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Tuesday, July 09, 2002

I almost forgot

While I was waiting for the bus (heading down to the mall to catch that movie), I was busy reading some more of 9-11. I was standing outside the bus shelter, exposed to the sun, but felt like it was better than being in the shelter with the heavy-set woman who was sucking down her cigarette like there was no tomorrow (and why is it that smokers seem to think it's okay for them to smoke in places like a bus shelter, which are clearly marked "no smoking", heedless of folks like me who get sick from inhaling their second-hand fumes? It's like they're self-destructive, so they figure they need to drag everybody else down, too). I did my best not to glare at her for her lack of consideration, but then, out of the blue, she felt she needed to ask me, "Whatchoo readin' that for? It ain't gonna do no good? They should just blow them all up"! I looked up for a minute, narrowed my already squinted eyes, gave her my crustiest glare, and went back to reading.

I'm gonna disregard my lack of engagement with other people at bus stops, which is a subject for another day (issues of personal space, strangers, etc.), since the point I'm trying to relate is about reading this book.

Once I bought my ticket, I sat down in the cool theater, intending to read a bit more, when the couple in front of me spied the book, feeling like they needed to say something about it. "Oh, I'm so sick of hearing about that", said he. "I agree", said she. "It's like we're reliving it over and over. Why can't we just accept that it's a horrible tragedy and move on" (or something to that affect). I think I snorted right about then and kept reading.

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