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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

I know I'm apologizing a lot lately, but...

I've been busy. Busy, busy. And will continue to be busy.

So just be patient, okay?

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Monday, July 22, 2002

Random shtuff (typo intentional)

Number 1
It's the girl's birthday tomorrow and we don't really have any special plans, other than a nice dinner. I've already given her a couple things early (both because she spotted them lying around my apartment and because she was feeling a little low about coming back here after her long break from school) and have to pick up a couple more tomorrow (they're on order).

Number 2
It looks like my trip to Salt Lake will be delayed until the middle of next month. Mostly, it's that I have several reports to work on, a couple feedback letters to write, and some work on a co-authored paper, and I need to be here to do all that. Besides, it probably wouldn't have made sense just to come for two days, when I probably wouldn't have gotten to see everyone. I promise, I'll plan for about a week in the middle of the month, and try to have a relaxed trip.

Number 3
What is it with hair plucking? Really. I've noticed that several women I've dated have had this tendency to pluck hair (both mine and theirs). In the latest example, the girl takes it upon herself to pluck ingrown facial hair after I shave. And I swear I never had ingrown facial hair before she started plucking. Makes no sense, really...

Number 4
Why, oh why do I have to go back and re-publish my archives every few days? Can somebody please explain...?

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A big ol' long-distance birthday hug

It's Weenie's birthday. Go over and send her love, will you?

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Ugh, redux!

So I rolled out of bed a little after 1 today. "Why", you ask? "Well", I reply, "I had dry heaves and what felt like the beginnings of a migraine last night. And I tried to sleep them off in the night but was still drained this morning".

It was sweet of the girl to stay and baby sit me last night, even though I think she was rather disappointed, since she wanted to go back to her apartment and watch a couple more "Decalogue" parts. But it just hit me as we were about to leave (that pounding in my head, the sweats, the overall nausea) and I knew I was stuck, even though I had all my stuff ready to go.

I'm not really sure what set it off. I had mowed the lawn earlier, which may have been a catalyst (it looked cloudy, which was why I started, but then the sun came back out, and being the hard-headed person I am, I finished, anyway), since it was hot and dusty. But I thought I had bathed the heat and grime away.

Thnking back, I should have known it was coming when we went to shoot pool and I started feeling sore and grouchy. I'd love it if I could find someplace to play pool where it doesn't smell like a chimney from cigarette smoke.

But whatever the precipitant, I was sick last night and a little bit this morning. And I'm still a bit woozy.

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Sunday, July 21, 2002


I really am sorry I haven't posted until now... I've just been keeping busy with school stuff (more Twins testing) and spending time with the returned girl, so I just haven't been around much. We did manage to squeeze "Decalogue" 3 and 4 last night. But mostly, I've just been exhausted. And I'm finally gonna mow the lawn tonight. It sounds thrilling, no?

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Friday, July 19, 2002

What is it with people?

So the girl and I decided to go see the re-release of "2001: A Space Odyssey" last night (it was the last night of the showing, and I won't go into it too much, as it might make me look geekier than I already seem, except to say that the movie has to be seen on the screen to truly appreciate it. And while it may be somewhat dated, a lot of it still stands up remarkably well. Oh, and she hadn't seen it before, but she really loved it, almost as much as I did).

The sad thing is that here's this really amazing movie, and the older couple in front of us proceeded to talk through the first 20 minutes of the movie. Admittedly, there was no dialogue (except for a lot of grunting and some beautiful classical music), and they were talking quietly, but still... We couldn't take it anymore, and after several shushes, told them to stop talking.

And, remarkably, the woman had the gall to be offended (of course, both of us were strong-willed enough that she wasn't getting away with that crap, and let her know how annoying she was being, "quiet" talking or otherwise).

But I just don't get it. Are people really so inconsiderate or clueless that they just think it's okay to yap away?

It's one thing to be in "The Powerpuff Girls" movie and have little kids chat away (it's a kids film, and it's kind of cute to hear them talking), but this kind of film...?

Bunch of savages in this town...

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Thursday, July 18, 2002

Yeah, I am a little sick of the heat, already

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaad... I thought my apartment was bad, until I spent lots of time at her place. But I can safely say now that my place is positively chilly, compared to that burning pit (nice as it is).

