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Thursday, July 04, 2002

I have to apologize for the confusion

At first I couldn't understand why Weenie thought I was going to be in SLC today, and then I re-read one of my posts and saw where something I wrote could have been taken that way. No, folks, I'm still here in Denver, and chances are I won't be visiting until the end of July. And no, I still don't have more than nebulous plans for the day (although the weekend is shaping up, with RA work, LoDo Music Festival, and Cherry Creek Arts Festival to occupy some of my time).

Yesterday was again uneventful, as I entered yet more data, sat through neuropsych clinic, and then rode out to the comics store to find very little worth buying. So I just came home and ate cheap take-out (having stopped off for Taco Bell on the way back), stopped at the liquor store (and I've never figured out why liquor stores are closed on holidays like the 4th. I guess Big Brother figures fireworks and alcomohol don't mix), and wathced more taped episodes of "The Wire", talked to my brother and the girl via phone for a bit, and that was that.

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