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Monday, July 01, 2002

So you're probably wondering why I ain't sayin' much

So when I went to post this morning, there was some trouble. Stupid Blogger. And I couldn't even respond to comments, which was rather embarrassing and irritating. But I guess I shouldn't complain. I guess...

Instead, I was off being overly diligent for my RA job, making sure stuff is in place for testing this weekend. Then I mailed off a package, got my hair cut (it was much overdue, and the shorter hair is definitely cooler, temperature-wise). Oh, and the girl and I kept playing phone tag, which still hasn't been resolved.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, by the way. I just went to a different comics store downtown and picked up stuff, then went over to the Cherry Creek area and hung out. I tried a different Mexican restaurant, which was the complete opposite of my Illegal Pete's experience (bad burrito, with too much bland rice and gooey cheese, black beans, and the worst salsa I may have ever tasted, with a supposedly "hottest" chipotle sauce that was all sweetness and a "hot" tomatillo sauce that tasted of vinegar), at Chez Jose. And I wound up roasting in a bus shelter, waiting for a bus that never came (it was okay, since I was going to ride over to waste more time at Twist & Shout, which I really didn't need to be doing), then came home and just basked under the fan, reading comics and watching TV. It wasn't much of a day, really. But considering how hot it was outside and the fact that I had seen 7 movies in 8 days, it's about all I was up for.

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