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Monday, July 22, 2002

Random shtuff (typo intentional)

Number 1
It's the girl's birthday tomorrow and we don't really have any special plans, other than a nice dinner. I've already given her a couple things early (both because she spotted them lying around my apartment and because she was feeling a little low about coming back here after her long break from school) and have to pick up a couple more tomorrow (they're on order).

Number 2
It looks like my trip to Salt Lake will be delayed until the middle of next month. Mostly, it's that I have several reports to work on, a couple feedback letters to write, and some work on a co-authored paper, and I need to be here to do all that. Besides, it probably wouldn't have made sense just to come for two days, when I probably wouldn't have gotten to see everyone. I promise, I'll plan for about a week in the middle of the month, and try to have a relaxed trip.

Number 3
What is it with hair plucking? Really. I've noticed that several women I've dated have had this tendency to pluck hair (both mine and theirs). In the latest example, the girl takes it upon herself to pluck ingrown facial hair after I shave. And I swear I never had ingrown facial hair before she started plucking. Makes no sense, really...

Number 4
Why, oh why do I have to go back and re-publish my archives every few days? Can somebody please explain...?

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