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Sunday, June 30, 2002


So about yesterday... It turned out to be a lot more eventful than I really thought it would be, honestly. I was really slow in getting started, partly because it was so hot outside, and I spotted a couple yard sales as I was walking to the bus stop, stupidly running home to call one of my friends to let her know that one of the sales had decent-looking furniture, since I knew she had need for stuff (this is the same friend who never calls me back, by the way).

After that, I was off on the bus, and then to LoDo via light-rail (and I prefer taking light-rail, even though it costs me, since it's air-conditioned, runs more frequently, and has fewer stops) checking it at a few places along 16th Street Mall, then over to Illegal Pete's for a fat burrito (and I've gotta say that of the burrito places around here, like Chipotle and Q-doba, Illegal Pete's is tons better. And not just because they're locally owned. For one thing, they actually mix up the ingredients after ladling them on to your tortilla, so you don't get an "all rice" bite. For another, there rice is good, not just some crappy lime rice. And the other ingredients taste good and fresh, too, including their killer hot hot sauce). After that, I stopped in at a cool postmodern Russian art gallery (with a print by someone whose name I don't know of Lenin hailing a cab, with a McDonald's clearly seen in the background. The irony amused me), then grabbed some more iced caffeine and sat down to read a bit of "9-11" (a bunch of edited comments by Noam Chomsky on the World Trade Center tragedy. He's full of himself, but I really recommend anybody read it and then reflect on what's happened since).

After downing a ton of water, I was on the light rail again, to the Broadway area, so I could pick up my ticket for "CQ". I had some time to waste, so I washed off some sweat in the theater restroom (and I was fairly soaked with sweat from walking around), then stopped in to some places along the street, finding a paperback copy of Roger Zelazny's "The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth" (which was a favorite of mine in high school) and checking out some cool retro furniture places. I also grabbed a Guinness and some ice water and read a little more before heading back to the theater.

And I have to say I liked the film. There were some young filmmaker stupidities, but the performances were all good (especially Elodie Bouchez, Jeff) and the bits with the "Dragonfly" film were amusingly campy. I think, mostly, it was refreshingly different from a lot of stuff I've seen recently.

Then I took the bus back, grabbed a light dinner, and decided to stop by to check out some college film debuts on campus, which were really rough. They asked us to fill out surveys, and I tried to be nice (I really did), but they were all so uniformly awful that I left early.

So then I started drinking beer and watching the last of my taped "Scrubs" episodes, when one of my classmates called me to invite me to see The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, so (being fairly restless) I went. And I was again pleased, with some very nice performances and a fairly engaging story (it ends kind of stupidly, with a predictable twist, but I could forgive it for being accomplished in other areas).

After that, I tried to read a for a bit, but quickly fell fast asleep.

And now I'm awake again, plotting out more running around. I haven't decided whether I want to try to visit the Sayles retrospective tonight or not (it'll probably depend on whether I can track down anyone else who wants to go), but it should be... interesting.

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Saturday, June 29, 2002

And, briefly...

There is also a retrospective on John Sayles this weekend, at the new indie locale downtown. Sayles himself will be there Sunday night for a screening of "Matewan", but I'm not sure if I'll make it there or not...

And since I can't avoid being a loudmouth at times, let me just say (in response to this fuss about "The Pledge") that people are such babies. The guy who sued about it seems to be one of those humorless people who likes to take offense. But... How asinine is it to worship a flag? How disrespectful of some folks to think that America means we all have to pledge fealty to a piece of cloth and kowtow to the notion of one, Christian deity?

Yeah, it's easy for me to sit here and criticize, having never really had to fight for freedom, but I've never bought into the rhetoric that sees a flag as some holy symbol, and refusal to pledge as a form of disrespect or disloyalty. It's insulting, small-minded, and fanatical.

Well, that's my two cents' worth, anyway...

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So, yeah...

Here I am, awake again, and a bit dopey... I got up this morning to find that the bag o' coffee I bought yesterday hadn't been ground, so I had to stumble over to the coffee shop to get them to grind the beans. Thankfully, they threw in a free latte for the mistake, which managed to open my eyes a bit.

