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Friday, April 18, 2003

I was digging through some old files the other day, and I came across this comic strip that Scott used as his Freudian Slip background for a little while. The hapless guy in that comic strip was "Skattie" as I knew him -- funny, almost compulsively self-deprecating, analytical to a fault, and ever-hopeful.

There hasn't been a single day in the past year that I haven't felt his absence. I miss the conversations we're not having about movies, and comic books, and comic book movies (Scott man, how could you pass up a chance to see X-Men 2???). I wish I had had the chance to know him better, or at least to give back some of what he so freely gave me and so many others. He must have lived in some time warp where days were 30 hours long, for the amount of time he gave to people, listening to them, encouraging them, giving them hope even while his own supply was dwindling.

One of the last times I talked with Scott, I was complaining about how I felt burned out and wanted to give up writing and posting to my website. Scott was right there encouraging me in that special way that he had (i.e., mercilessly breaking my balls). Whenever I feel like quitting, I think of Scott and it kicks my ass back in gear. He was the kind of guy who was so passionate about the things he cared about, that he made you care more deeply, and try harder. He is still an inspiration and I try to honor his spirit in everything I do.

I'm glad he's still remembered and that there are people still posting here and sharing their memories of him. He left the world a better place, and I hope that in my life I can accomplish half of what he did in the brief time he was here. Thanks, Scott.

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