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Sunday, March 31, 2002


Sorry to be such a spoilsport of late. I've just been concentrating on school and things with her (and yes, things have been going very well there).

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Saturday, March 30, 2002

To recap

I got my application done, went to a couple art galleries, played pool at a bar, and I'm just about to head out for breakfast and disc golf. More details to follow.

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Friday, March 29, 2002


I'm up early to try to finish that funding application (so I can go to a summer institute on Long Island). Went to "Blade 2" and liked it (not high art by any means, but definitely silly and cool) and then to Watercourse for tempeh scallopini (with mashed potatoes, skins on, mushroom gravy, and wilted baby spinach) and watched "ER".

Oh, and the comments are mysteriously back without me having to do a thing.

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Thursday, March 28, 2002

And I promise I'm not really that pissy

Yeah, the Oscars really irked me, but I think I'm more stressed and burnt than anything else. I've been hoping to just rest up and see where that takes me.

I haven't been doing much, though. Just hanging out with her, going to the comics shop, listening to music, and planning weekend stuff. I'm probably seeing "Blade 2" tonight and going disc golfing again on Saturday, but other than that, it's all school (an application that's due tomorrow and plenty of reading for classes.)

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Nothing to say?

It looks like the comment system has gone down. But that's kind of okay, since I really haven't been saying much. I'll investigate some later, though.

I'm planning to do some work on the blog this weekend, anyway.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2002

I'll bet she didn't see this coming

Pity poor Miss Cleo. I'm sure it's her advisors.

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And yes, I'm still in a creative slump

I just don't feel the burning of creativity to my entries. At least not yet.

I had to miss class yesterday to do assessment work, but the class sounds interesting (all about cognitive neuroscience). Hung out with the girl, watched Andy Richter Controls the Universe (which is cute, funny, and on Fox, which means it's doomed).

Oh, and the night before consisted of going to eat (grilled mahi tuna in sweet soy and wasabi sauce, with mushroom and asparagus risotto) and then seeing a free screening of "Son of the Bride". It was a bit sappy, but very sweet and very good. And writer-director Juan Jose Campanella was even there, to field some of the stupidest questions I've ever heard.

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Not that I had anything earth-shattering to say, but I couldn't get Blogger to work yesterday.

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Monday, March 25, 2002

Oh, and speaking of sucking

The quarter starts today. Yippee.

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That sucked

Okay. I'm cynical enough about the Oscars without a night like last night. I was thoroughly disgusted, and embarrassed for classy folks like Sidney Poitier, Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, Sissy Spacek, and Robert Altman. And I'm too mad to really say anything even vaguely coherent about it.

Instead, you can go read what others are sayin' about the Oscars.

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Sunday, March 24, 2002

A brief recap of my doings and goings


Went to breakfast at the little German place, bought books (not my family therapy texts, though, because they looked too expensive and I'm trying to figure out if I even want to take the class), and went to this faux English-style pub, where the homebrew was overrated, the food was mediocre (at best), and I was actually offended by the poor service (and yes, I used to work in food service, sort of, and I understand being busy, but she was wilfully neglectful and dismissing, and her tip reflected that).


Got up early and got breakfast at a cheap place (not great, but not horrible, either), went disc golfing for the first time since I've been here, then ran over to Cherry Creek for a while, went to dinner at Alexander's, and then viewed "Resident Evil" in a sparsely populated theatre. And there were a few scary moments, but I was largely bored. Managed to scalp the Bad Religion tix, thanks to John.


Plans to go to brunch at Watercourse, and then I'm not sure what else. Probably getting pizza and watching the Oscars with the girl, and bemoaning how short the break was for us.

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Friday, March 22, 2002

On spring break

I should be back Monday (or before). But I need some time off to relax and that kind of thing.

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Thursday, March 21, 2002

Yeah, I'm sort of bummed about this...

(Call me a sucker, but I think stuff like an aquarium is good for the cultural life of a city. Oh, and this is from the online Rocky Mountain Journal...)

Ocean of debt did in aquarium

Initial optimism unable to buoy attraction beset by miscalculations and tourism gone south

March 21, 2002 - Ocean Journey had plenty going for it: The enthusiasm and passion of its founders and the backing of Denver's elite at a time when the economy was booming.

The Denver aquarium announced Tuesday that it will close April 2. It cannot make its $6 million annual debt payments, and bondholders are foreclosing. They plan to sell the property, and expect the still-sparkling 3-year-old aquarium to be torn down if a buyer can't convert it to another use.

Ocean Journey started construction in 1997 with $63 million in debt and $30 million in donations. No aquarium in the country has been able to survive with that kind of debt load.

The Florida Aquarium in Tampa was about to go out of business in 1996 when the city stepped in and paid its $84 million debt.

Last year, the city of Long Beach kept the Aquarium of the Pacific alive by paying off its $117 million in bonds.

"We just bit off too much debt," said co-founder Judy Peterson-Fleming.

Yet she and her husband, Bill, "were tremendous promoters. They were unbelievably aggressive and dedicated at selling it. They made it exciting and fun," said Pollster Floyd Ciruli, an early skeptic. That enthusiasm, combined with civic boosterism and the booming economy of the '90s, prompted many backers to suspend their normal cautious assessment about the aquarium's finances, he said.

Still, contributors did not donate anywhere near enough for such a high-cost project. So the Flemings and their supporters went to the junk bond market and paid 8.37 percent interest -- a very high rate for tax-free bonds.

"If everybody could look at it with hindsight, the (Ocean Journey) board would say, 'Get more equity,' " said Jim Hekkers, the former chief executive officer of Ocean Journey, who now heads one of the nation's premier aquariums at Monterey Bay in California. "With this much debt, it was never going to work."

"Here in Monterey we don't have any debt at all. Obviously, that's the ideal situation."

But the heavy debt wasn't the only issue.

Ocean Journey didn't live up to a consultant's optimistic projections of attendance and revenue. It came nowhere near earning enough to make its interest payments.

Hekkers said he knew when he arrived in December 1997 that attendance projections at other aquariums had been far too high. That made him doubt the ones for Ocean Journey. But by that time, construction was under way. "At that point, the die is cast," and aquarium managers could only do their best, he said.

The projections came from a study done in 1995 by the Lyon Group, a California leisure industry consultant, which could not be reached for comment Wednesday. Lyon said attendance would be 700,000 to 1.6 million -- a huge range, Hekkers noted.

Lyon picked the middle of that range, and advised bondholders to assume attendance of 1.1 million the first year and climbing after that. Ocean Journey got off to a fast start, attracting 1.4 million people in its first 12 months. But in 2001 attendance was 700,000 -- at the bottom of the consultants' range.

The study overestimated the number of people who would pay full fare. Revenue from tickets came in $3 less per person than the projection, a comparison of records last summer by the Rocky Mountain News showed.

In addition, Ocean Journey made a costly marketing move, the comparison showed. The aquarium charged just $35 for a membership that allowed unlimited visits, compared to $14.95 for a single admission.

About 60,000 memberships were sold, twice the number expected. But the extra $700,000 in revenue from memberships didn't make up for the fact that those people no longer bought tickets at $14.95 apiece.

