won't want to be confined to a desk all day. You'll be happiest if you can get some fresh air and connect with the world outside of your work. Offer to fetch lunch for your colleagues. Or buy them coffee and doughnuts while you are out. You might even take some personal time to run some errands of your own.

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Thursday, February 21, 2002

I wonder, really...

Do I have to be really miserable to have profound things to say in this forum? It's like my brain is just sort of mush when it comes to composing.

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So I still don't know whether we'll be travelling

I have a feeling it will be a last-minute thing. She needs to find out if she can drop off her car and get a rental, I need to get out of some of my hosting duties and a scheduled testing session, and so on. I hope so, though.

Meanwhile, I got up early today to clean my place up a bit. I've got a grad school applicant staying with me, at least for tonight. Should be interesting, I hope.

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Amen, Astrologers...

You could feel a little spacey or forgetful, Scott. Don't worry, you're not going crazy! It's just part of the energy of the day. It's best not to pressure yourself by doing lots of chores or tasks. See if you can make time to relax. You might feel a little lethargic or lazy. This is OK! This is just your body's way of telling you that you need some rest.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2002

F*ck the police?

So there's this very sweet neighbor, who runs a convenience store. He's a kind Middle Eastern gent, and he's always been incredibly kind to me, consoling me when things weren't going well with the girl (reading the look on my face without me saying anything), giving me stuff for free or discounted, and going out of the way just to be, well, nice.

So today the police sent a woman, aged 18, into his store to buy cigarettes. He didn't ask for her ID, so they came back and wrote him a ticket.

Was he unwise? Probably. But considering that he's the sort of person you want in the neighborhood, sending someone to entrap him seems not only silly, but also uncharitable.

And people wonder why there's such animosity towards the police...

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Sometimes an action figure is just an action figure

Courtesy of Susan, here's the ultimate toy.

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And another thing

I really want a break. After finishing up that midterm, it would be nice to relax, but I've just been pushing it. And (of course) I've been spending lots of time with her, too.

There's just not enough time for everything. I wish there were.

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Do I talk about her too much?

I do, don't I?

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Tuesday, February 19, 2002

And the deal with the trip is...

If we decide we want to do it, and if I can swing it (a mighty big "if", considering that this is the weekend for clinical applicant visits), we'd be coming to Salt Lake some time this week and try to get Olympics tickets. But we'll see. It's still unikely right now, as tempting as it sounds.

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There's been a lot happening with us. I think it's been good, but I'm still turning it over, so I don't want to just spout off. I need to really think, I believe. Yeah, sometimes I can be overly analytical, but I think it would be wise to give some thought.

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Monday, February 18, 2002

Still sleepy

That midterm took forever... And then she was over, too, so there was too much fraternizing and not enough working for both of us. I fell asleep shortly after finishing and she was up even later. I don't know how she woke up chipper today, really.

I still have a bunch of stuff to do this week. I really doubt I'll be making that trip, as nice as it might have been, since I'd have to get out of my hosting obligation this weekend. I still have hopes, but they're not very realistic.

Really, I'd love to go back to sleep, but my mentor is out of town, so I'm in charge of class today. Bleh. I think my coffee addicition is growing again.

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I'm serious

Sometimes these things are scarily accurate of my mental state...

You could be filled with wanderlust, Scott. Try to get out of the house and do something interesting. Maybe you should take a day trip out of town. Go to visit a friend who lives a few hours away. Or take a train into the city and have lunch with a relative. Do something that breaks you out of your usual routine. You need to see new sights and expose yourself to some fresh energy.

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Sunday, February 17, 2002

Just taking a break for a minute or two...

I got to take the afternoon off of work, so I'm just eating and gearing up.

Things are gradually easing off after a period of heightened activity and excitement, although with Neptune and Uranus continuing to move through your sign, you will not be getting too long to rest and relax. With both the Sun and Venus in the sign of Pisces and the section of your chart associated with finances and personal property, values and self-worth, you will be reminded that it is the spiritual aspects of what we own that create the real wealth, not the material counterpart. Being very much in tune with many New Age philosophies, you will also realize that by visualizing what you want in clear detail, you can bring it into your life. You will come to know the power of the imagination in this respect over the course of the week. With a trine to Jupiter in the section associated with daily routines and health, you also get a chance to see how changes within can lead you on the road to successfully changing your life on outside. That is providing that you really take time to discover what nurtures you most. Mercury in your own sign indicates that you are particularly articulate and can talk your way in and out of anything right now.

