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Thursday, June 21, 2001

Where IS Chandra Levy?

The nice thing about MSN is that I always get these little news blurbs to the right of my web window, with news headlines like that one, and I can't help but extrapolate from there... So I envision this mean series of kids' books, with Waldo replaced by Chandra Levy, Mary Jo Kopechne, good old-fashioned politics by the people, etc. But I'd probably be the only person who'd buy it.

Just when I throw up my hands, Dylan comes back from Blogger limbo. But, admittedly, just to blab about digital cable and altcountry bands. Come on, you've gotta give us something meatier than that.

By the way, I got up nice and early, heeding my alarm this morning, since I figured I had to make my meetings, only to have them both cancelled. Sometimes I think there's a conspiracy in place to get me up before I'm fully awake. Now that it's not the garbage trucks clanging in the alley at ungodly hours, it's the construction crews and the department folks who are in on it, too. I just can't catch a break.

Still weighing my options as far as a talkback feature on this hyar blog, but since I'm pretty computer illiterate, I've been hoping BlogVoices will come back from the dead. In lieu of that happening, are there any suggestions pour moi...?

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