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Saturday, June 30, 2001

A rare day indeed

So I actually woke up with a smile on my face, too. Not so much because I'm feeling better rested or something healthy like that. No, it's because I'm just feeling rather upbeat. Part of it is that I'm feeling a sense of accomplishment in school, having started the long process of becoming an independent researcher and academician, and can actually envision what that process will look like and how to get there.

Part of it is that I'm actually seeing people I like, hanging out with them, and having them want to spend more time with me, instead of just the narrow little group I've been hanging with since I got here.

And part of it is that, yes, I've given myself permission to be smitten with that girl. There's an enormous sense of relief in just admitting to yourself that (whatever comes of it), it's okay to have feelings. And, what's more, things are kind of encouraging. I don't really want to go on and on, since who knows what will come of it all and I'm the kind of superstitious dope who wants to avoid jinxing things. But the smile on my face is hard to hide right now.

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Friday, June 29, 2001

So I've got a huge smile on my face

I had a good day, folks. Lack of adequate sleep aside, I got great feedback on my proposal draft (and with some earnest work, these should be the last changes I need to make to the document). I hung out with folks who are rapidly becoming good friends (nothing like bonding over something as silly as movie lines). I spent time with good friends who are becoming better friends (even if the food was bad). I saw a silly, sweet little film ("Shrek", which isn't quite in the "Toy Story" vein, but is still a nice movie for kids and adults, and delightfully unpessimistic and mean). And I'm feeling very encouraged with the girl. Really. It helps that someone else is playing the role of matchmaker, making it easier for me to just relax and laugh.

So I feel good. Can you feel the love?

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A good night's rest

That's what I really crave. But what I deprive myself of. I know I have no right to complain, given that some folks I know do worse, but... What would I be if I couldn't complain? Probably not a complainer, that's for sure.

So, anyway, I managed to get about 4 hours of weary shuteye before my roomies woke me up with NPR, so if I seem like a grouch, I probably am. It's just been a very odd 24 hours.

I'm at the point in the proposal process where I'm trying to schedule my prospectus defense (which basically consists of me and my committee members sitting down for two hours with my prospectus and me making a brief statement about the project and answering any questions, concerns, etc. they have before they sign off on the project). I still need to fine-tune the draft a bit, too, but that shouldn't be too laborious. And then there's actually starting the study...

It just feels odd to be at this point; to somehow have made the transition from wide-eyed first year grad way back last September to provisional second year grad, doing assessments and starting my own research. And it was all so gradual, but feels very sudden.

But, anyway. the weird part of the day was watching friends who've been in the process of splitting up for months finally moving apart apart, with all the divisiveness that can bring, including tension in the room. I just hate being in that position of knowing that it will probably come down to me being friends with one of them but not the other, not by my choice but because the assumption will be there that I'm better friends with one than with the other. And that's just wholly unacceptable.

So then a trip downtown followed, with drinking (despite the fact that it was a weeknight and I have to work for a while today) and watching the other males in the room try to outclever each other for the sake of the lone female in the room. It felt a bit like watching a nature program, with alpha males beating their chests and actually starting physical displays of superiority. And I swear that actually crossed my mind, sitting with beer in hand.

And then back to my place way too late to have a silly argument with someone just because I was tired and stubborn.

So now I'm sitting here pondering whether to go work for a few hours, unshowered and still very thoughtful.

By the way, I know the poll questions are hard to read, and I'm sorry. I'll try to fix it later.

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Thursday, June 28, 2001

Gawrsh, folks, can you believe it?

I'm almost done. Just some fine tuning on the proposal, then my defense meeting, and I'll be finished. With proposing. Then I have to start collecting data, scoring it, analyzing it, writing it up...

Pity me. My God, what have I done?

Yeah, I got bored and added a lil' poll to my Blog. It's way down yonder on the page, where the stuff like the SiteMeter and the *ahem* Guestbook that everyone conveniently ignores are.

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Well, poop...

Jack Lemmon dies. I can't really be as eloquent here as I'd like, and I'm sure other places have lovely eulogies for the man, but Lemmon was one of those actors who seemed to do everything equally well, managing to inject a little of himself into every role without playing himself all the time. Yeah, the stuff he did in the last few years may not have really lit my fire (so to speak), but I'll always remember him as Felix Unger opposite Matthau's Oscar Madison, in drag ("Some Like It Hot"), and providing years of Gil for the "Simpsons" ("Glengarry Glenn Ross"). *Sigh*

(By the way, I'm still working on the proposal. What can I say? I'm a procrastinator and a perfectionist. Be patient. I'll be back to being my rambling self shortly)

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Wednesday, June 27, 2001

To continue

So my meeting this morning (to discuss the proposal, which I still wasn't done with) got cancelled, which was very nice. Took some stress out of me.