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A little purloined amusement

From Heather, via Lauren.

1. What was the first thing you ever cooked?
Scrambled eggs, I think. I started cooking around the age of 10, since I was kind of a latchkey kid and liked cooking.

2. What's your signature dish?
I haven't really made it in years, because I'm a vegetarian, but I make a mean meatloaf. Really.

3. Ever had a cooking disaster? (tasted like crap, didn't work, etc.)
Yup. I set out to make a nice Valentine's Day dinner for me and Jenney and called my mother to get her recipe for chicken cacciatore, which I was going to make sans the chicken (fake meat substitute). I had most of the ingredients there at her place, but a few essential spices were missing. So I drove all over town looking for stuff and had to settle for some low quality stuff. It showed in the results. I was also scrambling for wine and made a bad choice. And I burnt the garlic bread. And the candles almost set her table cloth on fire.

4. If skill and money were no object, what would make for your dream meal?
A grilled ahi tuna steak, fairly rare, with rosemary, some wilted greens, fresh wasabi mashed potatoes, with a light dessert to be decided, and a nice glass or two of quality wine.

5. What are you doing this weekend?
Working twins and finishing my stats midterm. Yippee.

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And I know I'm all about apologizing, but...

I really have been reading your comments, both here and on your own blogs. I just don't have the energy and time to devote to thoughtful response. It frustrates me, but please don't take it as a slight. I'm trying to work things for this midterm, data collection for my master's, and maybe a surprise trip midweek.

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Up early again, after staying up late but not getting nearly enough work done, and I'll be off for more data collection (not even my study, sadly), then back for more work on the midterm. I was actually so sleepy this morning that I spilled orange juice all over my PJs and my kitchen rug, so at least that shocked me awake.

The girl called me as I was almost asleep, to tell me she missed me, at the party and in general. So I went to sleep with a smile on my face.

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Um, I think this is the wrong day...

You're very generous when it comes to love, Scott, and today you could go a bit overboard with your desire to please that special someone. Your passions and feelings of affection might be strong today, and you could woo someone with fervent emotion. You could get into the drama of setting a beautiful scene, with roses, romantic music, and the like. Just make sure that your feelings for this person are genuine, because this could be an intoxicating mixture!

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Saturday, February 16, 2002

Paying for my sins

So I was bad (well, we were bad) and did no studying last night, so tonight is kind of cramped, with the two of us apart and trying to get some extra stats wisdom from notes and readings before the last minute frenzy to finish the midterm tomorrow. Even leftover pizza and good cds can't make up for the fact that I'm missing out on a party.

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I'm working this weekend

I've been doing the twins thing, I have to work on my stats midterm, and I'd like to find time for sleep, too. We'll see which one of those things gets sacrificed.

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So then there's this...

Scott, this is a good day to notice what people around you are going through. You have a kind nature, and your feelings of compassion and charity could be strong right now. You could be moved to make a generous gesture like give someone some money. Or you might take time to listen to someone as they confess their troubles to you. Your sensitivity and understanding could be heightened today.

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Friday, February 15, 2002

I promise I'm not really in a bad mood

It's just that I haven't slept long enough in days, with no end in sight, so I resent having to get up early today.

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Yeah, yeah...

I know you only come here to read the Aquarius astrological forecasts...

You could be tapping into some interesting spiritual energies today, Scott. You've always had a strong intuitive side, and this part of you might be heightened today. You could be in the mood to read some inspirational literature or be around uplifting people right now. Your lighter, loving side might take over and cause you to express affection for the people around you. It's great to access these harmonious feelings.

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Thursday, February 14, 2002

So tired

The presentation went well and then I was busy a good chunk of the day before spending a fantastic afternoon with the girl, including a great dinner. But now I have to get ready for bed, as I have to get up early to debate our faculty recruiting. Bleh.

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So then there was this...



If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Aragorn, Man of the West, leader of the Rangers who guard the hobbits.

In the movie, I am played by Viggo Mortensen.

Who would you be?
Zovakware Lord of the Rings Test with Perseus Web Survey Software

(Thanks, Weenie!)

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Happy Valentine's Day!

I've been remiss in sending out greetings and messages of warmth to many of my favorite folks, and I apologize. Yes, I know this day is rather commercial, but it's also a sweet opportunity to tell people you care about that they're special. So, in my own pedantic and unspecific way, this is for you. I love you, I miss you, and I'm thinking of you.

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Well, I am drinking a lot of coffee lately...

