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Friday, January 31, 2003

Hello. Jeff lent me some pictures a while back. I finally got around to asking Toni to scan them. Thank you much Toni. There's some really good pics of Scottie here. Starting with a couple with his twin brother Jeff from before I knew Scott:

Then a couple with Tabitha (I would have to say that the one directly below is one of my favorites; the lower one includes Scott's brother Bill and his wife):

Here's one of Scott with Claire, one of the autistic kids he worked with:

The rest are from the last time I saw Scott in May, 2002. One includes Scott and I doing a retard dance. I have no idea why we were doing that. Sorry Jeff, the last one had to be posted. It almost looks like he was doing his James from Get In Here Records face:

I hope everyone has been coping okay with this loss. I know that it still stings for me every day. Not a day goes by that I don't miss his humor, intelligence, feistiness, and kindness. The last words I ever heard from him were words of encouragement. He made a comment on my weblog about not defining myself through my employment (I had been laid off). He often made useful, caring comments when I was having a difficult time with some aspect of life. I wish I could have been as helpful to him as he was to me.

Also, the weblog is still open for anyone to make entries. We'd love to hear experiences you may have had with Scott, or see pictures, or if you just have some thoughts on Scott, poetry, etc. Again, if you already have access to the weblog, just log in and make an entry. If not, send it to me in an email and I'll get it posted for you.

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