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Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Oh, and by the way

I did like the "Powerpuff Girls" movie. Call me crazy, but I thought it was kind of sweet and fun. Sure, it went on a bit too long at times, but it made up for that with lots of monkeys. And how can you go wrong with monkeys?

But, somehow, those two clowns, Ebert and Roeper, gave it "thumb's down", while giving a "thumb's up" to that awful-looking "Crocodile Hunter" movie. Oooooooookay.

(And, by the way, the "Dexter's Laboratory" short is almost worth the price of admission by itself.)

I really didn't do much else the rest of the night, other than riding over to Taco Bell on my bike (and you'll be happy to note that they not only put plenty of hot sauce on my food, but also provided an ample supply of extra hot sauce packets just in case) and falling asleep trying to watch "Decalogue", Part 2. It was unreal how tired I was, and I think I was asleep by 11.

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