Ocean Journey also ran into the same problem experienced by other aquariums.

"Once people have been once, you need a reason to get people to come back," Hekkers said.

Monterey spends $1 million to $3 million on short-term exhibits featuring popular creatures such as jellyfish and seahorses, Hekkers said. Ocean Journey announced in January 2001 that it hoped to raise up to $5 million to create aquarium space for such changing exhibits, but the plan never took off.

If all this weren't enough, the economy went sour in 2001, and then "tourism practically dried up after 9-11," Hekkers said. Other aquariums without debt can afford to ride out the dry spell, he said.

Last summer, Ocean Journey went to the tax-supported Scientific and Cultural Facilities District for help, even though it had raised money from foundations with the promise it would not seek SCFD money until 2006.

SCFD board members refused the plea, saying Ocean Journey's finances were too shaky. They also didn't want to take $2 million from other cultural organizations to bail out private investors, said Ciruli, whose company has worked with the district board.

Peterson-Fleming now says that promise not to seek government help was a crucial mistake. Every large aquarium in the country that was built with debt financing has had to go to taxpayers for help, she said. So far, none has had to shut its doors.

The Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster got SCFD money after just one year, she said. "We should never have agreed to not go to the Cultural Facilities Board," she said. "That's how they all survive."

A last-ditch plea to Denver for a bailout in recent weeks also failed. A city analysis concluded the aquarium would need $2 million to $3 million a year in city subsidies at a time when the city is already cutting services due to a budget shortfall.

- Ann Imse

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There I am, chatting away in the comments about how lame I think my blogging has been of late. And yet I persist in posting stuff, anyway. I think the trouble is that I feel I have to post something, just so you'll know what's up. But my head hasn't really been in it. It's not so much that anything earth-shattering is going on, but that I really want to be saying something a bit more distinctive. I think that's why I'm thinking a site re-design is in order... To motivate myself to shake the cobwebs.

I dunno. I just see a lot of cleverness, thoughtful commentary, and/or compelling personal writings out there and it makes me feel suddenly self-conscious about my lethargic contributions.

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Last night was okay, too

I went to dinner with John at a new place (new to us, anyway). It was pretty traditional Chinese fare, and not too expensive. But it was a nice setting, there was plenty of hot tea, the hot mustard was almost excruciating (that's a good thing), and the service was outstanding.

Then we ran over to Twist & Shout to check on the release of that collected Uncle Tupelo cd (which was there and is in the cd player as I type, spinning musical joy), I came back to my place and talked to the girl on the phone for a while (until we were both so sleepy that we could barely form coherent sentences), and tried to read comics. Failing that, I went to sleep.

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I kind of just feel like I'd like to chill out today. It's not that I really have so much to do (a phone interview with the parent of a child I'm testing, faxing some questionnaires to said child's teacher, studying up on the interview protocol for said testing with the child tomorrow), but that I just don't want to do anything except sit at home, watch taped "Andy Richter" (haven't watched it yet, so don't spoil it, please), read the comics I bought yesterday, and maybe get some take out.

It's not that I'm bummed or anything, but I am feeling worn down by the quarter, and would just like to relax and regain some energy before classes start up again. I was thinking ambitiously for this time off, which is not a good thing, so I'm just thinking that maybe laziness is called for.

Oh, and I woke to see this weird little snow flurry. I dunno where it came from, really. I'm hoping it ends by the time I'm up and around.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Woo hoo! Spring break!

Wilco rocked, but I'll comment on that later.

Spent part of the day in Boulder, which was nice.

Rode my bike out to the comics store, since it was warm.

And my brother might not be coming out for Bad Religion this weekend. That bites.

Yes, I'm feeling rather tired and not very verbose. Praytell, excuse.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Oh, and yes, I am one of those lame people

You know. The ones who listen to a lot of music by the artist the day of or before they see a concert.

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On the agenda for the day...

There are about a million things I could do to prepare for the start of next quarter (7 days and counting, for those of you curious about sich things), but (instead) I chose to stay in bed a little longer than usual and really do some thorough waking up for a change. It is my spring break, after all, and Lord knows I could stand to catch up on sleep after the hellacious last week. Oh, and it also means last night's snow will probably have melted off the walks, so I don't have to do anything about it. Sometimes laziness pays.

So I have to meet with my clinical supervisor at noon to discuss the neuropsych assessment I start today, and then do about three hours of testing. I'm actually not all that bothered by that, truthfully, as I think it's not too difficult, I seem to have some skills in testing and rapport with my clients (not to be snotty, really, but I do like to acknowlege my strengths every once in a while), and there are a lot worse things I could be doing.

I really should do some work on my poster abstracts, too (the deal is this: there are two upcoming events at which I can present a poster of the results from my undergrad thesis. And all you need is to submit a 200-300 word summary of the thesis. But I'm being rather lazy in not re-writing the abstract I have, mostly because I just don't feel like doing any work. One is just a schoolwide poster event for all grad students, and the other is at a conference on developmental disabilities in May), and work on a couple applications (one for travel funding, that would be applied to the other application, which is to a weeklong workshop on the neurogenesis of developmental disorders, which is being held in New York this summer. It's geared at advanced grad students and professionals, but I'm applying, anyway, because I really want to go). Oh, and I guess I could read ahead for next quarter's classes, too.

I also had these big plans for eating a little healthier, cutting down on my growing caffeine addiction, and starting to run again, but we'll see if I manage to do even one of those things. I really hope so. But I'm much more concerned with relaxing. There will be Wilco tonight in Boulder, and then my brother will be here this weekend, for Bad Religion and maybe some disc golfing (John got some discs from one of his friends and is eager to go).

Oh, and I really didn't like "Zoolander" all that much, in retrospect. Ben Stiller was kind of annoying, and it should have been much funnier. I should know better than to listen to John's recommendations for movies.

Oh, and there are movies I want to see, too... "In the Bedroom" (I feel like this is becoming the new "Harry Potter" for me, in that I talk and talk and never see it), "Ice Age" (I'm a sucker for cartoons), "Italian for Beginners", "Monsoon Wedding", and (don't laugh) maybe "Resident Evil" (I know it's stupid, but I have friends who want to see it, and it might be good for some cheap laughs).

I think I'm feeling tired just thinking of all of that. Maybe I'll just stay in bed all week instead.

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Oh, and I guess keeping the T.P. in the bathroom is a good thing

Not that I ran out, but it was kind of annoying to have to go into my bedroom to grab an extra roll so the next excremeditator won't have to resort to using the towels, walls, hands, or whatever.

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Road rage

It hit me, driving out to DIA in the snow last night, with tons of idiots just zipping past me, heedless to the slick roads and the fact that there are usually highway patrol folk posted out there looking for speeders, that it's a good thing I don't have a car. Really.

Some people I genuinely care about are prone to bouts of what I might best categorize as "bad manners" when they drive, and I found my own ire rising just in the short time I had John's car. I really don't know what it is. But it scares me. And I think how much more relaxed I am when someone else drives (most of the time, depending on whether the driver's behavior is scary), when I walk, and (especially) when I bike.

Nothing really deep to offer there. Just observations about myself.