With that in mind, I've had no energy, really. The heat just saps any energy I have. The sad part is I have to work tomorrow and this weekend, and I'm almost looking forward to it (since I'll be in an air-conditioned building).

Had a nice lunch today, by the way. And a ton of movies have opened or are opening, many of which I want to see. Oh, and I'm still working out plans to visit Salt Lake.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Nothing much to say, really

Sorry no update until now, but the girl came in late last night and I've been spending time, catching up with her, then had clinic.

Plus, I didn't really have much to say. And I was feeling a bit self-conscious about the declining number of visitors (fixed yet another typo. Thanks, Toni!) and responses to my posts. So I'm just kind of thinking that over.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Yes, I'm getting a late start again

I actually woke up at a normal hour (8 am), after an odd night's sleep, but I felt really achy and nauseous. So I've been trying to push past that and get moving, so far unsuccessfully.

Last night was spent getting passable Mexican food with John, which turned into a mistake, I'm afraid. Seems dinner also included two beers and a tequila shot, which was followed up by "Golden Tee 2003" and another beer. And I fear that the food and the alcohol were a bit much for me.

So on top of a bit of nausea, the alcohol had me feeling very warm last night (not a good {fixed the typo} thing when the nighttime temperature is already too warm for comfortable sleeping). After trying to read for a bit, I did fall asleep, only to be awakened about an hour later by a phone call from the girl, giving me her updated flight information and recounting some of her adventures in Chicago. It took me probably an hour or so to get back to sleep after, with pretty restless (tossing and turning) dozing.

And that's how I wound up in this state. Today shouldn't be too bad, as I need to set up a few assessment visits, transcribe an audiotape recording of the projective testing I did with a kiddo last week so I can present in clinic tomorrow (and I can't help but think of Haiku Tunnel now whenever I have to transcribe something now), and then try to pick up her car so I can go get the girl at DIA tonight.

What I'd really like (of course) is to take some antacid, find a nice, dark, air-conditioned bed, and go back to sleep for a while. *sigh*

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Monday, July 15, 2002

Oh, and just briefly

A "bad" part of having to pick the girl up tomorrow is that I'll "miss out" on a screening of K-19: The Widowmaker. I note this simply because I start laughing loudly every time a preview comes on and I hear Harrison Ford's hilariously awful Russian accent.

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Oh, and about the visit

It was nice and laidback. There were folks we didn't get to see (notably John, who was busy seeing the overpriced LoDo Music Festival Friday night {sorry, but $25 to see short sets by Neko Case and They Might Be Giants just doesn't appeal} and some of his friends who were in town this weekend), but I think both Jeff and I needed a chill weekend.

So Friday we spent driving around to comics stores and music stores (we turned back at Twist and Shout once we realized there was an in-store performance by the wretched Leftover Salmon, not wanting to hear their warbling or see their dopey fans), stopped by and got some good vegetarian grub (he finally got to try out the tempeh chorizo tacos I was raving about), drank some Newcastle, and then watched Sunshine State, the excellent new film by John Sayles (and I could go on and on here about how it's a perfect film for our times, with its stories of folks being trampled by big business, but I'll refrain and just say that it's two and a half hours very well-spent). Once we got back, I think we were both so tired that we just collapsed.

Saturday we both rose early, to head out for disc golf, Sadly, the big course here in Denver was filled for a tournament (that'll teach me not to check the website), so we headed up to Boulder to try to find the Tantra Park course, which John and I had previously tried but not enjoyed. I wasn't really sure where we were going, but we found it rather easily (much easier than John and I had, which may have contributed to the different experiences). There was nobody around, other than some joggers and dogwalkers, and we ended up having a blast.

Then it was off to a Boulder diner (Dot's, which I highly recommend, for its cheap prices, pretty good veggie selection, and overall good quality) where we got stuffed, a brief stop at WaxTrax (where Jeff found me a cheap copy of the new Apples in Stereo) and a Boulder comics store, and back here.

After a warm afternoon, we went over to Alexander's for dinner, meeting up with my friends Jonathan and Kristen, and then headed over to Dave & Buster's (for those of you without one of those, it's basically a big video arcade, somewhat overpriced, where you can get grub and drinks, and you can get user cards "charged" for lots of videogame play). I think we all had a blast, especially playing "House of Horror" and "House of Horror 2", and we later met up with one of Jeff's friends and her classmate, who were probably not too thrilled watching me stink it up at "Golden Tee 2002".