I had planned to see CQ last night at the Mayan, but the periodic rain drops kind of precluded me taking a bus trip. It actually turned out rather okay, though, since a bike ride I had taken earlier in the day left me pretty dehydrated and weary. So I ended up talking to my friend Kurt for a while, drank some Pete's Wicked Ale, and watched "Saving Silverman" (which was okay, largely because of Jack Black and Steve Zahn) and several episodes of "Scrubs" (which had me chuckling out loud at times).

The plan for today is to try to get out and socialize. I have a few calls out to folks, since the girl and John are both gone this weekend. So I'm looking for disc golf buddies at school, and movie companions. We'll see how it all pans out. One way or another, though, I'm gettin' out of this basement today...

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Friday, June 28, 2002

So the good news is...

I pretty much slept through the night (11:30 until about 6:30).

The bad news is that I only thought I had the day off, but I still have a few things I have to do today, sadly. Ugh! And I was looking forward to just vegging, with three episodes of "The Wire" (courtesy of my brother), seven episodes of "Scrubs", and "Saving Silverman". There will still be time for all that, but still...

Oh, and I wasn't sure what to make of the season finale of "Six Feet Under"... It was quite good at times, very disturbing at others, and just... I dunno. I guess we'll see when the series returns next season, but I'm hoping it's a bit more even.

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Thursday, June 27, 2002

And in my never-ending quest to complain every day

Let me just note that I'm doing data double-checking again today. Will the madness never end?

Yesterday I actually goton my bike for the first time in a while, and it felt good to ride, even if it was only out to the comics store (about 5 miles round-trip) and in 90 degree temperatures... But I was happy with that, and the exercise felt good. So there was lots of comics reading last night, rather than the article I should have been reading for the discussion this afternoon. Oops.

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This is why I complain about lack of sleep

I just knew this...

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Wednesday, June 26, 2002

On the run again

My erratic sleep is really starting to bug me... It's not too hot, the bed's not uncomfortable. I'm not sure what it is. But I'm falling asleep early, not sleeping through the night, and waking up ridiculously early, unable to get back to sleep. Ugh!

I'm back on data this morning, which should be awful, but at least it will get done and I'll be finished with it (once we get caught up on the double-checking). But I'd be lying if I said I didn't dread it.

Amusingly, I had the time for my assessment written down wrong yesterday, so I was an hour too early. It was actually good, since I felt a bit sick and had time to get some antacid in me. And the testing went fine.

The afternoon and evening consisted of more reading, one of my roommates and me aerating our sickly-looking lawn (our neighbor had rented an aerator, so he offered us the use of it. And unless you've used one before, you have no idea how hard to control they are, how heavy, and how much work is involved. I wound up with numb arms and scratches everywhere from the stupid thing. Oh, and the rose thorns weren't much help), and the "Scrubs" marathon. I didn't watch all the episodes, but I liked a lot of what I saw, especially when music by Sebadoh and Guided By Voices was playing. I'm a sucker for stuff like that.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2002

I gotta be brief

I start a neuropsych assessment case in about half an hour, and I'm dragging this morning... I had a hard time sleeping for some reason.

Yesterday was again okay... I went to see a matinee showing of "Insomnia", which was an interesting experience. Seems I was told I'd need to check my backpack for some reason, even though I showed them the contents (which included an empty water bottle and some school folders, which I was told were "inappropriate"). But I went into the theater with it, anyway.

As for the movie, there was good and bad... It was fairly well-photographed, the direction was nice, Robin Williams was really good (understated), and it's always good to see Hal Hartley favorite Martin Donovan. But... I can see why there was some concern about the motivation of Pacino's character, but some of the rewriting of the original story just seemed to dumb the film down. For one thing, I liked the murky morality of the character in the original film much better than the heavy-handed Pacino good guy. Plus, the whole "24 hours of daylight" thing was much better portrayed in the original.

Plus, Hilary Swank and Maura Tierney were wasted in underwritten parts. And Stellan Skarsgaard was much better than Pacino. And I hated the neat little ending.

But what do I know?

I cam home after and mostly just read, first comics and then some of Alan Lightman's "The Diagnosis" (I haven't decided if I'm liking it yet or not. The setup is pretty clever, but the actual execution and some of the characterization feels rather clumsy. But we'll see).

With all that stimulation, it's probably no wonder that I had trouble sleeping.