But... As you might guess from the header below, the date's off, which is my own fault. No time for that kind of stuff when I desperately need to get this finished. Instead, there will be some short seeing each other tonight, then I have to come on back and work on the proposal some more...

Yes, I am starting to feel like Sisyphus now, and yes, now you can pity me. Not that you will, because you're just like that, aren't you?

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No time for love, Dr. Jones

So I slacked. Yeah, I slacked. And now I've gotta try finishing this up this morning. Pity me? No?

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Tuesday, June 26, 2001

You probably didn't notice, but I sure as hell did

If you needed any further evidence that I'm a nut, I just went through some past entries because I noticed typos and they drive me completely, madly, gutwrenchingly insane. Now I can relax. Yes, relax.

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I bite the bullet

Yes, it's true. I broke down, swallowed my pride, and with nary an air of neuroticism, asked the girl out again. It was amazing. Really.

So your Olympic hero will follow that up by trying to get all the drafts for his master's proposal done in the next three days. Can it be done? Let's pray to whatever powers we all pray to that this is so.

I added to my Links page. But I can't help but throw out a few shameless plugs, too: Amy (who I hadn't yet gotten around to revisiting or plugging, like a dumbass), and the NIU posse (Meredith, Jen, and Aimee), because I said I would, and doggonit, I meant it.

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VHS movies recently purchased:

"Amateur", "Barcelona", "Metropolitan", and "Simple Men"

CD's recently spun:

"Life of the Party" (the Planet Smashers), "Between the Bridges" and "Twice Removed" (Sloan), "Owsley" (Owsley), "Flinch", "Free Souls in a Trapped Environment", "Thirst", and "Wider Than a Postcard" (Citizen Fish), "Go Wild/All the Time" and "Onwards and Upwards" (Culture Shock), "Survival Sickness" (the {International} Noise Conspiracy).

On the reading table:

"Mage: The Hero Defined", volumes 1-4 (written and illustrated by Matt Wagner), "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" (Dave Eggers), "Sensitivity to Nonverbal Communication" (Robert Rosenthal, Judith A. Hall, M. Robin DiMatteo, Peter L. Rogers, and Dane Archer), "Autism: Nature, Diagnosis, and Treatment" (Geraldine Dawson, Editor).

Purchased at the grocery store:

Wasabi, soy sauce, toilet paper, toothpaste, Pop-Tarts, raisins, bread, coffee filters.

Items forgotten from grocery list:


Activities recently completed:


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Hitting the wall

So I'm up. Yeah. And I'm sitting here, poised in front of my laptop, for that spurt of momentous creativity, in which I throw out the comment that epitomizes life, the universe, everything (trademark and copyright, the late great Douglas Adams, even if he was a bastard when I went to get him to sign my brother's book for his birthday) and spin a couple witty bon mots that leave everyone chuckling and praising Skattieboy as a comedy god...

Trouble is, it's not coming. Instead, I'm sitting here looking stupidly about and thinking how annoyed I am that every morning I'm awakened to the sound of NPR turned up too loud by my upstairs roomies, who are doing it to war with our rocker next-door neighbors, and I really don't have anything against NPR, except for the sonorous voices that drift my way, forcing me to respond with music (in this case Sloan for the umpteenth time in the past several weeks), and that I really should update my "Links" page. But, instead, all I can do is bemoan the fact that my glorious Kerouac-esque ode to street performers came Sunday when I had no tape recorder around to get down the ten-minute stream that sprang forth rather gloriously.


More coffee. That's the answer.

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Monday, June 25, 2001

Um, yes, I have been blogging a lot today

I think it's to make up for the weekend, in which I was downright surly, so I kind of want to give y'all the impression that I'm really this silly, clever guy, rather than the cynical, jaded misanthrope my longtime friends know and avoid.


So I'm feeling like the NIU folks deserve their own little "Links" paragraph, but I can't really be expected to cut and paste that much right now, can I? Geez, patience, folks...

Oh, and my friends crack me up:

Hey Scott,

I hope your weekend was relatively painless... Do you
want to get together on Friday? J has to work
in the morning, but we can probably handle dinner and
a movie. Let me know if this sounds good, where and
when to meet... and if we should maybe invite C?


Yes, that is about the umpteenth matchmaker attempt she's made, and she thinks she's so sly. It can't help but bring a smile to my face.

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Yes, that IS new wallpaper

And when I get my lazy caboose motivated, I'll add some sort of "comments" thinger to the page. Satisfied now?

