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Monday, July 15, 2002

Yes, I am being a lazy schmuck

I think it's the hot weather, but I just don't really feel like moving right now. I finished up breakfast a while ago (my holy trio of fluids {water, coffee, and orange juice}, with a huge leftover buckwheat pancake from breakfast yesterday and applesauce) and have just been kind of putzing about a bit.

It's kind of a carryover from yesterday, after my brother left, when I only ventured out of the house twice (once to go to school to drop some stuff off and the other time to pick up my prescription at Walgreen's, 4 or 5 blocks away). Needless to say, I didn't mow last night.

Instead, I sat inside, in the direct line of my blessed box fan, drinking refrigerated water and reading comics for a while, then catching up on taped episodes of HBO's The Wire (and if you haven't watched it, I'd urge you to find someone with taped episodes, as I think it's one of the best crime dramas I've seen. Really, besides catching up on episodes of Scrubs, it's one of my TV pleasures), talked on the phone some more (I'm starting to feel like I talk more on the phone than in person) and found out the girl is coming back tomorrow (which is good, since otherwise afternoon/evening would have been too hectic). Oh, and I washed some laundry.

Yeah, kind of a lazy day, but I wasn't really feeling up for much else.

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