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Monday, June 24, 2002

Just can't get started (again)

It's not really like I have much to do, really, other than going in to talk to my clinical supervisor about the assessment case I start tomorrow and checking in with the project manager about the weekend testing. It really won't take all that long, and my supervisor isn't even available until the afternoon, anyway.

So I've been taking my sweet time, just lying in bed for a while, making my coffee and oatmeal, checking e-mail and websites, and listening to the new GBV again.

Yesterday wasn't actually that bad, by the way. Sure, I was a bit dopey for a while in the morning, but it wore off. And I managed to go get a nice lunch (tempeh tacos) before seeing "The Importance of Being Earnest" (which was okay, largely because of Judy Dench, Colin Firth, and the source material. I found the direction a bit heavy-handed and sloppy, though, and Rupert Everett and Reese Witherspoon both really bothered me). Then I dropped off the car and house keys and came back to read for a bit.

I've really been trying to get out and do stuff while the girl has been gone, by the way. I figure she's off on vacation, so I should have fun, too. It's been a little disconcerting that I haven't been able to really track down folks to hang out with too much (John's been hanging out with this barchick, and I really shouldn't begrudge him that, Jonathan and Kristen have both been sick, and other folks just haven't called me back), but I'm really trying to relax and assert some independence here. We'll see if it works.

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Sunday, June 23, 2002

Oh, and another thing

I think the plantar wart is back. Seriously. I guess it's time to get the sucker frozen off.

And I'm still waking up, after a restless sleep. I already showered and ate, but just can't seem to get moving. It's sad, since I'm case managing today, and I have to go from about 9 until 4. I'm really hoping this coffee kicks in soon.

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Saturday, June 22, 2002

So the house sit ends tomorrow

I'll be sad to be not seeing the pooch. And having a car has been nice.

I got the afternoon off, so I checked out BuskerFest, which seemed pretty disappointing this year (and not just because of the annoying crowds). So after some time with the pooch, I treated myself to a couple movies, "Thirteen Conversations About One Thing" (which was okay, but a tad disjointed) and "Y Tu Mama Tambien" (also just okay, I thought).

At least neither was as disappointing as the preview for the new "Austin Powers" movie...

And there looks to be some good stuff coming out this summer, with Roman Coppola's "CQ" and John Sayles's "Sunshine State" leading the list.

By the way, I decided that alcohol is not my friend, since I've had heartburn all day from last night's trip to the bar. Bad, bad alcohol.

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So yes, I'm working again this weekend

Just finishing up with breakfast as I type. It may be a short day, as one family never called to confirm, so I may have the afternoon off. If so, I may head to LoDo to check out BuskerFest (with a bunch of street performers taking to the sidewalks and streets), assuming the rain has stopped.

Last night was interesting, as I blew off an invite to go to dinner with some other grad students and ate a pretty lousy Senor Burrito meal (don't know why it was bad this time), drank some Newcastle and a Car bomb with John, and then ran through the rain to get to the theater before "Minority Report" started.

(By the way, I was pretty disappointed that the "Two Towers" trailer didn't precede the film, although I was fairly amused by the "Daredevil" teaser. And the film itself is good, mostly because the imagery and special effects are so astounding and the setup is nice. As so many others have commented, though, it falls apart in the last third, as Spielberg settles for a dopey "whodunnit?" twist that had me rolling my eyes, along with a forced, tacked-on "happy" ending that rings pretty false. I'm not saying you won't enjoy it, but you might wish the last reel didn't get shown)

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Friday, June 21, 2002


I was asleep by 11:30 last night. Pretty sad, really, but I just felt drained. I think it's mostly that my body is trying to catch up on all the sleep it lost over the academic year (or at least that's my theory). But then it's sad when I keep waking at 7. Maybe I'm developing that weird old person tendency to fall asleep early and rise at a ridiculous hour?

Anyway, I didn't do much last night. I got done at the desk a little earlier than I thought, so I ran over to Tattered Cover and Whole Foods, mostly out of boredom, then headed back here to read comics.

Today is all about some more little tasks (checking in on the pooch, making up testing folders for this weekend, since I'm case managing for the project on Saturday and Sunday, and other stuff like that). I might go see "Minority Report", if it's not too crowded. But we'll see.

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Thursday, June 20, 2002

Well, I got out of double-checking

I didn't really do anything constructive with my time, though. And now I'm just sitting here being bored at the clinic desk, playing Solitaire (computer, of course, since anything else would require energy that I just don't have).