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I came to a startling conclusion this morning

In a quest to become more interesting, less glib, and hell, more energetic about blogging, I decided I should stop just posting my horoscopes just for the sake of having something to post. Because, believe it or not, there were times when I did just that.

So no more of that nonsense. Until I get really desperate.


Stupid corporate killjoys!

Depressed? Try tuna and salmon.

(Uh, yeah, I actually did read both articles. And I felt like posting them because they were both fairly interesting. Not just spacefillers.)

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Monday, March 18, 2002

Stupid snow

Well, I departed early to pick up John, since it was starting to snow. I made a minor detour to look for a shamrock shake (yeah, thanks for putting that idea in my head, KMRZoom), and exhaustedly drove in blowing snow. I had to circle the parking lot for about 20 minutes before finding a parking space. And then we went to get dinner, only to find the girl had eaten already and made plans to see "Gosford Park" with a friend from school.

It really was fine, though, since John and I grabbed beer (mmmmmm to Samuel Smith) and "Zoolander" on video, but ended up falling asleep.

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Such a minor detail, but...

The line of archive links was driving me up the wall, so I went with monthly archiving. Forgive, please.

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Ugh! I'm tired...

I stayed up too late trying to guide her with her exam (and read some cool comics stuff, like "Soulwind", Book One, and some of Book One of "Age of Bronze". But I wouldn't have stayed up as late just to read those things, so I'm not going to blame comics for my lack of sleep).


So today was all about good and bad news: I didn't do as well on the stats final as I'd have liked (I still did okay in the class, though), which is somewhat distressing. But, on the other hand, I found out I got some research funding for next quarter. So it balances out, I think.

I have to pick up my friend John at the airport tonight, and I have friends in town from Salt Lake who I would like to see tonight. But we'll see what happens. Mostly, I just wanna sleep.

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Sunday, March 17, 2002

Still workin' on that take home final

Not to be lame, but it's eating up a lot of my cognitive resources. But yesterday was good. Went out to get Wilco tickets, got some Cadbury creme eggs, completed the first half of the exam, and stopped off at the comics store and picked up some rewards for myself (there's a rant there, but I'll save it for later).

I'm informed that I'm starting to snore in my sleep, by the way.

And I don't think we'll be seeing "In the Bedroom" today. She's even farther behind on finishing her exam than I am.

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Saturday, March 16, 2002

On a positive note...

I'm diggin' that Travis cd. And more people seem to like Cadbury Creme Eggs.

This is good.

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I got nothin' done on the exam

It's shameful but true. I was so out of it yesterday. I did sell back my stats text (don't need it for the exam, except for some tables I already copied), got some Cadbury Creme Eggs, watched some NCAA basketball (even though I haven't really followed college hoops this year, I'm still really fascinated by the tournament. This has always been one of my favorite times of the year for sports), slept, and went all over looking for a bookcase (since my books were overrunning my place and I also needed room for videotapes). I finally settled on one at SuperTarget, built it, and then read for a little while.

Yeah, it's possible I'll end up seeing "In the Bedroom" today. Or not. We'll see.

Oh, and I watched some workers put up our new back fence.

It was an exciting day.

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I'm rippin' off Miss Elle

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, don'tchaknow?

From Heather, here's the Friday Five:

1. What's your favorite animal?
That guy from "The Muppet Show". No seriously, probably dogs. Sure, they're dumb, but they're also very cute and usually very loyal.
2. What pets have you had in your lifetime?
A lizard. For about two weeks. And a turtle that ran away, leaving me forever scarred. And I lived with a girlfriend who had a cat. Big mistake (see below).
3. Is there any specific pet that you've wanted but never had? Why?
Well, I lived with roomies who had a cool Alaskan Eskimo (dog), who I really loved. I would love to have owned him.
4. Are you allergic to any animals?
Yep. I'm mildly allergic to some dogs, and highly allergic to cats.
5. Do you have any 'pet' pet peeves (your pets or others')?
Two words: dog poop.

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Friday, March 15, 2002

It's funny how my answers change every time

But for now...

(AB, you are truly the king of the weirdos. I mean that in the best way, though)

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And I'm gonna whine for a minute or two

So we went to Watercourse last night, despite the fact that it was friggin' snowing (again), and got pretty mediocre fare, honestly. At least the money went to charity, though.

And both of us were a little testy from stress about school. But we managed to have a good evening, staying up late to watch "Annie Hall", which I hadn't seen in the longest time. We were both chuckling like idiots, at 1 a.m., so Lordy only knows what her neighbors thought.

And then I couldn't sleep. So now I'm up, not very well-rested or refreshed, and stressed. I'm gonna try to make some headway on the final a bit later, if I ever wake up. No big plans for the weekend, really, except to finish that up and maybe see "In the Bedroom".

Oh, and it's only four days 'til Wilco. And next week is spring break, and my bro will be here. So I need to just chill.

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So then there's this...

Would you survive a horror movie? Find out @ She's Crafty

Do I buy it? Nope. But it's fun to pretend, right?

Oh, and I pilfered that shamelessly from Chris.

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Thursday, March 14, 2002

Yeah, I haven't been too happy with the blogging lately...

I've been too distracted, really, to concentrate on expressing myself, which sort of goes against the idea of even having a blog. Right? It's just been a matter of not having the time or energy to really devote to it.

My spring break is next week. So I'm thinking of sleeping in, going to see Wilco in Boulder, catching a few movies, maybe. Finish reading "Beowulf". But mostly, I just want to recharge. Be a little better to myself (more sleep, better nutrition, less caffeine, and more exercise). Tha sort of thing. And (no offense, Merde, because I really like the design, and you were so incredibly kind to do two re-designs for me. I'm just feeling the need to try on new clothes, so to speak. It's one of my character flaws), maybe re-design the blog a bit, if I can figure out how I want it to look.

By the way, "Dynablob" (John Wesley Harding) is really good, I think.

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Well, that was interesting

I went over to the girl's place to do some studying for stats and, waking up weary, found that the past couple days of spring warmth had given way to snow. Yes, I'm whining.

Oh, and I've decided Russell Crowe is as Satanic as Mel Gibson now.

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Um, something cheery to look forward to...

Today could be a bouncy, silly day for you, Scott. Your sense of humor could take over, and you could find yourself looking at things in a light-hearted way. You'll find it difficult to get upset over minor setbacks. You'll be filled with the sense that your life is flowing in the right direction. So enjoy the positive, social feeling of the day. You certainly deserve to have some fun!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Yeah, I did mean to do that

I finally got around to adding a poll.

posted by Skattieboy @ 8:46 PM

Contrary to popular opinion...

I do update my other pages occasionally.

posted by Skattieboy @ 8:39 PM

Done with the paper

And I'm tired. Really tired. I think I'll wait to start the final.

posted by Skattieboy @ 8:22 PM


So I finished the first draft, and now it's just a matter of going back and tightening it up, making sure it flows and the language is precise and succinct. Thank God. Tonight might not be so bad.

Then I have to worry about my stats final. And whether I want to write an optional final paper for my other class or not.

Doesn't grad school sound fun?

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That could actually be right...