And Sunday morning Jeff headed out, after we stopped off at Watercourse for breakfast.

And that about catches you all up.

Somehow, in reading all that, it didn't sound that busy or exciting, but I think it was a pretty enjoyable time.

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Yes, I am being a lazy schmuck

I think it's the hot weather, but I just don't really feel like moving right now. I finished up breakfast a while ago (my holy trio of fluids {water, coffee, and orange juice}, with a huge leftover buckwheat pancake from breakfast yesterday and applesauce) and have just been kind of putzing about a bit.

It's kind of a carryover from yesterday, after my brother left, when I only ventured out of the house twice (once to go to school to drop some stuff off and the other time to pick up my prescription at Walgreen's, 4 or 5 blocks away). Needless to say, I didn't mow last night.

Instead, I sat inside, in the direct line of my blessed box fan, drinking refrigerated water and reading comics for a while, then catching up on taped episodes of HBO's The Wire (and if you haven't watched it, I'd urge you to find someone with taped episodes, as I think it's one of the best crime dramas I've seen. Really, besides catching up on episodes of Scrubs, it's one of my TV pleasures), talked on the phone some more (I'm starting to feel like I talk more on the phone than in person) and found out the girl is coming back tomorrow (which is good, since otherwise afternoon/evening would have been too hectic). Oh, and I washed some laundry.

Yeah, kind of a lazy day, but I wasn't really feeling up for much else.

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Sunday, July 14, 2002

For my worrywart friends...

Yes, my brother got home safely.

And the girl will be back tomorrow.

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So my brother's on his way back to Utah...

I'll recap the weekend events later, but (for now) am just content to stay inside, with a fan blowing on me. I thought about trying to mow the lawn (it needs it) tonight, when the sun goes down a bit and if it ever cools off, but we'll see. I was out earlier, just walking over to Walgreen's to pick up a prescription, and it was ridiculously hot, to the point where it's oppressive. I just have to wonder how folks live in places where it's over 100 degrees all summer. They're better people than I am, I suspect.

Oh, and I found some curious trivia today... Seems that on my birthday (February 2nd), in various years, Brent Spiner ("Data" from the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" was born), which is pretty scary when you consider some of the joking we've done in the past, comparing my twin and me to Lore and Data.

(And O.J. married Nicole on February 2nd, 1985. But that's a little more scary and sad, and I'd rather Groundhog Day be remembered for other reasons).

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Saturday, July 13, 2002

In case you're wondering...

Yeah, my evil twin got here. Just hanging out and getting out of the house. So I'll report back later this weekend.

Have fun, y'all.

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Friday, July 12, 2002

I don't know whether it's my mood...

Or the stuff I'm reading, or what, but this has me pretty suspicious, I have to admit. But I'm just going to keep my big yap shut for the time being and see how it all unfolds.

In other news, my brother called early this morning to inform me that he's on his way here. So that's good news, and I'm looking forward to visiting and getting around town. I'm still not really sure of grand plans for the weekend, but it'll be a relief to get out and just do stuff, y'know?

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Thursday, July 11, 2002

And what I didn't say about yesterday is...

I found a cheap copy of James Loewen's Lies My Teacher Told Me, a very thought-provoking book about how inaccurate and biased high school American history books are. I sat on the bus leafing through it, clucking my tongue every so often.

If you haven't seen the book, I highly recommend it (not to be a salesman or anything), mostly because I think it's important to realize just how clueless we can be, not out of stupidity, but because we're not taught the truth, and not taught to think about what's been left out. There's a great quote that Loewen cites (by Richard Nixon, of all people): "When information which properly belongs to the public is sytematically withheld by those in power, the people soon become ignorant of their own affairs, distrustful of those who manage them, and - eventually - incapable of determining their own destinies."

Between that book and "9-11", I've been in this interesting intellectual place, kind of questioning what I really know and what I think I know. It's an odd place to be in, but kind of a good one, too.