Help me. Really. I'm bored. B-O-R-E-D. BORED. BORED.

Get the hint?

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Heigh-ho, heigh-ho...

Off to do data I go...

Not much to report, really. I slept in a bit today (until 8:30), just because my body felt like it really needed it. I have a pretty lame day planned, since I have to double-check the data entry for a good chunk of the day, then run up to the house-sit, and come back to sit at the clinic desk from 6 until 8. Yeah, I know it sounds thrilling to you, too.

I really didn't do much yesterday, though... I went to clinic for a couple hours, went to the comics store, did some laundry, bought and hung new blinds in my basement (they actually block out the whole window now, which is lovely)... That kind of thing. But it felt pretty relaxed. And that's my key word of late: RELAX.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Get to know me!!!!

As other foolhardy adventurers (Miss Elle,
Susan, Lestah) have done, I made up a quiz about me.

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So yesterday

It was another smoky day, starting the moment I walked out my front door. Seriously, it was hanging in the air like low-lying haze. A gloomy start.

(And, before you ask, the fires are still far away from here... It's just the winds that blow that crap our way. So it's awful for breathing, but we're not going to burn anytime soon.)

Anyway, I went in to do data double-checking, but found out my partner in double-checking had forgotten and couldn't be located. Annoying. But also okay, since the air conditioning was circulating smoky air in the building, stinging my eyes and nose. So I left.

I headed up to hang out with the pooch, and tried to track down John, but no luck. So, instead, I went disc golfing by myself, in high temperatures (and yes, I did apply sunscreen to my white boy skin). It wasn't entirely successful, since I was trying out the new discs, and I grew rapidly fatigued, but I still enjoyed it. Then I went off for cheap Mexican food (with blisteringly hot salsa that gave me almost immediate indigestion {and yes, I read that stupid Slate article on E. Coli in salsa in Texas and Mexico, but it wasn't that at all... It was the spiciness of the salsa}) and came back here to relax.

Later on, John stopped by with his buddy Mike (who is in town to perform at 15th Street Tavern, sans his bandmates, who quit right before they got to town), and we hung out over at his much-too-warm apartment for a while, drinking beer, listening to music, and trying this insidious Hungarian moonshine that Mike had. With a couple shots of that stuff in us, we headed off to a bar nearby, convinced of our own humorousness, had bad service and listened to a bad deejay, and then went over to John's favorite dive (where I finally met John's object d'amour {although he introduced her to Mike, but not me. And I'm not convinced of her status as more than an interest, from her behavior. And she really didn't seem too exceptional, truthfully. But who am I to speak, y'know?}). Then home, to shower cigarette smoke, sweat, and day-old sunscreen off before falling asleep reading comics.

I'm hoping for another chill day, too, although I do have to go to clinic this afternoon. I might go see Mike play tonight, too. As long as there's no Hungarian moonshine.

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So, as part of my day, I managed to pick up the new Guided by Voices (I'm listening to it right now, so can't really offer much in the way of an opinion). It's kind of funny, because the car I've been driving has radio/cd/tape player, and I haven't been able to locate the cd insert (it's not in the trunk, by the way). So I've been listening to tapes (they only had one cd in that I could stand to listen to and the local radio stations are crap). And, mostly, the tapes have been Guided by Voices.

Yeah, I know that's rather trivial, but indulge me.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Miscellaneous stuff

Ho-hum. Just been reading comics.

We are still going to see Cirque Du Soleil, but not until she comes back from her trip in the middle of July. It'll actually be better, since there are more seats available (we had waited so long that the only seats available were not together).

I've decided to give "Scrubs" a try, since NBC is showing multiple episodes next week. And I'm bored.

And yes, I'll probably make up one of those quiz thingies that are showing up everywhere, if I can find the energy...

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And about my interesting day

I don't know that I really did much that I could have. I'm not sure if the heat is sapping my energy or what.

But I was going to return the research videos the girl and I copied, but nobody was there. And I just couldn't bring myself to enter data.

So, instead, I went up to visit the pooch (she's so much mellower than she has been on previous house-sits) and then drove to Boulder, just because. I checked out the comics store, took myself to lunch, got a nice coffee, and then drove over to Galyan's and picked up some new golf discs.

Lazy, no?

