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Wednesday, July 03, 2002

I've become a stats watcher

Really. SiteMeter has become my ally, and I find myself checking to see how many folks have visited, what the referral logs say (thankfully, the hordes looking for "photos of Sikh women urinating" seem to have diminished), and what kind of comments have been left behind.

Check that. I'm making myself sound more obsessed than I am, which isn't really the case. Yes, I do check SiteMeter to see who and how many have visited, but (mostly) it's been because I've been trying to push myself to make my entries more interesting, more personal, more me. I got so busy with school and life there for a bit that the posts were really starting to suffer from blah, and looking at some of my older posts was kind of an eye-opener.

So I've been using various forms of feedback to see if the content has gotten any more... interesting of late. So when Blogger isn't working right, or the "comments" system (which was acting funky last night) is off, it's disconcerting.

Now then... After all that build-up, I'm afraid this is going to be a bit of a disappointment, since I don't have much to report. I'm still not sure what (if anything) I'm doing for July 4th, the dates for my visit to Salt Lake, or that sort of thing. And I had a pretty boring evening, really, reading comics (albeit good comics, but still...), half-heartedly watching a "Scrubs" repeat, and watching the first episode of "The Wire" (which I enjoyed, largely thanks to good performances. I'm hoping that first episode was mostly set-up for what will follow, though).

I did make plans to go to the LoDo Music Festival on Friday, mostly just to hang out and see Neko Case (They Might Be Giants are also playing, although I'm not sure just when or if I can stick around, since I have to work again this weekend), and also managed to chat a while with the girl (if the workers ever come to re-do my bathroom, I'll probably be staying over at her place for a few days), mostly about what we've been doing and how much we've missed each other, that sort of thing.

And I went to bed. Exciting, I know.

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