You could be very talkative right now, Scott. Your need to express yourself might take over. You could find yourself having a long conversation with someone. Just take care not to dominate the discussion! You could be so energized that you become a chatterbox. Try to give the other person time and space to express themselves. You can have fun with your conversation if you can each have equal room to speak.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2002

And yes...

I probably will have summink to say about the Oscar nominations, eventually.

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Sorry I haven't been around

Been spending lots of time with her, working on our presentation and just hanging out. It's been lovely.

I don't even know why I'm apologizing, really.

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It didn't quite happen that way...

But what the hell...

People around you could be in a bit of a critical mood right now, Scott. Your boss could be worried about something like budgets or staff changes, and he or she might not have time to applaud you today. Or your clients could just be in a grumpy mood, and they might not laugh at your jokes! Try not to take any of this heavy energy personally, as it is just the mood of the day.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Awwwwwwww, shucks...

Thanks Dylan and Lorene! I got the package today, with the goodies. And I managed to trade back the Built to Spill disc I picked up for something equally good.

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He probably deserved it, right?

Rocky Mountain News photographer George Kochaniec, Jr. is treated for shrapnel wounds after an Israeli airstrike on the Palestinian Public Security Directorate in Gaza City Monday. More than 30 people were injured in the attack.

I'm biting my tongue, so to speak.

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The last image before I fell asleep

The girl asleep, propped up to read articles for class today, said articles resting on the down comforter, and a very innocent smile on her face.

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I could see this happening

You could be in a lot of meetings today, Scott. Lengthy discussions could be the theme for the day. Your staff might need to get together and have a meeting of minds. It could be important to clear the air about issues that have gotten a little out of control. Your positive, constructive attitude could add medicine to the mix. Try to be a cheerleader and encourage people to work together in a friendly way.

We're going to be deliberating about whether to extend an offer to a faculty applicant in our area meeting today, after all. We'll see if I have to play peacekeeper/moderator.

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Just really. Wow. I cannot begin to explain how incredible those performances (the "Down From the Mountain" tour) were. We were 12th row, almost center, about 30 feet from the stage, in a huge, lovely auditorium with incredible sound. And we were both just blown away. It was sweet and beautiful.

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Monday, February 11, 2002

I swear to God

I'm going to kill my officemate. Really.

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And while I'm talking Olympics

I haven't even watched them, other than the opening ceremonies (which I mostly muted, so I wouldn't have to listen to the inane banter). The events I'm interested in haven't even aired yet.

But while I was happy to watch some of the spectacle, there was also lots of ugly white trash value in the ceremony, as when the American Indian performers came on. Was it just me, or did it feel incredibly condescending, like Tonto in a "Lone Ranger" movie?

posted by Skattieboy @ 9:06 AM

And since I haven't made any ridiculous political statements lately

Mostly because I have been trying to remain ignorant of world events so I don't lose all faith in humanity.

All I can say is thank God for Vladimir Putin and others in positions of power around the world, who seem to be trying to reign in King George.

George's comments at the Olympic opening ceremonies were embarrassing, I thought, and completely out of place. He could have honored those who perished and tahnked the many soldiers serving their countries in a better way, without blowing his own horn, so to speak. It was provincial, and reminded me what I dislike about him so much.

Then there's this plan to round up illegal immigrants, under the auspices of fighting terrorism. Yeah, I'm dumb enough to believe that's what that's about. Sure.

Oh, and never mind that we blew up innocent Afghan civilians, because there was a tall guy there. Yeah, every tall Afghani man might be Osama Bin Laden.

It sickens me, really.

Don't get me wrong. I think something needs to be done about terrorism. I just don't think they're going about it intelligently, but are rampaging about like the elephants in china shops we tend to be in such actions. And there's a sinister tinge of pushing their political agendas through in all of this, either unseen or masked as something else.

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I'm trying to feel good about my lack of productivity

I mean, I did read the article I have to present today, but a lot of other school stuff fell by the wayside, so I could watch some Fox programming, rearrange my comics and books, and read some of the excellent Seamus Heaney translation of "Beowulf".

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Sometimes I am just way too nice

The girl and I were reflecting on that this weekend. Seems I have an officemate now, thanks to my own generosity. She's someone young and abrasive, and she might not have even made it into the program without me advocating for her. I just really thought she deserved a chance. So I fought for her.