Then I talked to my buddy Kurt on the phone for a couple hours (I owed him, for spacing on his birthday back at the start of this month), went over to the pizza joint for a beer and "Golden Tee 2003", and then came back to watch "Insomnia" (the original, not the Christopher Nolan remake that's in theaters). I was supposed to go check out "the Wizard", but they weren't even going on until 11:30 or so, by which time I would have been asleep. I'm sure John's a little chapped, but oh, well...

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Monday, June 17, 2002

Oh, and Electric Wizard tonight


They're stoner-style metal from Britain, in kind of a Fu Manchu vein. I'm not really into them, but it should be a blast to see John wig out for them, I think.

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I am still alive, I assure you

I tried to relax a bit yesterday, after dropping her off at the airport (and yes, we were actually early getting her there, if you can believe that). I stopped by the house sit and checked on the sweet pooch, took her to the park for some fetch, and then headed out, coming back here to shower, and then going off for some Denver exploring.

I've decided I like having a car a little too much, sadly. I hit a couple comics stores and picked up some stuff, got take out from Watercourse, and mostly just nejoyed the opportunity to be lazy. Coming back here, I aimed the fan right at me and flopped on one of my futons, then tried to watch "The Deep End" (which I found sadly unwatchable, despite being well-filmed), read for a while instead, and then watched the rest of my taped "Six Feet Under" episodes (and I still haven't seen the season ender, so don't spoil anything).

And yeah, the girl did call when she got to San Fran, and was saying some incredibly sweet things. I think we're both missing each other already, even though it should be good for both of us (I can get some stuff done and she can get the hell out of here and relax).

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Saturday, June 15, 2002

Busy, busy, busy

And I'm sorry about that. Just been going to social functions, disc golfing, watching videos, and helping the girl get ready for her trip.

Oh, and I'm housesitting. So excuse my lack of updatedness.

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Friday, June 14, 2002

I needed a relaxing day. I got one.

I had to do a little bit of data entry and tried to help another grad student out with her webpage, but otherwise took it pretty easy. The girl went off to see the Russian Ballet perform "Don Quixote" (not one of my favorite ballets, honestly) with a friend from school, so John and I went out for Thai food (my third time in six days, and third different restaurant), discussed coming out to Salt Lake in the middle of July, and more rot. I tried a new dish (yum to Szechuan Asian eggplant) and downed two glasses of plum wine, then we headed over to a dive bar for "Golden Tee 2003" (which I let him win, since he was being a bit of a baby, but don't tell him), then to Twist & Shout, where I purchased a nice soundtrack (Jeff Tweedy's "Chelsea Walls" soundtrack) and a newer Lou Barlow release, "Sentridoh". Then I came home, chatted on the phone for a bit, and tried to watch the annoying "Tape", but gave up.

Today should be relaxed again, with a bit of data entry, but mostly just killing time untila barbecue and trying to help the girl get ready for her trip.

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A lil' public apology

Not that he'll necessarily even see it, but I got so busy with finals and stuff that I completely spaced on my friend Kurt's birthday (it was June 8th). God, do I ever suck. I'm sorry, buddy.

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Thursday, June 13, 2002

What am I doing up early...?

I'm glad you asked... Well, I'm listening to the newest Elvis Costello (which I still find extremely disappointing, sadly), drinking coffee, and trying to wake up, so I can go finish up the data entry for my summer RA job (at least finish it for a while). And I actually slept pretty well in the futon (I was so excited to sleep on a real bed of sorts that I had to keep running in and diving on it, just enjoying the cushiness).

Anyway, last night was all about relaxing. The girl went off to see Poison and some other hair bands (she was unsuccessful at every attempt to get me to even go, let alone paying money to see them) while I made a long overdue trip to Taco Bell and the comics store, watched some of the Lakers-Nets game (I'm trying to be a good winner so I won't comment), and finally viewed "Happenstance", a charming little French film with the equally charming Audrey Tautou ("Amelie"). All in all, it was a very laidback, good night for me.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2002

So I really wasn't around this morning...

I've been trying to get some quality time with the girl before she leaves for about a month, after all.

But yesterday was fairly eventful, I guess...