I got very little done last night, hanging out first with her, then with her and John, then with John. There was bad beer drinking (expensive, but bad, the worst kind), talk, and "Office Space". I ended up going to bed around 1 and got up a little while ago, before 7, since I have to drop him off at the airport this morning.

I still hate the haircut, by the way.

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In the stars for me today?

Take it easy today, Scott. You could feel a surge of energy, and you might be tempted to rush things. But your energy could be out of step with other people's pace. Take deep breaths. Don't force things. If you are feeling a little manic or out of control, you might want to go for a brisk walk. You could be bouncing off the walls as the planets hit you with some powerful energy. Channel this energy positively.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2002


I'll have at least one visitor tonight; I almost forgot to note that John's coming over tonight, for a slumber party.

No, actually, he's spending the night so I can take him to the airport in the morning. We might get beer and watch a vid, assuming I get some work done on my paper.

I guess that means I really should get busy.

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Moo moo moo moo moo, moo moo, CowBlog moo.

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I reckon I'm gonna be sitting in front of a keyboard all day

I've got nothing going after class, so I'm going to try to get as much done on my paper as I can.

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Okay, I get the hint...

You might experience some schedule changes, Scott. Or you could find that it is hard to connect with people. This is because the planets are creating some minor disruptions. You'll want to just take your time. Don't rush to complete any projects, and don't allow yourself to be panicked. Things will work themselves out. In the meantime, if your e-mail isn't working, or your phone line is acting strange, keep a sense of humor about it.

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Monday, March 11, 2002


Dinner was good (Alexander's again, where they're starting to greet me at the door now) but lasted too long, then we spent too much time gathering up her stuff, and I haven't finished reading for tomorrow.

Do I suck? Yes. Yes, I do.

posted by Skattieboy @ 10:52 PM

Have I told you how much I hate my haircut?

I do. I really do. I realize it was only $ 11, but there was no call for the quick "in the chair and then out" approach, and even less justification for cutting it too short. And it doesn't matter how much folks tell me they like it. She hates it. And I hate it.

Despite the fact that I didn't sleep well, today has been okay. I'm done with a couple of my tasks, I managed to get out of an obligation tomorrow, and while I still have a ton of things to do, I'm feeling okay about that. I think I can do it all and not go nuts.

Maybe it's just because it's warm outside and I want to be out there? Or maybe it's just because the girl seems to be softening. Whatever it is, I'm tired but almost happy.

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And not to be a downer, but...

I have a ton of stuff to do, like getting moving on that paper, typing up stuff for my assessment, studying the stuff I need to do for my assessment, etc. It all seems so overwhelming. But at least I worked on my application and got the homework done, right? And I've been spending time with her, so there's been good with the stress.

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Wishful thinking?

Who knows? When I get something this upbeat, though, I wanna believe...

You could experience a lovely moment with your romantic partner, Scott. You'll feel a sense of closeness and intimacy that will be quite moving. You'll have an increased need to give and to receive affection. Allow yourself to be the romantic fool today. Don't be afraid to compliment your partner and to let them know how much you appreciate them. This will create a wonderful flow of energy between the two of you!

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Sunday, March 10, 2002

Folks, say hello to Chris

He's another fellow Denverite (along with Eric), and I've been meaning to plug his blog for weeks now. I'm bad.

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And the ballet was so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute

After the excruciating warm-up, we were rather worried. But then the real piece started, and things were much better. The costumes were magnificent, the sets imaginative, and the dancing very accomplished. In a nutshell, it was excellent. And we had a little girl in front of us, who very cutely introduced herself and kept commenting throughout.

After, there was very nice refreshment in the 16th Street Mall area with good company (another grad student had joined us, and the conversation was light and inspired), and a reluctance for me to go home on both our parts.

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Uh oh...

I'm in trouble. Cadbury Creme Eggs are suddenly plentiful. And I have no self-control whatsoever.

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Saturday, March 09, 2002

Well, that was fun

I was at the bookstore a little before 1, and I still got # 333 for the signing. Not a good sign. And he was supposed to be there around 1:30. By 2, he still wasn't there.

When I checked with the employees, they were rather clueless.

So I gave up. Understand that I really wanted to see him (it was standing room only, and I wouldn't have even been able to see him and maybe even hear him) and get the book signed for my brother (I did buy a copy for you, Jeff. It just ain't signed), but I couldn't wait all night.


On the upside, I'm going to the ballet with the girl tonight, if we can get tickets. It's a bit of a story, so I'll have to tell it later, as I need to go get ready.

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So the family cancelled

I rather figured they would, given the icy roads this morning.

Any other day, I might have resented getting up early. But today it was nice, since I got off my ass and got my hair trimmed (shorter than I would have liked. I'm beginning to think if you go to a chain haircutting place, you should just assume they're going to cut your hair as they want, rather than as you specify. But at least it got cut, right?), and explored my options for getting to LoDo. So I'll be off for Tattered Cover shortly, and then we'll see if I feel like doing the work I need to do.

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And as for today

The astrological forecast was so lame I didn't even bother...

But I'm off to Twins testing shortly, and then I have to find a way to downtown Denver (sadly, most of my friends suck, so I'm left to find my own way. John would probably be more than happy to help, but he's working) to get to the Michael Moore signing. I'm tempted to just bag the idea, but I know I'll kick myself if I do.

I got invited to another party tonight, and I'm tempted, but I just have way too much to do, and only so much time to do it, y'know?

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So yesterday was a bit odd...

I came in early to give the abbreviated IQ test to a neurological patient, only to sit around, bored, for about an hour. I was pretty chapped, needless to say. And when I got out of class, a blizzard hit. A scary blizzard. And I only live about a block and a half from school. Luckily, most of the snow just blew around. But the roads and walks were icy.

Sadly, I don't feel like I accomplished much of anything, except that I picked up a poster for the "Spider-Man" movie. I have to wait to get a little richer before I get it mounted, though.

And the roomies' party went well, despite the weather. I actually felt good being at a school function for a change, which is kind of odd for me. Sadly, I drank more than I thought I would (not even enough to get me slurring or falling down the stairs as I made my way back to my basement, but I wasn't planning to drink anything), though.

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Friday, March 08, 2002

A little bit of a political handgrenade

(Courtesy of Michael Moore)

George W. in the Garden of Gethsemane

An Open Letter to George W. Bush from Michael Moore

"George W. in the Garden of Gethsemane"
An Open Letter to George W. Bush from Michael Moore

Dear George,

When it's all over in a couple months, and you're packing up your pretzels and Spot and heading back to Texas, what will be your biggest regret? Not getting out more often and seeing the sights around Rock Creek Park? Never once visiting the newly-renovated IKEA in Woodbridge, Virginia? Or buying your way to the White House with money from a company that committed the biggest corporate swindle in American history? I got a feeling you didn't miss much by not spending an entire Saturday afternoon assembling a Swedish bookcase -- but you should have known that there was no way you would ever finish your term by hopping into bed with Kenneth Lay.

It's kind of sad when you think about it. Here you were -- the most popular president ever! -- the recipient of so much good will from your fellow Americans after September 11, and then you had to go and blow it. You just couldn't stay away from your old cowpoke friend from Texas, Kenneth Lay.