Since she got here, she hasn't fit in, has rubbed people the wrong way (not always a bad thing, as there are some extraordinarily uptight people in the department), and fallen out with her classmates from the first year. So she asked if she could move her stuff into my lab office, and I said okay.

Can you guess the punchline?

Yes, she's bugging me. The girl has even cut down her daily office visits because of that.

posted by Skattieboy @ 8:54 AM

Hmmmmmm... Good point.

There's no sense trying to please everyone Scott; it simply isn't possible and you are likely to wear yourself out trying. You might want to shift your priorities and readjust your schedule somewhat. Ultimately, it is your loved ones who are most important. Can you arrange things so that you can spend more time with them?

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Sunday, February 10, 2002

I was a bad boy

The girl and I wound up going to church (!), so we could see our professor sing. It was very sweet and very cool.

After, I should have come back and studied, but wound up going up to Boulder with John, instead, so he could test out his new car.

There's still time, I tell myself. I can get some work done tonight and not feel like a total slacker.

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Yeah, so I'm up again already

Got plans for an early brunch with her, then I have to come back and prepare for my presentations this week, maybe watch the NBA All-Star game, and other sundry and less fun stuff.

Oh, and I picked up that new Bad Religion cd, and it's every bit as good as I remembered from hearing a promo copy.

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A nice day

Besides aforementioned party, I spent time with Sherri and her hubby (stopped in at Tattered Cover and even got some cool stuff on top of a birthday present that was much too generous) and then spent more time with the girl. Turns out we're going to see the "Down from the Mountain" performance after all (we got tickets today), and then we took one of her applicants to dinner at Thai Basil. It was more enjoyable than I make it sound, really.

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Yeah, a little late

This came via Astrologer.com:

You could be in a giddy, social mood today, Scott, with planetary energies emphasizing get-togethers with friends. Try not to go to extremes today, though, and don't take in more food or drink than you can handle. It would be easy to go overboard today while being caught up in partying spirits. Keep your eyes open for people who have had too much to drink in your group and be sure to take their car keys away from them.

Yeah. We ended up going to this party for the developmental and experimental grad students and one of the faculty members was so shitty that she could barely walk and talk, but insisted in driving herself home. But it was still fun and amusing as hell. Free beer and wine, snacks, and good company.

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Saturday, February 09, 2002

A sad anecdote from last night

There was this guy at the bar last night, sitting alone at a table for 4. He didn't look that off, but he wasn't joined all night. And chairs kept getting swiped from his table.

We couldn't help but speculate, really. He seemed to be aware that people were watching, too. But we couldn't avoid it. He got on his cellphone and chatted with someone for a while, but mostly spent the time nursing his drinks and left after a couple hours.

Was he stood up? Just very comfortable being by himself? What?

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Friday, February 08, 2002

Oh, and one last positive thing

I'm getting ready to start my first therapy case soon. It's kind of scary, but exciting, too.

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And tomorrow should be good, too, I think

I may go to see the Mardi Gras parade with the girl and some of the applicants, I'm excited to meet up with Sherri, and then there's a cocktail party for the department in the evening.

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Kind of a nice day

I mean, yeah, I did wake up too early. But things went pretty well. The girl was being extremely sweet again, bringing me food and coffee at various times throughout the day. Class went well, I met with potential grad students for next year (playing the part of dutiful department member, even though I was under no obligation to do so), and I even rode my bike through a windstorm to the comics store (dug the hell out of "Amazing Spider-Man" again). And then I went to the bar with my friend Rachel tonight and just had fun relaxing. So I'm pretty content.

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Okay, so one more thing...

Thank Toni for this...

You're Captain Archer! You're always in control of situations and are very adventurous. You're a leader, but you're also laid back and willing to listen to what others have to say. You look a great deal like a scientist from 1999 named Dr. Sam Beckett.

Take the Enterprise Quiz!

Brought to you by redanubis.

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And one last thing before I go get showered and get ready for class

Despite how much I bitch and whine about how hard things are with the girl at times, she really is sweet and kind and loving, which is what keeps me hanging in there through the difficult times. She said some beautiful, wonderful things to me yesterday, and even called me later, while I was talking to my twin on the phone, just to say hello and that she missed me. It was very cute.