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This one is fo' all my homies



So Aimee left this swell little message over on her blog, and it warmed my heart, so I thought I'd share: Listen here, people: There will be no link whoring on my site. NONE. I will not post links in exchange for links, I will not post links out of guilt, and I will not post links just because you bought me a nice dinner. Rather, I will post links *only* for people I have met in person. And Scott. Because I like Scott.

I'm not being sarcastic. That really did convince me that it's not just lost time when I post stuff here, so thanks...

But, that said, I'm gonna turn right around and be a complete whore. Not because I'm looking for return traffic, but because there's some stuff out there that brightens my bleary-eyed wake-up hours, besides that fresh pot of java: Nick (my lost triplet brother), Courtney (a fantastic writer who makes me green with envy), Asian Bastard (which is pretty much the funniest thing on the 'net right now), Kaitlin (and not just for the title of her blog), Kevin (who I understand is a fellow comic book geek, not to embarrass him or anything), Mr. Phancy (a clever gent. Too clever, some would say), and last (but certainly not least) Susan, the mistress of the fez.

I feel so cheap now. All dirty. Is this what it sounds like when doves cry?

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Why yes, today WAS orange shirt day

I wouldn't count on seeing pics posted, though, smart guy...

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And another thing

Don't blame me, I didn't vote for him.

I have to be thankful for whatever force of nature gave us our big, overdeveloped brains. I was cursing myself for being too lazy to buy coffee filters this morning, until I realized, in that "lightbulb flickering on and off" kind of way, that I could just re-use yesterday's filter.

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Laughing at other people's misery

So Dylan has a classic rant posted about his folks' reactions to the digital cable installation. Nothing like reading up on such stuff to lighten my heavy mood and make me nostalgic.

Oh, and I also owed Dylan a shout-out for providing this entry's soundtrack, in the form of the post-Subhumans, pre-Citizen Fish, ska-punk before it was "cool" Culture Shock.

You know you're getting old when you wind up playing a friendly game of volleyball and wake up to discover your body hurts and you've sustained some injury without even being aware of it.

I'm doing my best not to be bitter. Really.

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Sunday, June 24, 2001

So, um, yeah...

This is probably the least amount of time I've spent at my place in ages. Straight to the lab for a few hours in the morning, then to lunch and downtown Denver for BuskerFest, a three-day event featuring street performers that was actually pretty fun (and after coming from Salt Lake, the idea of having something artsy/cultural going on at all, let alone for free, just boggles the mind).

Um, then I finally got to see "The Limey", which I had forgotten that Soderbergh directed (and it was a bit of a disappointment, I am sad to report) and "Beneath the Planet of the Apes" (Lord knows it was not worth the wait, but it was amusing for its camp value in a way the original, which I love and respect, was not). Then pool and jalapeno poppers, and back to my humid basement, and it feels strange. Really strange. But nice, too.

Last night kind of sucked, by the way, in one of those overly introspective, slightly drunk ways that seems to bring about one of those hyper self-critical mindsets. The reasons why aren't important, but I think it's mostly passed.

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Um, check yesterday's first post

With all the "getting up early" and the "hate" and the "weekend", etc. Except make today Sunday instead, make me even more bitter, and note that there's a huge coffee stain on the shirt I was going to wear, which means I'm off to change it right about... now.

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Saturday, June 23, 2001

Well, that was fun

Yeah, so I didn't want to jinx it, but of course, since I dragged my weary bones out of bed after a late night of (of all things) beer and Trivial Pursuit (Genus Edition, no less) (and let me just add that those two things mixed make for interesting results, especially when you're slurring your responses, which I was not, thankfully, but I'm really getting off-track here and can somebody please help me find my way back to my original train of thought?), the first kids we were supposed to test no-showed. Nothing like cutting your well-deserved sleep short for flakes, right?


No, I'm not bitter.

By the way, I wound up on an interesting science mailing list, and thought this link might be interesting to some of you, if you feel like trying to sway your meat-eating comrades to the ways of the Force: Get the lead out, Baby!

Um, I'm gonna go try to do something constructive with my off-hours here. Play nice in my absence.

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I shall be brief


I hate working on the weekends. Working on the weekends sucks.

End of rant. Thank you for your patronage.

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Friday, June 22, 2001

Is it possible I am better-known elsewhere?

I found this today: "Just read Jen's blog. Turns out that this guy, Skattie, whom I've read so much about, took her off his links than put her
back on after a little groveling. This seems like blogger blackmail. I wonder if there's any money in it. Anyway, I checked
out his blog, as I probably should have long ago. Talk about primary colors! My eyes! My eyes! But besides the harsh
glare (due to the awful lighting and monitor here at the graduate school), he's just like the rest of us: overly sensitive
about potential geekiness and in love with sushi."