As a future "scientist" (if you're one of those who considers psychology a science), we're taught to think about different mental processes and test our hypotheses, always bearing in mind alternative explanations. Some of us don't do as well in thinking about other explanations, becoming blinded by our supposed learning and cleverness. And, a lot of times, we get blinded by what we think we know about other people and our world.

I could go on about a million other points from there, but I think that's the most amazing thing to ponder about in all this thinking I've been doing. It kind of relates to a point Matt made. And it's kind of funny how these things just strike you.

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Kind of a "do nothing" couple of days

Oh, sure, I went to clinic yesterday. Rode my bike out to the comics store to satisfy my fix. Stopped by the little "Happy Hour" get together for a while, then wandered over to Mustard's Last Stand for dinner (got pelted with hail and rain the whole way there and back, interestingly).

And when I got home, it really hit me that I wasn't feeling well. Probably not in a "bad food" way, but in a "I got mild sunstroke yesterday" kind of way. So I was feeling sore and exhausted (no sunburn, amazingly, despite walking around in the full heat of a mid-90's sun, probably because I avoided too much sun exposure and took a cool shower as soon as I got home), and pretty lethargic. And that's carried over to today, sadly. Luckily, I have nothing big tying me down, as I haven't even wandered over to school yet.

The weekend should be fun, though, as my brother will be here. So there'll probably be music-shopping, good food, maybe an indie movie or two, and disc golf.

Oh, and I can't get a certain "Monty Python" skit out of my head today (the "rat tart" one, if you know what I'm talking about). It's probably good I'm not at school, as I just keep chuckling to myself every so often, like a complete and utter loon.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

One of those odd days

You know, the ones that really just make you think?

Yesterday didn't start off that way, really. I went in to discuss my assessment case with my clinical supervisor (and it was nice that she asked me a question about an interview she had done with a different case, which makes me think my clinical opinion is somewhat validated, at least), and I had sort of tenuous plans to go see live jazz at night (turns out that after a week of not hearning from him, John finally called me the night before, and he was supposed to call me from work to let me know what was up).

But after I finished up that little bit of work at school, I got really restless and made a couple phone calls, then just started walking around town in the high heat. I actually found a pretty cool coffee shop I hadn't been to before, and then wandered down Broadway (Denver Broadway; I wasn't hallucinating), checking out some shops along the way before stopping at Taco Bell (and I'm ashamed to note here that I think I may have reached saturation point where no matter how well-constructed, the food there doesn't taste good to me anymore).

And John didn't call from work, but did call after he got off, when I was elsewhere (figuring he'd blown me off again). So I'm sure he's annoyed.

And I caught most of the baseball All-Star game, which was notable only insofar as they had one of those tribute moments at the start, with the "30 Greatest Moments in Baseball History", narrated by a dazed-looking Ray Liotta (with little enthusiasm), complete with awkward and outright cornball recreation scenes that were flat-out embarrassing. Really. Who comes up with that kind of "entertainment" and who do they think likes it?

All of this is more or less just tangential, though. The odd part of the day is that I ended up talking to one of our neighbors for a long while. She lives in the house behind ours, and I've interacted with her maybe 2 or 3 times. But the context for that was that her husband died Monday afternoon. Just went out to the garage to start his car to go to the store, had a heart attack, and died. One of my roomies and I saw the police out there and didn't know what was going on.

And here's this guy, who's been living close by to us. We've been in the neighborhood for about 15 months now. And we never really got to know him or his wife. And then something like this happens, and it really makes you think about how we interact (or don't) with other people. So said roomie and I stopped by last night to check on her and see how she's doing, introduce ourselves, let her know that we'd be happy to help out if we can.

It's just really sobering.

(Oh, and by the way... I wasn't too knocked out by Decalogue: 2)

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Tuesday, July 09, 2002

I almost forgot

While I was waiting for the bus (heading down to the mall to catch that movie), I was busy reading some more of 9-11. I was standing outside the bus shelter, exposed to the sun, but felt like it was better than being in the shelter with the heavy-set woman who was sucking down her cigarette like there was no tomorrow (and why is it that smokers seem to think it's okay for them to smoke in places like a bus shelter, which are clearly marked "no smoking", heedless of folks like me who get sick from inhaling their second-hand fumes? It's like they're self-destructive, so they figure they need to drag everybody else down, too). I did my best not to glare at her for her lack of consideration, but then, out of the blue, she felt she needed to ask me, "Whatchoo readin' that for? It ain't gonna do no good? They should just blow them all up"! I looked up for a minute, narrowed my already squinted eyes, gave her my crustiest glare, and went back to reading.