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And more triviality

Was last night's "ER" not magnificent? Yes, I was embarrassed by my emotional reaction to what happened with Abby and the response.

posted by Skattieboy @ 8:23 AM


My brother notified me that one of my very favorite bands, the Planet Smashers, who I have been dying to see perform for years, will be playing in Salt Lake. But not Denver. And there's no way I can get out there to see them play.

posted by Skattieboy @ 8:18 AM

I don't even know why I'm posting this

Sometimes you have selective hearing, Scott, only paying attention to certain aspects of what is told to you. This is because you have so many interesting thoughts bubbling around in your head, you can't always shut down the noise! Today's energies could add to your mental distraction. Pay close attention to any facts, dates, or figures that are told to you today. Take notes and verify them, because it could be easy to make an error.

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Thursday, February 07, 2002

Not much shakin'...

She was bummed to have to be a host for a few days (it means we won't get to spend too much time together for the next few days), so we spent as much time with each other as we could, and I've been reading for classes and watching (you guessed it) "ER".

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Yeah, yet another of these friggin' things

Blame it on Merde.

Drink me!

Which drink are you?

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Evan Dorkin's new 30-minute cartoon, Welcome to Eltingville, will premiere on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim on March 3 at 11 p.m. (ET/PT).

Adult Swim is Cartoon Network's block of animation aimed at adults 18-34. It features shows like Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Home Movies, The Brak Show, Cowboy Bebop, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and others.

Here's a description of Eltingville:

"Comic book lovers, sci-fi geeks, model collectors and role playing game fans -- they're not just Cartoon Network's core audience, but also the stars of Welcome to Eltingville. This half-hour short, which is centered on a trivia battle for the right to pay an inflated price for a mint-condition Boba Fett action figure, was created by Evan Dorkin, creator of cult comics Milk and Cheese and Dork."

Dorkin has also been a writer for Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Superman and Batman Beyond.

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Oh and lest ye should think I do no school work

I read up for social psych today, with the classic Milgram obedience article/experiment, and another piece on groupthink related to Watergate, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Bay of Pigs. It was more interesting than it sounds.

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My very interesting life

So I helped Tom out, since he's moving his stuff to Arizona this weekend. He's an interesting chap, since he seems to be pretty socially clueless. He finally met the girl, who bugged him about looking at her bike (probably not good timing when he was stressed out), so then he proceeded to bag on her after she left, based on that one impression.

Then he kept telling me how light his stuff was, which was a complete lie. And to make it up to me for all the moving help and missing my birthday, he treated me to Taco Bell. I should probably be very pleased, since that's generous for him, but he was also a dollar short.

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What a letdown

So much for rewarding myself with "Made"... It wasn't terrible, but it's nothing special, either. Maybe if they had left Vince Vaughn's character out...

Oh, well. At least I have that New Pornographers cd to listen to over and over.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Another eerily funny and (seemingly) accurate portrayal

Which John Cusack Are You?

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My brother is awesome

My twin, that is. Not that my half-brother isn't, but I'm referring to film critic twin.

He sent me a package that made me the envy of everyone else in Stats class, while I was trying not to be nauseous. Said package had some Sebadoh and New Pornographers (go buy this - you'll be thanking me later), some comics (including the Sept. 11th benefit books, which look to have some good stuff), a tape of the "Babylon 5" movie, and a "Mothman Prophesies" t-shirt. It's nice to get stuff in the mail.

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Finished the homework

Then talked the girl through it for much of the night. May hold on to "Made", eat the late fee, and watch it tonight. Maybe.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2002

And by the way

I never did finish watching "Made". If I'm a good boy, I may reward myself tonight, since it isn't due until tomorrow.

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And yes, Jeff

We did go to Alexander's for "ladies' night". And yes, it was good.

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It was a crazy evening. We ran the stats program and went to dinner, and then wound up going back to her place to talk and read for social psych. We were both falling asleep soon after, fairly worndown, and never got back to stats. So now we have to re-run the program and try to finish the homework tonight, rather than the planned fun. Poop.

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Monday, February 04, 2002

On my list of things to accomplish today

1) Stay awake through Stats
2) Print out a copy of my neuropsych report for my clinical supervisor
3) Meet with my research advisor
4) Stay awake through my Social Neuroscience class
5) Write my journal entry for said class
6) Meet with my undergrad research assistant
7) Do Stats homework
8) Call to set up testing session with child client
9) Whine

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So I'm just doing that "putzin' about on a Monday morning" thing

Couldn't crawl out of bed to go to the gym, so I just laid there like a lump for a while, got up and showered, blew my nose about a hundred times (looks like she gave me her cold), and have been listening to Hepcat.

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Not sure what to make of this

You can find an article on the new "Spider-Man" cartoon for MTV here. I'm excited that Mainframe is doing it, but the design work discussion doesn't exactly set me on fire, y'know?

