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Friday, July 05, 2002

So did everybody have a nice July 4th?

Mine wasn't actually too bad. I spent a large part of the day on the phone, either calling folks or talking to them. It was kind of nice to connect that way, and it made the day feel a little more relaxed. In most other ways, it was pretty slack, as I went to school and downloaded the trailer for "The Two Towers" (I did it to avoid having to go see "Men in Black 2" just for that preview. And I have to say that I was excited again {not that I wasn't before} for "Towers", but a little grumpy that the trailer gives away something in the film which folks who haven't read the books wouldn't guess), grabbed some grillables, and read more comics.

The evening was spent hanging out with some of the other grad students, which was actually nice for a change (even if we never got the barbecue going, since there were a ton of dogs there and we were afraid they'd knock the grill over. Plus, we didn't really even seem to need the food). Mostly, we were watching TV, first with "Iron Chef" (which I get to watch so rarely, but managed to convince the others that it had to stay on), and then the televised events from NYC, which was perversely interesting (probably because I was drinking beer). I was pretty delighted that Rob Lowe looked like he'd had about 8 too many cocktails before he went on the air, and simultaneously annoyed by Enrique Iglesias (who certainly seems to be the reincarnation of Ricky Martin, judging by the overproduced music).

Walking home, I spied any number of fireworks displays around the valley (and the air was clear enough that I could see miles in any direction, which is one of the nice things about Colorado), finished off the last of my Pete's Wicked Ales (after I got home, not as I walked), and fell asleep trying to watch "The Others".

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