I'm gonna disregard my lack of engagement with other people at bus stops, which is a subject for another day (issues of personal space, strangers, etc.), since the point I'm trying to relate is about reading this book.

Once I bought my ticket, I sat down in the cool theater, intending to read a bit more, when the couple in front of me spied the book, feeling like they needed to say something about it. "Oh, I'm so sick of hearing about that", said he. "I agree", said she. "It's like we're reliving it over and over. Why can't we just accept that it's a horrible tragedy and move on" (or something to that affect). I think I snorted right about then and kept reading.

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Oh, and by the way

I did like the "Powerpuff Girls" movie. Call me crazy, but I thought it was kind of sweet and fun. Sure, it went on a bit too long at times, but it made up for that with lots of monkeys. And how can you go wrong with monkeys?

But, somehow, those two clowns, Ebert and Roeper, gave it "thumb's down", while giving a "thumb's up" to that awful-looking "Crocodile Hunter" movie. Oooooooookay.

(And, by the way, the "Dexter's Laboratory" short is almost worth the price of admission by itself.)

I really didn't do much else the rest of the night, other than riding over to Taco Bell on my bike (and you'll be happy to note that they not only put plenty of hot sauce on my food, but also provided an ample supply of extra hot sauce packets just in case) and falling asleep trying to watch "Decalogue", Part 2. It was unreal how tired I was, and I think I was asleep by 11.

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Hey, it's juvenile but it made me laugh

What can I say? Look for yourself here.

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Monday, July 08, 2002


I'm bored, I'm restless, and I wanna get out of the house, so I'm going to see this. Really. I'll report back when I return.

Meanwhile, discuss amongst yourselves. The topic is whether restaurants can possibly provide enough sauce (inspired by this post by Dylan).

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I need new friends

Oh, I'm not talking about the folks I know in scattered places, who are (largely) communicative, kind, and stay in touch admirably despite the distance (there are a few people living far away who are pretty flaky, too, but I can't really begrudge them that entirely, since I have this tendency to fall out of e-touch). I'm talking about the folks living here. Close by. Who don't return phone calls, blow me off, stuff like that.

Y'know, I could understand if they were really busy people (a few are). But most of them are not. They're flakes. And it gets old, calling and not even getting the courtesy "flake off". Bah.

In other news, I found another typo on this here page (which nobody called to my attention) and fixed it, because those kinds of things drive me nuts.

And I did more talking on the phone last night, had bad microwave pizza (supposedly healthy, which meant there was very little sauce or taste in this case. And why do companies think vegetarian pizza means it has to have onions? Or worse, if you're gonna say something is vegetarian and list the toppings on the front of the box, why do you neglect to mention that onions are among the toppings?), and watched the thought-provoking Decalogue, Part 1. I'm still mulling that over and anticipating watching more parts before I really discuss more about it.

Oh, and I've gotta go finish up the neuropsych testing in a little while. So I'll be back and (hopefully) less testy later.

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Sunday, July 07, 2002

Slow-moving this morning

Like a herd of elephants with no compunction to go anywhere in a hurry.

Seriously. I'm just putzing, taking my sweet time eating my Pop-Tart breakfast, downing my coffee, checking my e-mail, and other rot.

It's not like today will be bad, just kind of tedious for a while (sort of like yesterday). But it's the getting up early, when I really don't want to, that's so tough.


Last night was really relaxed again, by the way. I finished off some more beers and watched a couple videos I'd been meaning to see for a while, with "L'Enfer" last (and it was disturbing and fairly well-acted, but I'm having a hard time seeing why it was so lauded) and "The Double Life of Veronique" first (a film I hadn't enjoyed when I tried to see it in a theater, mostly because I wasn't patient enough to wait for it to get good, I suspect. This time around, I was delighted by it, though).

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Saturday, July 06, 2002


Ugh, ugh, ugh.

Have I expressed to you how much I hate getting up early on my weekends? Well, I do, and here I am showered, dressed, having eaten, finishing off the last of my morning coffee before heading over to school to play case manager for data collection.


