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Thursday, July 11, 2002

Kind of a "do nothing" couple of days

Oh, sure, I went to clinic yesterday. Rode my bike out to the comics store to satisfy my fix. Stopped by the little "Happy Hour" get together for a while, then wandered over to Mustard's Last Stand for dinner (got pelted with hail and rain the whole way there and back, interestingly).

And when I got home, it really hit me that I wasn't feeling well. Probably not in a "bad food" way, but in a "I got mild sunstroke yesterday" kind of way. So I was feeling sore and exhausted (no sunburn, amazingly, despite walking around in the full heat of a mid-90's sun, probably because I avoided too much sun exposure and took a cool shower as soon as I got home), and pretty lethargic. And that's carried over to today, sadly. Luckily, I have nothing big tying me down, as I haven't even wandered over to school yet.

The weekend should be fun, though, as my brother will be here. So there'll probably be music-shopping, good food, maybe an indie movie or two, and disc golf.

Oh, and I can't get a certain "Monty Python" skit out of my head today (the "rat tart" one, if you know what I'm talking about). It's probably good I'm not at school, as I just keep chuckling to myself every so often, like a complete and utter loon.

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