First, I did go pick up a used futon with frame, so I have a real bed now, sort of. And I dismantled the old, broken iron frame for one of my living room futons, setting that futon up more comfortably for visitors. It's getting to feel more liveable in the place now, and I'm planning to get bigger blinds for the living room window, plus a small blind for the kitchen window, maybe a frame for one of my guest futons (if I can find one cheap at a thrift store), plus I'm getting my bathroom re-done. Nice.

The other big thing is I had totally spaced on house/doggy sitting starting Saturday, and lasting for about a week. It should be nice, I think, as the puppy can keep me company while the girl is gone, and I'll have self-transport. Again nice.

What else? I rented a couple videos, but we didn't end up watching them ("Happenstance" and "Tape"), but that may be on the agenda for tonight. And we're looking to get Cirque du Soleil tickets for Saturday's matinee. And we cleaned her apartment quite a bit this morning.

So I feel like I've been getting quite a lot accomplished.

And of course I'll miss her, but it will be good for both of us, I think. It should give me an opportunity to get back into running at nights, and you know what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder...

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Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Not really all that eventful, honestly

Just did a lot of data entry, went to lunch with my advisor (she bought me and her other grad student lunch at a kind of "eh" Thai place, but I shouldn't complain since it was free and she was being so nice), did some more data entry, went to the local dive for a while to celebrate with a grad student who successfully defended her master's, and then came back to chat/hang out with the girl.

It's a little sad to think she's leaving for about a month, but I also think it will be nice for both of us to have space, since we've been spending pretty much every day together for a couple months now, and tension is inevitable. It's like you really have to miss each other to appreciate things you like about the person sometimes (I think). Or maybe I'm just telling myself that...?

Today I have yet more data entry to look forward to, and a lab lunch party. And I might be getting a new(er) futon.

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Monday, June 10, 2002

Colorado's burning...

Um, actually, I shouldn't assume things are as bad today as they were yesterday, since I've yet to be outside and my windows are closed, but...

So the girl was mad at me because I didn't want to go to that barbecue (she took it as a personal offense, even though I explained that the smoke and ash were already bad enough and additional smoke would be awful for me). So I went off to Whole Foods and got some needed groceries, grabbed a couple videos, and just stayed in.

Said videos were Christopher Nolan's "Following" (which I liked better than my evil twin, I think. You can see some of Nolan's experimentation with moving back and forth in time to explore his story. And while things feel a little predictable at times, it was different enough to keep me engaged) and (finally!) "Waking Life" (which I watched while drinking some leftover white wine. And while that heightened the experience, I still have to say I was wowed by the film. Yes, I did think some of the folks were talking out of their asses, but it was so thoughtful and original that I went with it).

By the way, I'm working on data entry again today, and my research mentor is taking me and her other grad student out to lunch, which is a nice treat. And if something else comes up, I'll check back in.

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Sunday, June 09, 2002

It's surreal

Really. There's a big forest fire about 60 miles away, and the wind is blowing the smoke and ash straight into Denver, so it looks like some bizarre scene out of a disaster movie. There's supposed to be a big grad student barbecue that I'm guessing ain't gonna happen.

Oh, and I'm listening to Tom Waits, which is pretty apropos to the weirdness, I'd say.

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Mmmmmm, Thai food

Goong cho chee and tofu jungle curry, that is.

That was really the highlight of yesterday, which was mostly eaten up by RA work and helping the girl on an errand. But hey, at least I slept 6 hours straight for a change.

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Saturday, June 08, 2002

So about last night...

The girl went out on some event with other females from the prgram, so I hung out with John and his brother. It turned out to be somewhat amusing, though.

It started out at the Stadium, playing some "Golden Tee 2003" and drinking a couple beers, watching the Lakers toy with the Nets, and listening to John and Mike squabble with each other (with Mike teasing John about this woman he's interested in). Then there was discussion of dinner, and I really shouldn't have deferred, but...

We ended up at Hooter's. No sh*t. It was Mike's choice, and even though John and I had reservations about it, we went anyway.

All I can say is... ugh! We drank some cheap beer, had really bad bar food (even the jalapeno sauce couldn't save it), and had to listen to Mike being a schmuck (talking about how hot he thought the waitress was, asking annoying questions of all the waitresses, and trying to get away with a cheap tip). I think John and I were pretty fed up by then (especially since I ended up paying about 10 bucks more than I shold have so the waitress could get a good tip), but we held it in.

Oh, and the girl called and woke me up at 2:30, which was sweet. So I arose this morning to interrupted sleep.

