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Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Yes, I'm getting a late start again

I actually woke up at a normal hour (8 am), after an odd night's sleep, but I felt really achy and nauseous. So I've been trying to push past that and get moving, so far unsuccessfully.

Last night was spent getting passable Mexican food with John, which turned into a mistake, I'm afraid. Seems dinner also included two beers and a tequila shot, which was followed up by "Golden Tee 2003" and another beer. And I fear that the food and the alcohol were a bit much for me.

So on top of a bit of nausea, the alcohol had me feeling very warm last night (not a good {fixed the typo} thing when the nighttime temperature is already too warm for comfortable sleeping). After trying to read for a bit, I did fall asleep, only to be awakened about an hour later by a phone call from the girl, giving me her updated flight information and recounting some of her adventures in Chicago. It took me probably an hour or so to get back to sleep after, with pretty restless (tossing and turning) dozing.

And that's how I wound up in this state. Today shouldn't be too bad, as I need to set up a few assessment visits, transcribe an audiotape recording of the projective testing I did with a kiddo last week so I can present in clinic tomorrow (and I can't help but think of Haiku Tunnel now whenever I have to transcribe something now), and then try to pick up her car so I can go get the girl at DIA tonight.

What I'd really like (of course) is to take some antacid, find a nice, dark, air-conditioned bed, and go back to sleep for a while. *sigh*

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