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Monday, July 22, 2002

Ugh, redux!

So I rolled out of bed a little after 1 today. "Why", you ask? "Well", I reply, "I had dry heaves and what felt like the beginnings of a migraine last night. And I tried to sleep them off in the night but was still drained this morning".

It was sweet of the girl to stay and baby sit me last night, even though I think she was rather disappointed, since she wanted to go back to her apartment and watch a couple more "Decalogue" parts. But it just hit me as we were about to leave (that pounding in my head, the sweats, the overall nausea) and I knew I was stuck, even though I had all my stuff ready to go.

I'm not really sure what set it off. I had mowed the lawn earlier, which may have been a catalyst (it looked cloudy, which was why I started, but then the sun came back out, and being the hard-headed person I am, I finished, anyway), since it was hot and dusty. But I thought I had bathed the heat and grime away.

Thnking back, I should have known it was coming when we went to shoot pool and I started feeling sore and grouchy. I'd love it if I could find someplace to play pool where it doesn't smell like a chimney from cigarette smoke.

But whatever the precipitant, I was sick last night and a little bit this morning. And I'm still a bit woozy.

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