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Sunday, June 30, 2002


So about yesterday... It turned out to be a lot more eventful than I really thought it would be, honestly. I was really slow in getting started, partly because it was so hot outside, and I spotted a couple yard sales as I was walking to the bus stop, stupidly running home to call one of my friends to let her know that one of the sales had decent-looking furniture, since I knew she had need for stuff (this is the same friend who never calls me back, by the way).

After that, I was off on the bus, and then to LoDo via light-rail (and I prefer taking light-rail, even though it costs me, since it's air-conditioned, runs more frequently, and has fewer stops) checking it at a few places along 16th Street Mall, then over to Illegal Pete's for a fat burrito (and I've gotta say that of the burrito places around here, like Chipotle and Q-doba, Illegal Pete's is tons better. And not just because they're locally owned. For one thing, they actually mix up the ingredients after ladling them on to your tortilla, so you don't get an "all rice" bite. For another, there rice is good, not just some crappy lime rice. And the other ingredients taste good and fresh, too, including their killer hot hot sauce). After that, I stopped in at a cool postmodern Russian art gallery (with a print by someone whose name I don't know of Lenin hailing a cab, with a McDonald's clearly seen in the background. The irony amused me), then grabbed some more iced caffeine and sat down to read a bit of "9-11" (a bunch of edited comments by Noam Chomsky on the World Trade Center tragedy. He's full of himself, but I really recommend anybody read it and then reflect on what's happened since).

After downing a ton of water, I was on the light rail again, to the Broadway area, so I could pick up my ticket for "CQ". I had some time to waste, so I washed off some sweat in the theater restroom (and I was fairly soaked with sweat from walking around), then stopped in to some places along the street, finding a paperback copy of Roger Zelazny's "The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth" (which was a favorite of mine in high school) and checking out some cool retro furniture places. I also grabbed a Guinness and some ice water and read a little more before heading back to the theater.

And I have to say I liked the film. There were some young filmmaker stupidities, but the performances were all good (especially Elodie Bouchez, Jeff) and the bits with the "Dragonfly" film were amusingly campy. I think, mostly, it was refreshingly different from a lot of stuff I've seen recently.

Then I took the bus back, grabbed a light dinner, and decided to stop by to check out some college film debuts on campus, which were really rough. They asked us to fill out surveys, and I tried to be nice (I really did), but they were all so uniformly awful that I left early.

So then I started drinking beer and watching the last of my taped "Scrubs" episodes, when one of my classmates called me to invite me to see The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, so (being fairly restless) I went. And I was again pleased, with some very nice performances and a fairly engaging story (it ends kind of stupidly, with a predictable twist, but I could forgive it for being accomplished in other areas).

After that, I tried to read a for a bit, but quickly fell fast asleep.

And now I'm awake again, plotting out more running around. I haven't decided whether I want to try to visit the Sayles retrospective tonight or not (it'll probably depend on whether I can track down anyone else who wants to go), but it should be... interesting.

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