Yesterday was pretty much nondescript, since I came in to make up folders for the cases this weekend (and spent forever looking for supplies, since somebody moved everything and didn't bother to tell anyone), then went downtown to pick up more comics, visited the Cherry Creek Arts Festival (which was basically just hot and miserable, being mostly shi-shi crafty stuff, with awful jazz-fusion playing on the performing arts stage), and talked on the phone some more. Really, it wasn't very exciting.

And I passed out again watching "The Others". I have a feeling this is becoming a routine.

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Friday, July 05, 2002

By the way, I would have posted all that hours earlier...

But Blogger was undergoing maintenance all day.

I won't bitch. I won't.

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So did everybody have a nice July 4th?

Mine wasn't actually too bad. I spent a large part of the day on the phone, either calling folks or talking to them. It was kind of nice to connect that way, and it made the day feel a little more relaxed. In most other ways, it was pretty slack, as I went to school and downloaded the trailer for "The Two Towers" (I did it to avoid having to go see "Men in Black 2" just for that preview. And I have to say that I was excited again {not that I wasn't before} for "Towers", but a little grumpy that the trailer gives away something in the film which folks who haven't read the books wouldn't guess), grabbed some grillables, and read more comics.

The evening was spent hanging out with some of the other grad students, which was actually nice for a change (even if we never got the barbecue going, since there were a ton of dogs there and we were afraid they'd knock the grill over. Plus, we didn't really even seem to need the food). Mostly, we were watching TV, first with "Iron Chef" (which I get to watch so rarely, but managed to convince the others that it had to stay on), and then the televised events from NYC, which was perversely interesting (probably because I was drinking beer). I was pretty delighted that Rob Lowe looked like he'd had about 8 too many cocktails before he went on the air, and simultaneously annoyed by Enrique Iglesias (who certainly seems to be the reincarnation of Ricky Martin, judging by the overproduced music).

Walking home, I spied any number of fireworks displays around the valley (and the air was clear enough that I could see miles in any direction, which is one of the nice things about Colorado), finished off the last of my Pete's Wicked Ales (after I got home, not as I walked), and fell asleep trying to watch "The Others".

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Thursday, July 04, 2002

God, is my face red...

The LoDo Music Festival is next weekend.

And the liquor stores are open today.

Excuse me while I go hide my face in shame.

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I have to apologize for the confusion

At first I couldn't understand why Weenie thought I was going to be in SLC today, and then I re-read one of my posts and saw where something I wrote could have been taken that way. No, folks, I'm still here in Denver, and chances are I won't be visiting until the end of July. And no, I still don't have more than nebulous plans for the day (although the weekend is shaping up, with RA work, LoDo Music Festival, and Cherry Creek Arts Festival to occupy some of my time).

Yesterday was again uneventful, as I entered yet more data, sat through neuropsych clinic, and then rode out to the comics store to find very little worth buying. So I just came home and ate cheap take-out (having stopped off for Taco Bell on the way back), stopped at the liquor store (and I've never figured out why liquor stores are closed on holidays like the 4th. I guess Big Brother figures fireworks and alcomohol don't mix), and wathced more taped episodes of "The Wire", talked to my brother and the girl via phone for a bit, and that was that.

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Wednesday, July 03, 2002

I've become a stats watcher

Really. SiteMeter has become my ally, and I find myself checking to see how many folks have visited, what the referral logs say (thankfully, the hordes looking for "photos of Sikh women urinating" seem to have diminished), and what kind of comments have been left behind.

Check that. I'm making myself sound more obsessed than I am, which isn't really the case. Yes, I do check SiteMeter to see who and how many have visited, but (mostly) it's been because I've been trying to push myself to make my entries more interesting, more personal, more me. I got so busy with school and life there for a bit that the posts were really starting to suffer from blah, and looking at some of my older posts was kind of an eye-opener.

So I've been using various forms of feedback to see if the content has gotten any more... interesting of late. So when Blogger isn't working right, or the "comments" system (which was acting funky last night) is off, it's disconcerting.