Kenny has always been there for you. You needed a way to fly around to all the primaries and campaign stops in the 2000 election -- so Kenny gave you his corporate jet. Did you tell the voters when you arrived in each city that the bird you flew in on was from a billionaire who was secretly conspiring to give the bird to all his employees and investors? He flew you around America on the Enron company jet, and for that favor you touched down on tarmac after tarmac to tell your fellow citizens that you were "going to restore dignity to the White House, the people's house." You said this standing in front of an Enron jet!

Man, you loved Lay so much, you not only affectionately referred to him as "Kenny Boy," you interrupted an important campaign trip in April, 2000, to fly back to Houston for the Astros opening day at the new Enron Field -- just so you could watch Kenny Boy Lay throw out the first pitch. How sentimental!

I mean, you loved this man so intensely that, when you were awarded a set of keys the Supreme Court had made for you so you could live in the White House, you invited Kenny Boy to set up shop -- at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! He interviewed those who would hold high-level Energy Department positions in your administration.

You not only let Kenny Boy decide who would head the regulatory agency that oversaw Enron, you let him hand-pick the new chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Harvey Pitt -- a former lawyer for his accountant, Arthur Andersen! Kenny and the boys at Andersen also worked to make sure that accounting firms would be exempt from numerous regulations and would not be held liable for any "funny bookkeeping" (don't you wish you were this forward-thinking?).

The rest of Kenny Boy's time was spent next door with his old buddy, Dick Cheney (Enron and Halliburton, as you'll recall, got the big contracts from your dad to "rebuild" Kuwait after the Gulf War). Lay and Dick formed an "energy task force" (Operation Enduring Graft) which put together the country's new "energy policy." This policy then went on to shut down every light bulb and juicer in the state of California. And guess who made out like bandits while "trading" the energy California was in desperate need of? Kenny Boy and Enron! No wonder Big Dick doesn't want to turn over the files about those special meetings with Lay!

The only thing that surprises me more than all the Enron henchmen who ended up in your cabinet and administration is how our lazy media just rolled over and didn't report it. The list of Enron people on your payroll is impressive. Lawrence Lindsey, your chief economic advisor? A former advisor at Enron! Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill? Former CEO of Alcoa, whose
lobbying firm, Vinson and Elkins, was the #3 contributor to the your campaign! Who is Vinson and Elkins? The law firm representing Enron! Who is Alcoa? The top polluter in Texas. Thomas White, the Secretary of the Army? A former vice-chair of Enron Energy! Robert Zoellick, your Federal Trade Representative? A former advisor at Enron! Karl Rove, your main man at the White House? He owned a quarter-million dollars of Enron stock.

Then there's the Enron lawyer you have nominated to be a federal judge in Texas, the Enron lobbyist who is your chair of the Republican Party, the two Enron officials who now work for House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, and the wife of Texas Senator Phil Gramm who sits on Enron's board. And there's the aforementioned Mr. Pitt, the former Arthur Andersen attorney whose job it is now as SEC head to oversee the stock markets. George, it never stops! My fingers are getting tired typing all this up -- and there's lots more.

Don't get me wrong, George -- I do not think you're an evil man. You don't need any crap from people like me -- heck, you got mother-in-law problems! Now, I have a very good relationship with my mother-in-law, but then, I never told her to put $8,000 of her money into a company my administration knew was going belly-up.

You say you didn't know? Your bag man -- Don Evans, the man who squeezed all that money for you from Enron as your campaign finance chairman (and is now collecting his reward as your Commerce Secretary) -- has admitted that he got calls from Enron begging for help last year because they were going under. Didn't he tell you this?

Then Paul O'Neill, your Treasury Secretary, admitted that Enron and Kenny Boy called him, too, for some special favors to save Enron. Didn't he mention this to you? They claim to have called your chief of staff, Andrew Card, and he said he didn't bother to inform you. What does your mother-in-law think about these boys her daughter's husband consorts with?

I love watching the O'Neill and Evans show. What a couple of cut-ups! They're, like, all proud of themselves for "not doing Enron any favors." Actually, I think it's more like they didn't do your MOTHER-IN-LAW any favors. Enron got LOTS of favors. And why not? Kenny Boy has been your number one financial backer since you ran for governor. No other American or Saudi has given you more money than Kenny Boy and his gang at Enron. O'Neill, Evans, Cheney, Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham -- ALL of them gave Lay and Enron special favors from day one. The New York Times
last May was so concerned about how Kenny had the run of the place (1600 Pennsylvania Ave.), they referred to Lay as the "shadow advisor to the president."

And what advice! Who was it that wanted you to deregulate the energy industry further? Kenny Boy! Who was it that convinced you to explore the sick idea of PRIVATIZING our water supply and then allow private corporations to "trade" it in the future? Kenny Boy! Who was it that wanted Social Security to be tied to the stock market? Yup, Kenny Boy! (Imagine, if you will, what would have happened to our precious Social Security funds had they been invested in Enron stocks as you, George, suggested be done during your campaign as yuppies everywhere clucked along in agreement over that genius idea.)

O'Neill's and Evans's admission that they "did nothing" when Enron told them of the company's shell game and impending collapse is reason enough for you and yours to hit the Beltway and never return to that sacred trust we call Our American Government. They are proud of "doing nothing?" By doing nothing, millions of Americans have been swindled. Tens of thousands have lost their jobs. Thousands more have lost their savings and their retirement. Yet your cabinet secretaries gloat over what a "good job" you and they did by "doing nothing."

Let me ask you this: If someone was setting a house on fire, and they called you to help them set it on fire, and you said no you wouldn't help them -- BUT then you also DIDN'T call 911 and inform the police that someone was going to burn down a house, do you think you would have committed a crime?

Of course you would have! You had prior knowledge and then you knowingly and purposefully HID this information from the authorities and the people living in the house! You only admitted that you knew a house was going to be torched when you were confronted by the police. Are you complicit? Yes! Are you an accessory? Yes! Who would even think of going around boasting, "Hey, look what a great guy I am -- a friend of mine told me he was going to commit an act of arson, and then I decided NOT to tell ANYONE about it!! WHOO-HOO!!"

Enron and Kenny Boy bought your silence and the silence of your cabinet members. You yourself didn't have to actually raid the 401(k) accounts of those poor people in Houston (many of whom probably voted for you every time your name was on a ballot). All you had to do was remain silent, change the government regulations that let them get away with it, and install their hand-picked cronies to sit on the "oversight" boards which were supposed to be keeping an eye on them.

While doing all this, you told the American people that these rich friends of yours were not getting any special breaks -- when, in fact, Enron had already scammed their way out of paying NO taxes in four out of the last five years. Your economic "stimulus" bill that you got the House to pass after 9-11 had a section that would give Enron a gift of $250 million of our tax money. You were pushing this bill in November and December, long after your administration knew that Enron was raiding the vault and screwing its workers and investors.

You and your Republican friends are quick to point out that Enron had their claws into the Democrats as well. Yes, they did, and thank you for making the case why we not only need an alternative to the current make-up of the Democratic Party, we need private money removed from our electoral process ASAP.

