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Monday, July 15, 2002

Oh, and about the visit

It was nice and laidback. There were folks we didn't get to see (notably John, who was busy seeing the overpriced LoDo Music Festival Friday night {sorry, but $25 to see short sets by Neko Case and They Might Be Giants just doesn't appeal} and some of his friends who were in town this weekend), but I think both Jeff and I needed a chill weekend.

So Friday we spent driving around to comics stores and music stores (we turned back at Twist and Shout once we realized there was an in-store performance by the wretched Leftover Salmon, not wanting to hear their warbling or see their dopey fans), stopped by and got some good vegetarian grub (he finally got to try out the tempeh chorizo tacos I was raving about), drank some Newcastle, and then watched Sunshine State, the excellent new film by John Sayles (and I could go on and on here about how it's a perfect film for our times, with its stories of folks being trampled by big business, but I'll refrain and just say that it's two and a half hours very well-spent). Once we got back, I think we were both so tired that we just collapsed.

Saturday we both rose early, to head out for disc golf, Sadly, the big course here in Denver was filled for a tournament (that'll teach me not to check the website), so we headed up to Boulder to try to find the Tantra Park course, which John and I had previously tried but not enjoyed. I wasn't really sure where we were going, but we found it rather easily (much easier than John and I had, which may have contributed to the different experiences). There was nobody around, other than some joggers and dogwalkers, and we ended up having a blast.

Then it was off to a Boulder diner (Dot's, which I highly recommend, for its cheap prices, pretty good veggie selection, and overall good quality) where we got stuffed, a brief stop at WaxTrax (where Jeff found me a cheap copy of the new Apples in Stereo) and a Boulder comics store, and back here.

After a warm afternoon, we went over to Alexander's for dinner, meeting up with my friends Jonathan and Kristen, and then headed over to Dave & Buster's (for those of you without one of those, it's basically a big video arcade, somewhat overpriced, where you can get grub and drinks, and you can get user cards "charged" for lots of videogame play). I think we all had a blast, especially playing "House of Horror" and "House of Horror 2", and we later met up with one of Jeff's friends and her classmate, who were probably not too thrilled watching me stink it up at "Golden Tee 2002".

And Sunday morning Jeff headed out, after we stopped off at Watercourse for breakfast.

And that about catches you all up.

Somehow, in reading all that, it didn't sound that busy or exciting, but I think it was a pretty enjoyable time.

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