That came via Meredith, by the way. I should note that the bright colors are just for my incidental pages, by the way, having added some spiffy new wallpaper (which will stay in place until I find something more suitable that doesn't mess up the stuff at the bottom of the page), although the glaring quality of said colors is intentional (Hey, if my eyes have to ache from staring at a computer screen, yours should, too, I reckon). And there's no question about potential geekiness. Oh, my geek genes are fully expressed...

By the way, I am once again thwarted, as the folks for whom I make time in my busy schedule seemingly have no concern for my discomfort. I could view this as a reprieve, since it allows me to be better-prepared, but instead I'd rather complain about how I had to pry my weary bones out of bed this morning.

*sigh* I'm becoming a cranky old man.

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And allow me an aside about the Guestbook thing again

So despite my whining, there are still plenty of you lurkers out there who can't seem to grasp that Guestbooks are meant to be signed. Nay, Guestbooks DEMAND to be signed. It's not like I want to capture your souls (not at present, anyway), but just to know who you are in a way that SiteMeter just can't capture. And I DON'T say this for the benefit of folks like Tab or Chance or Dylan, who may already have signed it, or if not, would be likely to write something about "Have a nice summer vacation, you putz. I enjoyed having you in my classes, even when you shot milk out of your nose like a ninny. Enjoy your summer as a prisoner of war and I'll see you for class assembly in September. A Friend Always (which just had to have each word capitalized), R. Buckminster Fuller" or something akin, just to be silly and turn my Guestbook into a big ol' joke, which it is anyway, because it's all a joke, and this is the worst entry ever and I'm a big loser, and I'm going to die alone and unloved.

Hey, Dave Eggers makes me laugh, and he'd make you laugh, too, if you're not the kind of closed-minded dork who resists trying new things like I am.

Spell-check only works when you employ it, by the way.

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Part of the peril of proscrastination

Well, besides all the assonance and alliteration, that is...

So sometimes even the most well-intentioned of us go astray, as last night when I fully intended to finish up yet another draft of me proposal, only to have one of my friends show up to borrow my washer and dryer (ostensibly) and lure me into going over to the liquor store to buy beer (which we had to drink, of course)and to make me wander down Evans with him while he looked about vainly for someone with a smoke he could bum... Needless to say, I wound up not even getting started until late and then typing in a slightly buzzed/tired state until I could stand no more and had to dive into my futon like one of those poor far-sighted birds that always seems to run into the window of a tall building whenever I'm in one.

Yeah, the point is that I had to get up early to try to eyeball the mess and make some last minute additions before I send it off for perusal. It kind of serves me right for all the breaks I kept taking to do the web surf thing. Kind of. But the web is just so addictive, you know?

My friends really crack me up when they're trying to be sneaky about getting me and someone else together. Honestly. Because, really, such attempts are so overt and so decidedly unsneaky, that all parties know what's going on.

I have concluded that the chocolate vanilla creme and frosted chocolate fudge Pop-Tarts are vastly superior to the other flavors insofar as I can eat them for breakfast day in and day out without wearying, whereas the frosted brown sugar cinnamon ones (for instance) lose their appeal after the third or fourth repeat.

I wonder what Mr.T would make of that sentence?

Since I haven't quoted "The Simpsons" to y'all in a while (and because this little gem showed up on my daily calendar): "Well, this reporter was... possibly a little hasty and would like to... reaffirm his allegiance to this country and its human president. It may not be perfect, but it's still the best government we have. For now".

I can't believe yesterday was the first day of summer and I spent most of it indoors, wearing a butt-groove into my futon couch. It's all your fault.

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Thursday, June 21, 2001


Thanks, Tab and Aimee for pointing out The Mr. T thinger. That made my whole week.

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Never mind

Somehow, human intelligence (in this case mine) prevailed. In other words, I fixed it. Lordy knows how the archive template html got messed up in the first place, since I did absolutely nothing to it, but anyway... YES, I RULE!!!!!

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I give

No hope for the archives, at least so far, and I just don't have it in me to put forth the sustained effort. Maybe I'll just post all my posts to this page for now and laugh at those who actually scroll through the whole page...

Oh, at least the page looks purdier now, though...

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Where IS Chandra Levy?

The nice thing about MSN is that I always get these little news blurbs to the right of my web window, with news headlines like that one, and I can't help but extrapolate from there... So I envision this mean series of kids' books, with Waldo replaced by Chandra Levy, Mary Jo Kopechne, good old-fashioned politics by the people, etc. But I'd probably be the only person who'd buy it.