But, George, let's be real -- the Democrats only got a pittance from Enron compared to the millions you and the Republicans received. Democrats just don't have the killer instinct to do anything right, and they certainly don't know much about making money the old-fashioned way, one off-shore tax shelter at a time. I would expect nothing less from a Party that couldn't even put their candidate in the White House after he had already won the election.

The Democrats are like a Yugo -- you know it won't last long or work well, but it will occasionally get the job done. Fat cats know they can buy the Democrats at discount prices, and so they do. Anyone who tries to deflect this scandal away from you, George, or away from the Republicans, or away from the whole dirty way we elect our leaders, is someone who is desperately trying to cling to what's left of a very crooked system that has to go and go now.

The saddest part of this whole affair was the day the scandal was revealed -- and you denied that you even knew your good friend, Kenneth Lay. "Ken who?" you said. Oh, he's just some businessman from Texas. "Heck, he backed my opponent for governor, Ann Richards!" was your way of trying to deflect the truth that was hitting you like a Mack truck. You knew that he, in fact, endorsed YOU and gave you THREE times the money Ann Richards ever saw from him.

I hardly ever talk to the guy, you said. You were like Peter outside the walls of Herod after they grabbed J.C. from the Garden of Gethsemane. Three times he denied he knew Jesus, and three times the cock crowed. But Peter, unlike you, felt shame and wept, and then ran away.

What shame do you feel tonight, George, for the lies you have told? What shame do you feel using the dead of 9-11 as a cover for your actions, hoping that our sorrow for those lost souls and our fear of being killed by terrorists would distract us from what your boys and Kenny Boy were up to during those horrific weeks in September and October?

It was during those very days, while the rest of us were in shock and sadness, that the executives at Enron were selling off their stock and shifting assets to their 900 phony partnerships overseas. Did they notice the remains of the dead being pulled from the rubble while they were downloading their millions, or were their eyes glued only to the bottom third of the TV screen as the stock ticker with the rigged Enron price crawled across the images of firemen desperate, in tears, to find their fallen brothers?

The country was behind you when you said you were fighting the evildoers who did this. In fact, all the while, the real fight your friends at Enron were conducting was the fight against the clock, to see how fast they could transfer all the loot to their personal accounts and run away. Those were the evildoers, George, and you knew it. And because you, by design or negligence, allowed this to happen, it is time for you to resign. The cock has crowed for the last time.

At the very least, your mother-in-law deserves better.


Michael Moore
Owner of 7th LARGEST COMPANY IN AMERICA! (revised ranking)

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As for today

I really can't remember the last time I slept straight through the night, being awakened by my alarm. Ordinarily, my body is awake and semi-alert, at least half an hour before it goes off. But last night, I passed out around 11 and didn't even budge until 7:30. I won't always have that luxury (especially since I'm working this weekend and will have to be up early), but it felt so good.

I do have a lot of little stuff to take care of today. I'm doing intellectual testing with a dementia patient this morning, then I have class, and then I need to call the teacher of one of my child clients back and send her some report forms. And I still need to write up my stats homework and start on my social psych paper. All before the party tonight. I'm still sick, so I doubt I'll drink at all, and I may even duck out early.

Hey, at least I read those articles for class... That's a change for me.

I may be presenting some old research at a couple conventions this year, by the way, and I'm going to try to work on another funding application this weekend, too. It never ends.

I was very pleased with "ER" last night, by the way (I realize this is more for the benefit of Elle and Tab, since many of the rest of you heathens don't seem to appreciate the series)... Some nice character development in a new environment, fleshing them out a bit, and some very good performances, too. I am getting a bit tired of the "Kerry as bad guy" bit, but it was forgivable, since they seemingly put an end to one of my least favorite developments from this season.

And yes, I'm not feeling too awful about the girl. Yeah, I'm a bit bummed that she's still mad and hurt, and I miss her, but I'm not stressed about it. Time and patience.

Oh, and thank you for the nice e-mail, Meredith. It helped.

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I know, I know

Astrologers.com is being a bit of a noodge...

You'll have lots of little things that you want to get done and out of the way today, Scott. You should keep a list handy as different things come to mind. There could be shopping to do or things that need to be taken care of at home. Try to take some time off of work if you can so that you can attend to personal details.

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Thursday, March 07, 2002

It's kinda funny

When things seem bleak, they often have this odd way of working out... I actually had a pretty good day.

I found out I only have to work half a day Saturday, so I can go to Tattered Cover and get an autographed copy of the new book by one of Susan's favorite folks (and mine) Michael Moore. Then I managed to walk over to the used music place and picked up the first cd by Phantom Planet.

And (surprise!) the girl was more than civilized today... We managed to have a decent conversation, and while she's still hurt and wanting to recover, she seemed much more tolerant. It helps that a friend gave her a good talking to, I think. Is it enough for my poor, whiny self? Of course not, but at least there seems to be some hope where I felt none this morning...

Now if I can just wake up enough to read, work on my homework, and then turn in...

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To reiterate

Had a fitful night's sleep and feel pretty lousy today. I'm still feeling mopey and don't really feel much like talking about it. So I hope you'll forgive me. I probably won't update as much for the next little while, as I mull things over and work on the preponderance of stuff the end of the quarter inevitably seems to bring.

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Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Yup, I'm feeling down

I know a lot of it is that I'm sick (starting to feel better, slowly), stressed, and confused. But I'm also really bummed about the girl. Seems her close friend has been talking plenty of smack on me, supporting her anger at me and sort of feeding it, and I can't do anything about it (I got the story third-hand). And I'm really worried, because everytime it seems she's calming down, something new seems to come up.

I'm really trying not to worry and let it get me down. But I have to admit that it hurt when my officemate asked me if I would be going to the ballet this weekend. Turns out the girl had invited a lot of folks from the department to go, and (of course) didn't include me, even though it's something we had planned on seeing together.

Bitter? Nope. Not me.

I'm just gonna try to do my thing and let it go, and hope.

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So the deal with the heater was that a bird died in it, which clogged the heater.

Yeah, I know.

I'm trying to decide if she has just decided to give up on me or not.

I should have a fun weekend, since I have to do Twins testing and work on my paper for social psych. Luckily, I have all the refs for the latter... I may just eschew "Scotland, PA." and do my stats homework tonight, though, so the weekend's not as bad.

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This is getting to feel like a routine

I went to bed before 11 again (luckily, there was heat in the house, so I didn't wake to icebox conditions) and slept pretty soundly (until 6), which is pretty remarkable. And I made it through the whole day without cold meds, which seemed to help me feel not quite so poopy.

As I wrote, I felt pretty good about yesterday, all things considered. The girl seems to have calmed down somewhat (albeit too slowly, in my opinion, but I mustn't complain). I got a lot done, and I managed to have a good night.

And that Phantom Planet cd is pretty spiffy, I must admit. I've listened to it three or four times in a row now.

I have a slightly shorter day today, and I can't decide whether to be bad and blow off working on my paper for social psych (it's due a week from Thursday) to see a sneak of "Scotland, PA." or not...

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Wishful thinking from Astrologers?