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A nice little quote from "Public Domain"...

This was supposedly found taped to lamp posts in lower eastside Manhattan:


To those of you who have lived here and supplied local color to the neighborhood, we thank you.

But the time has come when the space you occupy could be better utilized by some of the hardworking, successful young people of our city. So...


-The Mgmt

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Sunday, February 03, 2002

Okay, so I had to try this

What FIGHT CLUB character are you?

(Link courtesy of Nic)

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The plan for the day

Well, I have to get my hair cut, as I'm starting to look like a hippie dope. And I should probably work on my report revision and my stats homework, if I want to go see Fu Manchu with John on Tuesday night. I got invited to a Super Bowl party, too, so it sounds as if I have some work to do between then and now.

Oh, and here's what Astrologers.com says is in store for me today: You could be bouncing off the walls today, Scott. It's best to avoid caffeine and sugar and stick to salads today! With your energy being revved, it could be easy to overwhelm other people with your intensity. Try to tone things down a little, speaking in a calm and measured voice and controlling your energy. You might need to burn off that extra energy later on with a workout or long walk. Physical exercise should help you stay centered today.

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And here's the prediction for the coming year

Today, an old cycle ends and a new one begins, because the Sun is back in Aquarius at exactly the place where it was when you were born. This year could mark a milestone in your life, because you are going through the most rebellious time of your life, in which you are trying to find new ways to express yourself. Reevaluate whether you are heading in the right direction or not! Keep in mind that relocation, new projects, a career change, or new relationships are favored. Due to Neptune’s presence in Aquarius, you will be highly impressionable and extremely sensitized toward other people’ needs. This may either confuse you, or allow you to have a subtle influence on others. However, use this gift wisely, and don’t abuse it!


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This was my birthday prediction

This could be the perfect day to work on projects in your home, Scott. You might decide to paint something that needs refreshing. Or you could refinish some furniture that is looking a little worn-out. You'll see something that needs to be improved, and you won't rest until you fix it! You could spend time at a home improvement center shopping for just the right equipment to do the job.

The part about going to the home improvement shopping center was dead on. The rest was way off.

We ended up going to Alexander's (me, John, Kristen, and Jonathan. Tom and Rachel flaked - big surprise), then to "Mothman Prophesies", which was pretty good. I was bored for about half an hour, then it got fairly creepy.

Oh, and the preview for "Minority Report" actually excited me. Maybe I'm just in a good mood.

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Saturday, February 02, 2002

Happy birthday to me...

Yes, I just barely got home a moment ago, in time to shower and get ready to go grab dinner at Alexander's with friends. We might go see "The Mothman Prophesies" after or we might not.

And yes, I spent the night and day with the girl. She's going to be studying tonight (she's kind of shy about being together around folks from school), sadly, but was very sweet all day. Her birthday gift (A commemorative edition of Shel Silverstein's "The Giving Tree", with a note she wrote on the inside) was so cute and kind that it melted my heart...

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Friday, February 01, 2002

Friggin' stupid archives

Always havin' to republish every couple weeks or so... *&^%$#!!!!!!

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And the good news is...

Wilco is coming back in March, to Boulder. And the show is even cheaper this time.

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A list of movies I still want to see

Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone
In the Bedroom
The Mothman Prophecies
Brotherhood of the Wolf
Taliesin Jones

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Another exhausted evening

At least we finally got a break from each other... She went off to yoga and dinner with a friend from school, while I decided to be energetic and walked out to the comics store. Big mistake, considering that I was wearing my semi-dressy shoes. Needless to say, I had blisters when I got back. At least it gave me a convenient excuse for ducking out on the gym this morning...

Anyway, I actually got some decently entertaining stuff at the store, too. Oh, sure, I wasted money on the second issue of "Dark Knight Strikes Back" (but I also found out that I can bring back my copy of the first issue for store credit), but there was some worthy material, too, like "Public Domain: A Channel Zero Designbook", by the excellent Brian Wood. So I dug into that stuff for a while, ate a light dinner, did some exercises, watched "ER" (of course), read some articles for class (on the neuroanatomy involved in recognition of facial expressions of emotion), and went to bed.

Today, I have a later class, so I stayed in bed a little longer than usual. I really don't have too much pressing stuff to deal with, although my labmate and I are going to buy a birthday present for and attend the birthday celebration for our research mentor tonight.

And I still don't know what's going on for my birthday.

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