Just when I throw up my hands, Dylan comes back from Blogger limbo. But, admittedly, just to blab about digital cable and altcountry bands. Come on, you've gotta give us something meatier than that.

By the way, I got up nice and early, heeding my alarm this morning, since I figured I had to make my meetings, only to have them both cancelled. Sometimes I think there's a conspiracy in place to get me up before I'm fully awake. Now that it's not the garbage trucks clanging in the alley at ungodly hours, it's the construction crews and the department folks who are in on it, too. I just can't catch a break.

Still weighing my options as far as a talkback feature on this hyar blog, but since I'm pretty computer illiterate, I've been hoping BlogVoices will come back from the dead. In lieu of that happening, are there any suggestions pour moi...?

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I get visitors

Yeah, some of them I manage to drag kicking and screaming (like Nick, even though he just made The List for suggesting that Weezer is in any way, shape, or form sucky. But he still doesn't deserve to be repressed by Jesus, nope), and some of them come via my pimps (like Asian Bastard and Aimee). But is it too much friggin' much for some of you folks to sign the Guestbook? F'rinstance, I sure would like to know who comes from Luxembourg...

I would love to be able to put up a shout-out to Dylan, by the way, but since he can't seem to be bothered to update his blog anymore, well, that ain't gonna happen

I won my first BET Award! No, wait, that was a dream.

I think I've spent more time in front of the computer in the last three days than the previous two weeks combined. Really. Luckily, I got lots done, in between my prowling break visits to certain websites, over and over and over and over and over...

Have I mentioned that I hate MSN? I do. I'm saving up for a new entry based just on the list of things I hate about MSN. Wait for it.

Maybe today will be orange shirt day...?

Would you think less of me if I confess that I (like George Costanza) read in the bathroom? It's true. I'm certain my roommates are troubled by the fact that they can hear me chuckling while in that area of my basement, wondering what I could possible be finding amusing. But you, surely you get it. Don't you?

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Wednesday, June 20, 2001

So I'm in a better mood now

Just when you're ready to give up on someone, something happens to keep you hanging in there. So I'm happy. For now.

Oh, and I'm eating these yummy little sushi rolls (stuffed with avocado, shrimp, and cream cheese) with wasabi.

I started my year-long tour in the neuropsych clinic today.

And... I made that stop at the comics store after clinic rounds. Gawd, could I be a bigger geek?

PS It's reassuring having my roommates walking around making noise upstairs, really.

I know it seems like I've gone soft, but "A.I." actually looks intriguing to me.

And I must be one of the only people on the planet who likes applesauce.

Is it just me, or did this whole entry feel anecdotal?

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After review

I was going to go with an orange shirt and off-white slacks for my outfit today, but then I thought better of it, reasoning that I might be stereotyping myself as the kind of guy who wears orange shirts. Another disaster narrowly averted!

I've decided it's useless trying to squeeze funny out of yourself when you're not feeling funny, so I ain't gonna try. If I'm humorous, I figure it will ooze out instead, anyway. Or something else will, at any rate.

Oh, and now that I don't need them, of course my interlibrary loans requests are arriving. Who said academia isn't an inefficient bureaucracy? Anybody for a lucky gypsy poke to the eye?

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That's how I feel this morning. The good news is that I finished the intro draft for my master's, so the writing for the rest of it should be easy, and rewrites are always infinitely easier than the initial document (at least for me, who just spits these things out fully formed and organized, without having to make an outline for myself. True story; I just hold these things in my head and compose them there. Thank goodness senility hasn't set in yet). Anyway, I was so relieved upon completion of that step that I couldn't sleep for a while. So I'm still groggy, and you'll have to excuse any stupidities or typos that slip in (besides, I will go back and edit, because I'm like that).

In my hurry to congratulate others, I neglected to mention Asian Bastard, one of the truly funny people out there blogging, for getting the Blogger highlight yesterday. I know I've bitched before about how the "Blogs of Note" seem rather arbitrary at times, but with this selection and the earlier inclusion of Geektastic, it seems there is some good taste being spread about via those picks.

My roomies got back last night, which is kind of nice, in that I'll no longer be watering the lawn and taking care of the yard myself, and I won't have to listen to the sad mewlings of the kitties. On the other hand, though, it also means I'll probably be subjected to the occasional John Denver track booming from upstairs (which is worse than you can imagine) or NPR turned up loud enough for the neighbors to hear (which I don't mind, except that it makes me want to compete noise for noise with some of my louder punk stuff). I throw that out as an aside because I'm really rambling and (mostly) just feel like whining about something.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, coffee. Where would I be without you?