Your psychic intuition could be heightened, Scott. You have a lot of natural extra-sensory perception, but you don't always trust the impressions that come to you. Try to listen to those subtle impressions now. You might pick up some intuitive information about a coworker or boss. Or you could tap into your sweetheart's emotions, sensing the feelings that they are experiencing. Heed this special radar and act on it, and great things could happen.

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Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Yes, thanks be to whatever heavenly power there is...

The heater in the house is working again. If the girl hadn't lent me her space heater, I might have frozen, since the temp in the roomies' part of the house this morning was 50.

No sh*t.

I went to dinner with John, after my long day, and it was pretty decent. And I even found that new Phantom Planet cheap at Twist and Shout.

Yeah, it was a surprisingly okay day.

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A little "Simpsons" to brighten your day

(Courtesy of my brother)

ComicBookGuy: Yes, finally. I would like to return your quote unquote, Ultimate Belt.

Storekeeper: I see, do you have a receipt, quote unquote, sir?

CBG: I do not have a receipt, I won it as a doorprize at the Star Trek convention, although I find their choice of prize highly illogical as the average Trekker has no use for a medium-sized belt.

Storekeeper: Whoa, whoa. A fat, sarcastic Star Trek fan. You must be a devil with the ladies.

CBG: Hey, I... Huh... Tha... Oh...

Storekeeper: Gee, I hate to let you down Casanova, but uh, no receipt, no return.

Bart: I'll give you four bucks for it.

CBG: Very well. I must hurry back to my comic book store, where I dispense the insults rather than absorb them.

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Feeling a little somber

So I fell asleep a little after 10, which is really remarkable for me, honestly. I woke sometime after 5 and just stayed in bed for a while, trying to get back to sleep, although I wasn't really feeling all that tired.

I've been turning a lot of thoughts over in my head, but I don't think I'm really quite ready to share yet.

I have a long day ahead of me, with lots to do.

And my dad would have been 68 today.

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Monday, March 04, 2002

Olympics Trip: Day Four

(Actually, before I get started on that, I just feel like I should note the best memory of the trip, which I just neglected because I’ve just been feeling rather funky… It was from Day One, or rather Night One, as we were driving through the Wyoming night, Beatles belting out from the cd player. And she dared me to sing along with her on “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”.

I tried to get out of it, really, knowing how bad my voice is. But she has this way, and I found myself warbling along, just enjoying being with her, moving along toward my old home of Salt Lake.

It still brings a smile to my face, thinking about it.)

Day Four found us waking early, with her scrambling to read a couple articles for class the next day. She was responsible for e-mailing a set of questions to the discussion leaders and had been putting it off. Of course, that meant I had to get up, too, grumpily. She did manage to get the work done, and then went back to sleep, while I (being the grump that I am) couldn’t get back to sleep. So I started packing up stuff for the return trip, showered, and went to get us coffee. Then we mulled over lunch before heading up to the University to check out that exhibit, since it was (theoretically) still open.

She dragged her feet. And dragged them some more. And more. Until, finally, the Tibetan place I wanted to go to closed. My brother got back from work a little after, so we ended up going to a vegetarian place close by, that we all enjoyed (and not just because the stoner waiter kept us amused). We came back for goodbyes, went up to the U., and the exhibit was actually open.

And wow… The materials were all put together by the Holocaust Museum, and the impact was just… We were both speechless. It was tremendously sobering, and thought-provoking.

I think we were both a bit stunned after that. And, later than we meant to, we were off for Denver. And the question of who would drive and who was paying for gas led to some tension. I let her drive right by a little town she had wanted to hit on the way back, so she could photograph a diner there (although, in all fairness, she didn’t really communicate that to me during the drive, but only mentioned it a while later).

It was cold. And there was plenty of blowing snow. It wasn’t snowing, but the wind was blowing the dusty stuff across the road, making it slick and resembling thick fog in places. It was “white knuckle driving” for the second half of the drive back. And I was driving.

Exhaustedly, we rolled in a round 3 am, she asleep, and the whole city under a light coat of snow

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Not much has changed

I had to opt out of a meeting tonight because I felt like I might yak. So I came home and read for class tomorrow. I have a busy day in front of me, sadly.

Yes, I still feel like doodoo (despite the fact that I've been in jammies since about 5 and have been under blankets and comforter most of that time), yes she's still mad at me (although she seems to be calming down somewhat but is still not speaking to me), and yes, I have a stats assignment due next week, the stats final after that, and two final papers I haven't even begun to research, let alone write. And I have to work this weekend. Tell me I'm not screwed.

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Nothing like a restless night of sleep

As if my anxiety isn't high enough, I had to go and take cold medicine. So there were a couple good hours (of course I was passing out during the "ER" rerun), then lots of tossing and turning (not awake enough to get anything done, of course), then a couple more fitful hours, and now I'm up and showered.

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I'm sure this applies to someone...

You'll be eager to express your imagination today, Scott. Maybe you will come up with a wacky and entertaining concept. You might share this idea with your coworkers. Your originality could have some practical use. Your ideas might lend themselves to a unique marketing campaign. Or you could come up with a strategy to help your personnel to get along better. Don't be afraid to adopt a playful, creative approach in your workplace.

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Sunday, March 03, 2002

Olympics Trip, Day Three

(Before I describe it, I have to note that there were run-ins with pro-lifers the previous afternoon... Seems they were there as part of a concerted Baptist effort to convert Mormons and visitors, and were brandishing gory posters with photos of mutilated fetuses. The girl was a bit more even-handed in confronting them than Evil, asking them if they felt the posters were in poor taste, considering that kids could see them, which the bonehead refused to admit. That prompted Evil to let loose the hounds of war, delighting any number of onlookers.)

Day three found me rising, groggy again, with half-baked plans for the day. We planned to leave after the closing ceremonies, so we could be back for class Monday morning. There was a brief visit from my friend Chris and then brunch with my mother (she really seemed to like the girl and vice-versa, I thought. And not just because she unloaded tons of ginger cookies and fudge). Then we were off to my alma mater, to see if the Nazi Olympics exhibit was open (it wasn't) and to see the venue for the ceremonies. After dinner, some thought was given to getting tickets (which she downplayed, leading me to believe she didn't want to go, especially given how much she complained about the acts. I found out later it wasn't so). After watching some of the closing on TV (and witnessing the fireworks a few blocks away), we decided to take a look downtown, only to find out everything had been shut down. It was Sunday, see? And it was Salt Lake. So things are closed on Sunday. Even the Olympic Village.

She didn't want to believe it. So she dragged me down there, despite being told numerous times, and the fact that I was tired and cold. And when she wandered in front of the Trax train, I snapped at her, which hurt her feelings...


We came back and watched the rest of "Ghost World", and decided, exhaustedly, that we would skip class, catch the exhibit the next day, and then head home. And things were good.

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Ugh, ugh, ugh

Feeling like poop, unfortunately. Just that stupid cold, mostly.

Evil made it home in one piece, thankfully.

I enjoyed "Iris" and really hope Judi Dench gets the Oscar (she won't, but we'll pretend for now). Sad on a couple of different levels, and very well done.

Not sure what to think of "Six Feet Under" for this week. A few things I liked about the episode and a bunch I didn't. I hope it's not the sophomore slump.

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Sendin' a little astrology your way...

