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Monday, July 08, 2002

I need new friends

Oh, I'm not talking about the folks I know in scattered places, who are (largely) communicative, kind, and stay in touch admirably despite the distance (there are a few people living far away who are pretty flaky, too, but I can't really begrudge them that entirely, since I have this tendency to fall out of e-touch). I'm talking about the folks living here. Close by. Who don't return phone calls, blow me off, stuff like that.

Y'know, I could understand if they were really busy people (a few are). But most of them are not. They're flakes. And it gets old, calling and not even getting the courtesy "flake off". Bah.

In other news, I found another typo on this here page (which nobody called to my attention) and fixed it, because those kinds of things drive me nuts.

And I did more talking on the phone last night, had bad microwave pizza (supposedly healthy, which meant there was very little sauce or taste in this case. And why do companies think vegetarian pizza means it has to have onions? Or worse, if you're gonna say something is vegetarian and list the toppings on the front of the box, why do you neglect to mention that onions are among the toppings?), and watched the thought-provoking Decalogue, Part 1. I'm still mulling that over and anticipating watching more parts before I really discuss more about it.

Oh, and I've gotta go finish up the neuropsych testing in a little while. So I'll be back and (hopefully) less testy later.

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