I'm still feeling funky, by the way, but not nearly as funky as last week. It's funny how you can just get caught up in these little pity trips that just sap all the energy out of you, which only makes things worse. So maybe it's the sense of having accomplished something? Whatever the case, at least I'm back to my perkier, more charming self (at least in my eyes. I acknowledge that I could be coming off as obnoxious here). I look back on the initial entries to the new blog and can't help but shudder. *shudder*

In case any of you have heard of that controversial rebirthing case here in Colorado and were wondering about my take on it (surely someone was wondering): I shake my head at those "therapists" (and I use the parenthetical here, because their theoretical bents in treating cases seems pretty flimsy to me. Let's just say I start making duck noises when I read about people like this) and really wonder how they could have been so oblivious to the child's agony, as she was being smothered. Yeah, stuff like this doesn't really seem very therapeutic, no matter how I think about it.

Oh, and yippee, we killed another person via lethal injection yesterday. I know I can sleep better at night knowing that cowboy G.W. is out there keeping the world safe for capitalism.

Am I a geek if I confess that I look forward to riding my bike to the comics shop after clinic meeting today for my weekly goodies?

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Tuesday, June 19, 2001

Oh, and by the way...

For those of you wondering, here are the final results in my last poll:

Q. Favorite 70's/80's sitcom character

Character Votes Percent of votes

Alex P. Keaton 0 0%
Hawkeye Pierce 3 37.5%
Arnold Drummond 0 0%
James "JJ" Evans 0 0%
Archie Bunker 3 37.5%
Schneider 1 12.5%
Rhoda Morgenstern 1 12.5%
Natalie Green 0 0%

If you don't recognize each and every one of those characters, then shame on you. You obviously need to splurge on some from of cable TV hook-up (be it cable or satellite) with Nick at Night and discover your heritage as an American couch potato. Or those of us hopelessly addicted to pop culture should be in awe of you for your ability to remain disinterested in such trivia, despite all the glib references people like me throw out...

And I know I'm borrowing this little observation from my twin, but doesn't it sound like the hillbilly woman on those Black Angus commercials says "Black ANUS"?

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Holy cow

Look. Really look, folks. I got up early this morning, skipping my usual morning routine of sipping coffee and spending entirely too much time in front of my laptop. Instead, I showered, dragged my coffee and granola bars along, and went to school, where I proceeded to enter data for a few hours.

Yeah, that's part of where my money this summer is coming from, doing data entry. Thrilling, I know. But doggonit if it didn't feel like I was being productive. And, curiously, it also inspired some creative thinking for my master's proposal. Not enough so that I'm finishing up just yet (What do you want? The draft isn't due until tomorrow morning, so I'm going to do exactly what anyone else would do and wait until tonight and then hurriedly finish it up), but enough so I feel like I have ideas that will make the writing easier.

So how's your morning been?

I also got my copy of "Simple Men" on VHS, and if you haven't seen it, you've deprived yourself. It's probably Hal Hartley's finest film, and a great example of indy filmmaking. Or that's what I think, anyway. I'm prone to hyperbole.

So yeah, I'm on to more coffee, my belated orange juice, a bagel with cream cheese, and now I'm off to do some unproductive surfing. But I'll get busy with what I should be doing without the nagging, thanks.

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Monday, June 18, 2001


To Lorene, because she is just always so kind and supportive.

To Jen, who added me to her links and even donated a whole entry to moi.

To Tab, who thinks nobody loves her, which simply ain't true.

To Chance, who's back from Blog oblivion finally, thankfully.

And to my spiffy twin, who tracked down a copy of my senior thesis, which makes my master's proposal writing so much easier that you can't even begin to understand.

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I have decided

That no matter what I do, I'm going to offend people. I really don't know why, except that my personality seems to leak out like an 8-foot giant wandering the aisles of a grocery store, stepping on people with his monstrous feet. See, the giant is just trying to navigate, but somehow manages to bump, jostle, or just plain knock over folks without meaning to, which is sort of what I do on a personal level.



Anyway, I say this by way of apologizing to Jen (who I left out of my Links page for a very silly reason) and to Jodi. Sorry to you both. I can just be a real nitwit, especially when I'm busy playing the part of stressed-out grad student, as I seem to be doing so well these days.

And I'd be remiss if I didn't point y'all towards a dandy little blog I recently found (obviously, it was there before I stumbled on it, but I seem to be a latecomer to a lot of things lately): Flowerhead. And I don't just say that because Susan posted my blog as a "personal site of note" (although that is rather flattering, considering how crude my layout is and how whiny I've been of late, but I digress, as I am wont to do), but because she's yet another cool person with that Minnesota connection.