Saturn continues to move through the section of your solar chart associated with confidence, creativity, and love affairs. This influence has also had a tendency to hold you back as you are finding it more difficult to trust yourself either to experience a new romantic relationship, or to bring a dream to life. Whilst it has made you more cautious, it may also be doing you a favor as you are now able to 'see' those patterns of thought that are stopping you from being all you could be. If you feel that you don't deserve love on some level, then this will be reflected in your daily life. Change this thought and you change your experience. Saturn continues to make a harmonious trine to Neptune, which can also enable you to fulfill some of your more important dreams, if you really want to. Mercury conjuncts Uranus in your sign, which means that you will be several levels ahead of others in any conversation that you care to hold over the coming week. You may need to take this into account if you have an important message to get across. If you are trying to be romantic then get in touch with your feelings - don't end up sounding like a robot on a date.

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Off to breakfast

We'll be grabbing grub before he takes off, and then I may do some hanging out with folks (going to see "Iris" and to watch the season premiere of "Six Feet Under"), depending on how I feel. There's work I could and should be doing, but it can wait, I think.

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Yesterday was pretty nice, by the way

John, my bro, and I went to eat at the Watercourse, the vegetarian place I've been talking up for some time, and despite lousy service, I think we all enjoyed it. Unfortunately, it was too cold to really walk over to Wax Trax (a cool indy record store a few blocks away), so we had to drive (and yes, I know I'm being awful in saying that, but realize that I'm the kind of person who walks anywhere when I can. But it was snot-in-your-nose-freezing chilly). We bought some stuff, most of which proved to be highly disappointing (like that Desaparecidos cd. Made me glad I missed them, even if I would like to have seen Guided By Voices).

We hit a couple other stops after that, finding fairly clear roads, which was nice. Then I chatted on the phone with my friend Kurt for a while, we went off to Alexander's for dinner for the second night in a row (that's the good Mexican place with the extensive vegetarian selection) with some of my friends, and we went over to the Bluebird to check out Jonathan Richman.

And that was certainly interesting. It had gotten even colder (since it was night, after all), even inside the place, so I had to sit by the heater (luckily, they had tables set up, since I couldn't have stood for anything by then). Then we sat through an awful local opener. Evil and I tried to be good. We really did. After an interminable delay, Jonathan came on.

And somehow, accompanied only by himself on guitar and a drummer, he managed to mesmerize the whole audience. Really. I was wowed by the showmanship, by his guitar virtuosity (somehow, it's easy to neglect the playing in his deceptively simple songs), by his energy... He managed to play an hour and a half set that felt all too brief, and left everyone wanting more.

He's great recorded, but if you ever get the chance to see him in person, do so.

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This cold is really kicking my ass. Even subtracting out the effects of the cold medicine (thankfully, I seem to have found one that doesn't interrupt my sleep), I'm feeling somewhat hellish. Not a good thing when you're already feeling a bit mopey and stressed, and it's frigging freezing outside, I think.

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Saturday, March 02, 2002

Oh, and...

I'll get back to recounting the Olympics trip when I'm less stressed and more likely to reflect accurately on it. There's some stuff about run-ins with pro-life folks that I left out.

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Okay, this one's pretty damned accurate

High energy will definitely not be the major theme for the day, Scott. And that's okay. Your bodies are still busy digesting last night's meal, so you will simply not have the strength to accomplish much of anything today. It is a day for relaxing with family and friends, enjoying long chats by the fire as you drink yet another cup of eggnog. This day is meant to nurture your spirit and reconnect you with your loved ones. Let it happen.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah...

My brother's here and I'm really kind of out of it... I have a cold and the medication played havoc with my sleep and my current state of wakefulness. So who knows what I'd even end up saying?

It's cold. It snowed too much, so all the roads are still fairly snowpacked. And people are driving like idiots.

Did I tell you I'm out of it?

I'm really stressed about the girl, too. She doesn't have much experience driving in snow, and she was driving while upset. And I'm worried because she was really quite hurt when she left and I couldn't do a thing.

I'm gonna try to enjoy the rest of the weekend... Jonathan Richman is playing at the Bluebird, so we'll be there. And I'll try to get some work done and try not to worry.

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Friday, March 01, 2002

Friday Five

(swiped second-hand from Lester)

1. What's your favorite vacation spot?
People are gonna think I'm weird, but I love New York City, Seattle, and Portland. All for different reasons, of course... NYC for all that's happening, for the feeling. And Seattle and Portland for some of their unique feel, too, plus that beautiful ocean, and (yes!) the weather.
2. Where do you consider to be the biggest hell-hole on earth?
Wyoming. No question. Some lovely scenery, but what an incredibly desolate place.
3. What would be your dream vacation?
Hmmmm... I still want to go to London, Paris, and a few other locales. I'd like to visit Canada and Alaska one day, too.
4. If you could go on a road-trip with anyone, who would it be and why?
Well, I'd love to go with her again somewhere, as she was actually quite pleasant, despite her tendency to get started late. My brother is always nice to go places with, too, although he and I seem to have slightly different priorities for where to visit. And I'm curious to see what it would be like travelling with my friend Kurt.

I would say Dylan, but his godawful snoring is enough to make me want to smother him in his sleep (sorry, bud).
5. What are your plans for this weekend?
My roomies are having a kegger tonight, believe it or not (I'm curious to see how the lame folks in the department respond), and my bro will be here for a Saturday night performance by Jonathan Richman. So there will be hanging out, good food, and more.

And, of course, the season premiere of "Six Feet Under" is Sunday night.

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Random thoughts

So I just kind of sat on my ass last night after meeting with my undergrad RA... I mean, I came back and talked to Rachel for a while (she stopped by, having not gone with Tom to Phoenix, and it was nice to chat to someone about my thoughts about the girl), did some exercises, and watched "ER" (an okay episode that was notable mostly for the continuing developments with Dr. Green... Kind of sad, in that his character has really grown on me). And I talked to my brother on the phone for a while.

So the evil twin is on the way here as I type this. Given the snow today, think safe thoughts about his trip out here, okay?

It's friggin' cold outside. Can I just complain about that?

The girl has gone off by herself this weekend, to think and work on school stuff. And I hate that she left so upset. I really hate feeling powerless to do something. And yes, I know she's being unreasonable (people sometimes yell at each other, but successful relationships can deal with the occasional conflict), but I still feel awful and wish I could do something.

It's funny, because I really enjoyed the trip to Salt Lake, but with all the tension, I haven't been able to really appreciate that, and I think it shows in my account of the trip. I loved spending time with my brother and mother, and having them spend time with her. I brought back lots of goodies. And I was happy to spend time with her, away from Denver and school. *sigh*

By the way, I am digging that latest Planet Smashers cd.

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Sometimes these things aren't very helpful

I mean, maybe I will be doing what the forecast suggests today, but I probably wouldn't have even thought of that...

You could be reminiscing about a past vacation, Scott. Maybe you are reflecting on last year's trip. What was happening in your life then? Were you in the same relationship? Did you have the same job? Chances are that there have been some significant changes. You might want to consider all of the things that you have accomplished over the past twelve months. Applaud yourself for surviving all of these adventures!

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