Anyway, I'm off to do some data entry, and then I don't know what else.

But hey, be careful out there, okay?

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Did I tell ya my wart's gone?

Well, I think it is.

I'm off to do weekend RA work, but I'll be back to tell the story of my exciting night. Oo, I bet you're all tingly with anticipation.

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Friday, June 07, 2002

Stupid Blogger (the umpteenth iteration)

So I had this lovely commentary prepared, and of course Blogger got funky just as I went to post it.


Oh, well. It was mostly about how relieved I was to be done with a tough quarter, how the girl and I went out for a celebratory dinner (and I got yummy tempeh tacos) and then watched taped "Osbournes", and about how I'm training for my case manager position today.

I'm gonna try to relax and maybe see a movie tonight. We're thinking of seeing "Decalogue" 3 & 4 if we don't fall asleep by 7.

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Thursday, June 06, 2002


Thank God. Honestly. Now I can relax, at least for a little while.

Oh, and in case you didn't hear DeeDee Ramone died last night of an overdose. What the hell...?

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Briefly, and then back to work...

I'm done studying for this final, and now I have 6 hours to do it. Ugh again.

It just hit me that I won't even really get a chance to relax, since I have to train on Friday and then work on Saturday and Sunday. And the girl is leaving for an extended period of time the next weekend (almost a month). Poop.

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Wednesday, June 05, 2002

One down, one to go

Wish me luck. I might need it. It's due at 5 tomorrow.

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Working on finals. Very stressed. That's all to report right now.

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Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Oh, and about yesterday

Things are smoother with the girl. We're both still a bit sore, but I think it has more to do with both of us being stressed about finals. We ended up talking some things through, and went to grab dinner with John and his brother Mike (bad Greek food, which was much regretted by all, I think), and I finished my take home final, then studied a bit for today's in class final.

Whee. What fun.

And it's been rainy today. It was an unpleasant surprise when I got up and put on shorts to run over to school for the exam and didn't have enough time to come back and change. But hey, the cooler temperature is nice.

Oh, and it looks like I may get a new bathroom, since my shower wall is leaky. In case you don't remember, the bathroom is... interesting, to say the least. So the plan to tile it and change it sounds very good to me, since my landlord is footin' the bill.

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So two finals down...

Two to go. Wish me luck. Really.

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In other news...


Oh, sorry. That's probably mean (the photo is a publicity still of Jennifer Garner as "Elektra" in the upcoming "Daredevil" movie, by the way)...

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Excuse me...

I have a Behavioral Neurology final in a litttle over an hour, so I'm gonna go cram a little more, so (hopefully) I'll update later.

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Monday, June 03, 2002

Yeah, I'm procrastinating...

What of it?

SimilarMinds.com Compatibility Test

Your match with Tabitha
you are 73% similar
you are 87% complimentary

How Compatible are You with me?

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And as for the visiting part...

It was nice. We sucked, in that we didn't end up going to Six Flags Elitch Gardens, as we'd discussed (I think Jeff and I discouraged it and Dylan just went along, so I hope he wasn't too disappointed), but there was lots of going to music stores (even if Dylan kept forgetting his WaxTrax gift certificate every friggin' time), some comics shops, a trip to the 16th Street Mall area, a trip to Boulder, a night at Dave & Buster's (a gaming place where you can buy cards to play the videogames in the arcade), and lots of good food.

There was also another incident of the girl getting mad at me for a very little thing, which I refused to let bother me. The boys were good about getting out of my hair so I could do an assignment yesterday, and we ended up going to the disappointing Elvis Costello show at the Fillmore (disappointing in that the material wasn't all that well chosen, the sound was bad, and there was a fight, which was incredibly lame. There was also plenty of covert potsmoking going on, which was pretty irritating, considering the place made this big deal about how there was a two drink maximum).

Oh, and all the food wasn't good, since we had some bad stuff yesterday night. So I oversold the experience.

Maybe I'm making the trip sound pretty lax, but it really was fun. At least for me.

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So the boyos just left...

It was nice having visitors, even if I made Dylan feel guilty because he kept breaking stuff (just kidding, but I'm sure he'll appreciate the jest when he gets home). Unfortunately, now I have to get busy studying for one in-class final and do some work on three take home finals. Yes, it is not fun. Very true. Yes.

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