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Sunday, July 07, 2002

Slow-moving this morning

Like a herd of elephants with no compunction to go anywhere in a hurry.

Seriously. I'm just putzing, taking my sweet time eating my Pop-Tart breakfast, downing my coffee, checking my e-mail, and other rot.

It's not like today will be bad, just kind of tedious for a while (sort of like yesterday). But it's the getting up early, when I really don't want to, that's so tough.


Last night was really relaxed again, by the way. I finished off some more beers and watched a couple videos I'd been meaning to see for a while, with "L'Enfer" last (and it was disturbing and fairly well-acted, but I'm having a hard time seeing why it was so lauded) and "The Double Life of Veronique" first (a film I hadn't enjoyed when I tried to see it in a theater, mostly because I wasn't patient enough to wait for it to get good, I suspect. This time around, I was delighted by it, though).

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