Now then... After all that build-up, I'm afraid this is going to be a bit of a disappointment, since I don't have much to report. I'm still not sure what (if anything) I'm doing for July 4th, the dates for my visit to Salt Lake, or that sort of thing. And I had a pretty boring evening, really, reading comics (albeit good comics, but still...), half-heartedly watching a "Scrubs" repeat, and watching the first episode of "The Wire" (which I enjoyed, largely thanks to good performances. I'm hoping that first episode was mostly set-up for what will follow, though).

I did make plans to go to the LoDo Music Festival on Friday, mostly just to hang out and see Neko Case (They Might Be Giants are also playing, although I'm not sure just when or if I can stick around, since I have to work again this weekend), and also managed to chat a while with the girl (if the workers ever come to re-do my bathroom, I'll probably be staying over at her place for a few days), mostly about what we've been doing and how much we've missed each other, that sort of thing.

And I went to bed. Exciting, I know.

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Tuesday, July 02, 2002

So that happened

No sooner was I all spiffied up and ready than I got a call letting me know that my assessment case cancelled for this morning. Nothing like getting up early and scrambling, just to find out it was all absolutely unnecessary.

So, instead, I've been running around doing very little (stopping by the used bookstore, trading in some used cds, that kind of thing) and trying to stay out of the sun (unsuccessfully, I might add).

Oh, and I'm still not sure about my July 4th plans yet.

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Oh, and in amusing (and unamusing) local news

Our watering restrictions started today (every third day, day depending on your street address), so I'll have to let my roomies know, since they started watering this morning (which is not our watering day).

And the Mexican place I ripped on the other day (Chez Jose)...? It won the editorial award for "Best Burrito" from CitySearch. Uh huh. No lie. I think that illustrates why I tend to disbelieve ratings like those (and what the hell were they thinking...?)...

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Another one of those lame, short and hurried posts

I've gotta start getting ready to do another neuropsych assessment session, which means I have to down my coffee, shave, shower, dress, brush my teeth, and grab all my testing materials. It's always fun being in a hurry, but (somehow) it always turns out this way.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. I tried to help the girl out with some long distance errands (and had her keep me up until 2 telling me how wonderful her trip has been while I've been stuck here in warm Denver), and got the other stuff I mentioned below done, and even went to Alexander's (and proceeded to get stuffed on a humongous spinach and bean burrito). But that was about it, quite honestly. I'm trying to figure out my holiday plans, as well as some plans to visit SLC, but nothing's settled yet.

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Monday, July 01, 2002

And, to stir another hornet's nest...

In answer to Dylan, no, I am not a believer in astrology. The only real value (for me) in posting the astrological forecasts is filler, when I'm feeling pretty uncreative.

Yeah, it is a little off-putting when the forecasts are eerily accurate, but that happens so very rarely that chance alone would seem to support being right once in a while.

(And, by the way, I'm not always a skeptic. I realize there is plenty science can't explain. The most "enlightened" opinion seems to be walking that fine line between open-minded acceptance and hardened rationalism, I suspect, although that's easier said than done)

Oh, and I'm looking forward to that "Powerpuff Girls" cartoon. I must be nuts.

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So you're probably wondering why I ain't sayin' much

So when I went to post this morning, there was some trouble. Stupid Blogger. And I couldn't even respond to comments, which was rather embarrassing and irritating. But I guess I shouldn't complain. I guess...

Instead, I was off being overly diligent for my RA job, making sure stuff is in place for testing this weekend. Then I mailed off a package, got my hair cut (it was much overdue, and the shorter hair is definitely cooler, temperature-wise). Oh, and the girl and I kept playing phone tag, which still hasn't been resolved.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, by the way. I just went to a different comics store downtown and picked up stuff, then went over to the Cherry Creek area and hung out. I tried a different Mexican restaurant, which was the complete opposite of my Illegal Pete's experience (bad burrito, with too much bland rice and gooey cheese, black beans, and the worst salsa I may have ever tasted, with a supposedly "hottest" chipotle sauce that was all sweetness and a "hot" tomatillo sauce that tasted of vinegar), at Chez Jose. And I wound up roasting in a bus shelter, waiting for a bus that never came (it was okay, since I was going to ride over to waste more time at Twist & Shout, which I really didn't need to be doing), then came home and just basked under the fan, reading comics and watching TV. It wasn't much of a day, really. But considering how hot it was outside and the fact that I had seen 7 movies in 8 days, it's about all I was up for.

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