Um, I think I've figured out how to pitch my master's project now, which is thrilling, since the drudgery-like writing of the proposal has been so monotonous and uninspired before now that I may be able to crank this sucker out by the end of the day. That would be akin to having the proverbial 400-pound gorilla jumping off my tortured back, methinks.

So I think I'll be updating my About Me page more often, just because. As a matter of fact, I just did.

And I seem to be feeling a bit better. Not all doom and gloom in my dreary little basement apartment, at least for this moment in time.

Oh... And I'm aware that I said before I wasn't concerned about making this blog too purdy, but I sort of lied. Not that I'm going to go all out in designing my own template (especially with my meager tech skills), but if anybody has any suggestions for how to spiff this blog up, send me an e-mail...

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Sunday, June 17, 2001

Oh, yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

For some reason (brain tumor?), I keep seeing Kool-Aid crashing through my wall. It could be that it's hot outside and I just don't want to deal with working on school stuff.

Stupid typos. Bane of my existence, really.

Um, yeah, so now it's time for my Chixdiggit fix. At the rate I'm going, I'll be finished listening to every cd in my collection by mid-August, I reckon. But it just strikes me as funny the way I just get a hankerin' to hear a certain band and then proceed to listen to all their cds in rotation for a while. Kind of like indulging musical nostalgia, I suppose.

So I wound up down in the 16th Street Mall area with John last night, drinking beer and eating overpriced (but decent, thankfully) food out on the patio, watching bums bugging other patrons and motorcycle cops arresting other bums. It's weird how you can just kind of distance yourself, emotionally, from events like that (just don't ask me what it says about us as a society when we can watch homeless folks and alcoholics with a bemused detachment).

After, we were practicing our own drunk routines, pondering quitting our planned career paths to become street performers in a Foster Brooks vein, then walking down Colfax, past the Guardian Angels station and the panhandlers and junkies to Argonaut Liquor (and who chose that name, I wonder? What's the significance?), then back to John's to watch "The Wild Bunch" (and I know I shouldn't be entertained by violence, but it was just so well-done, in an artful, morally ambiguous way, like the best of the Sergio Leone-Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns) and the first 20 or so minutes of "Beneath the Planet of the Apes" (which he started to tape off AMC but ran out of space on the tape). It surprised me that that movie is as awful as it is (analogous, I think, to following up "Miller's Crossing" with "Last Man Standing").

And yeah, it is Father's Day, which is bittersweet for me in the kind of reflective mindset I've had. *sigh*

Ever feel like you have so much to do that you don't know where to start, so you just don't start?

Oh, and I'm obsessed, now that I know Mammoth has made all the early Blake Babies stuff available on cd again. Dammit. It's just not fair.

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Saturday, June 16, 2001

I've got my "Dungeon Master's Guide"

Yeah, from that you might intuit that Weezer's on my cd player... Funny how I seem to have a stable of favorites these days that rotates from day-to-day.

So I have to work this afternoon, and even though it probably won't take longer than 4 hours, I'm still dreading it. I'd much rather be doing something unproductive, so I could justify the day of work I have facing me tomorrow. And it's probably worth noting that I'll be working with the object of crush, a situation that's still uncomfortable and nowhere near being resolved. Echhhhhhhhhh.

I'd be remiss if I didn't do some gloating, right? Especially since there seem to be so many who just didn't want to see the Lakuhs win the NBA championship (Dylan, Pete)... I should really note that my loyalty to that team has to do more with my affection for the classy Pat Riley-Magic Johnson teams of the 80's. And the older I get, the less interested in the actual sports I get. It's as if I'm loyal to the scores more than the actual performances, which is scary. Is it obsessive-compulsive? Maybe. Whatever the case, I'm happy. And I won't even rub it in the faces of the Philly boys, as much as I'd love to...

I've decided that I'm doomed to live in places of weather extremes, with bone-chilling winters and scorching summers, and short bursts of temperate springs and falls. It really isn't fair. But that's what I get, I suppose. Toughen me up. Or at least condition me not to whine so much.

I'm still having a hard time believing that none of the video stores around here carry "Beneath the Planet of the Apes". I'm starting to think it's a conspiracy.

Got invited to a band party tonight, but that really doesn't excite me. Is there something wrong with me?

Sorry if I seem scattered.

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Friday, June 15, 2001


The cold light of day falls on my face... Well, really, it's the light from a sun nearly at the noon position in the sky when I finally pry my butt out of bed. Couldn't fall asleep for the life of me last night, so I stayed up re-arranging stuff like my videos and books, because I just couldn't bring myself to do stuff like work on my school obligations. Yeesh.

