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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

One of those odd days

You know, the ones that really just make you think?

Yesterday didn't start off that way, really. I went in to discuss my assessment case with my clinical supervisor (and it was nice that she asked me a question about an interview she had done with a different case, which makes me think my clinical opinion is somewhat validated, at least), and I had sort of tenuous plans to go see live jazz at night (turns out that after a week of not hearning from him, John finally called me the night before, and he was supposed to call me from work to let me know what was up).

But after I finished up that little bit of work at school, I got really restless and made a couple phone calls, then just started walking around town in the high heat. I actually found a pretty cool coffee shop I hadn't been to before, and then wandered down Broadway (Denver Broadway; I wasn't hallucinating), checking out some shops along the way before stopping at Taco Bell (and I'm ashamed to note here that I think I may have reached saturation point where no matter how well-constructed, the food there doesn't taste good to me anymore).

And John didn't call from work, but did call after he got off, when I was elsewhere (figuring he'd blown me off again). So I'm sure he's annoyed.

And I caught most of the baseball All-Star game, which was notable only insofar as they had one of those tribute moments at the start, with the "30 Greatest Moments in Baseball History", narrated by a dazed-looking Ray Liotta (with little enthusiasm), complete with awkward and outright cornball recreation scenes that were flat-out embarrassing. Really. Who comes up with that kind of "entertainment" and who do they think likes it?

All of this is more or less just tangential, though. The odd part of the day is that I ended up talking to one of our neighbors for a long while. She lives in the house behind ours, and I've interacted with her maybe 2 or 3 times. But the context for that was that her husband died Monday afternoon. Just went out to the garage to start his car to go to the store, had a heart attack, and died. One of my roomies and I saw the police out there and didn't know what was going on.

And here's this guy, who's been living close by to us. We've been in the neighborhood for about 15 months now. And we never really got to know him or his wife. And then something like this happens, and it really makes you think about how we interact (or don't) with other people. So said roomie and I stopped by last night to check on her and see how she's doing, introduce ourselves, let her know that we'd be happy to help out if we can.

It's just really sobering.

(Oh, and by the way... I wasn't too knocked out by Decalogue: 2)

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