Oh, I updated my Links page to include some spiffy new blogs I've found in the last few days, too. I added an About Me page, too, just because. And I changed the background and text colors so they don't hurt my eyes anymore, so I hope you appreciate that, too.

Still feeling a bit distraught and paralyzed that that member of my master's committee was so discouraging about my master's proposal. I can't really put together something new in a couple weeks, so it's going to take some doing to motivate the study, I guess, but it's still disheartening to have something you're excited about scrutinized that way.

Sloan is in constant rotation on the cd player again, now that I listened to Citizen Fish over and over for a couple days.

I had actually read about it, but Sandro also sent me a link to a news story about "D'oh!" making it into the dictionary revision. That alone should be reason for us all to bow down to the power of pop culture, no?

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Thursday, June 14, 2001

Well, now...

I had my first decent night's rest in about a week last night, and it seems to have worked wonders for my psyche. Actually, maybe "wonders" is too strong a word. All's I know is I woke up feeling refreshed for a change, and my horrible two-day long headache seems to have gone away.

So I'm done with classes until September and I seem to have done better than expected in both classes from the spring. There are still some niggling details to clear up about spring (some registration foul-ups, and the matter of parent feedback and writing the psychological report for my assessment case), but my foremost worry these days is getting my master's proposal written up by the first of July.

Oh, it's very do-able, but I'll be busy at it until the end of the month, and a meeting with one of the folks on my committee yesterday really shook my confidence. Seems I always get flummoxed when I meet with him and can't explain myself very well, coming off sounding like I don't know what I'm talking about. So now I'm pondering what the hell to do about that, given that he needs to sign off on the project.

And then there's writing up the damned proposal. *Sigh*

Anyway... Nothing else really going on. I'll be coming out to Salt Lake at the end of July, after I go away for a week to a camp for asthmatic kids (I'll be acting as part of a therapeutic team, which should be good therapy experience for me), my trip to Yale might still happen, my cellphone is turned off (my bill was outrageous thanks to Qwest messing up the billing, which I'm still trying to sort out, and I may actually go with another wireless service if I can't get it figured), nothing's happening on the romantic front (story too long to really go into right now), and what else?

I'll be working as a research assistant this summer, so my living expenses are taken care of, but I still ain't rich. I'm still a bit disenchanted with things, especially since it seems I'm the only person invited to a friend's wedding without a date and I'm one of the few people in the department who isn't seeing someone, I ain't thrilled with my apartment (although it's relatively cheap and will allow me to be settled for the next 10 months for school, after which I can find a better place of my own), I'll be carrying a huge load next school year (with three classes, full-time RA, half-time RA, master's work, one assessment case in the CSC and one assessment case in the neuropsych clinic), so if I seem a bit manic come September, you'll know why.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, grad school.

I still haven't gotten to the McVeigh execution. Y'all probably know how I felt about it, anyway.

The new Citizen Fish cd is kind of eh, but it did get me to pull out my other Citizen Fish stuff and made me re-realize how dandy they are, replacing Weezer and Sloan in my cd rotation.

And that Eggers book is still good. Goes to show that I don't know everything, or even much of anything, I suppose.

For those of you who've been visiting my old blog, don't. It's been deleted, so I can't even edit it. It just sits like a giant, bloated, discarded blog, which is what it is. I'll eventually get it taken down, but it's not functional.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny

Errrrrr, make that Skattie.

So those of you who know me know I couldn't stay away from blogging, at least not entirely. But I can say that the break has been lovely, and has solidified (in my head) what I wrote about the 'net. Say what you will, it is addictive, at least for certain folks, and it's not always a constructive use of time or energy, when there are so many life opportunities out there, so tantalizingly close.

If that's condescending, then I'm sorry. But I don't see that.

Anyway, my point was that I never did want to get away from using some means of keeping the folks I care about caught up on my life. And I certainly enjoy the catharsis that comes from being able to speak my mind. But when the process becomes bigger than the person, then it's no longer fun. And I was obsessed with trying to entertain, which is best left to people who have the time and creativity for that. Not to say that I'm going to make this as dull and painful as possible, but I don't have the time to make this blog all purdy and funny. There are other blogs that do that much better.

I reckon I'll keep this updated fairly often, but maybe not every day.

Oh, and I'm surly and stressed out. But I'll blab about that when I feel more like devoting myself to the long and whiny explanation behind that. If you sense some angst, though, you're reading between the lines rather well.

And I'll opine more on the McVeigh execution eventually, too.

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