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Tuesday, June 19, 2001

Oh, and by the way...

For those of you wondering, here are the final results in my last poll:

Q. Favorite 70's/80's sitcom character

Character Votes Percent of votes

Alex P. Keaton 0 0%
Hawkeye Pierce 3 37.5%
Arnold Drummond 0 0%
James "JJ" Evans 0 0%
Archie Bunker 3 37.5%
Schneider 1 12.5%
Rhoda Morgenstern 1 12.5%
Natalie Green 0 0%

If you don't recognize each and every one of those characters, then shame on you. You obviously need to splurge on some from of cable TV hook-up (be it cable or satellite) with Nick at Night and discover your heritage as an American couch potato. Or those of us hopelessly addicted to pop culture should be in awe of you for your ability to remain disinterested in such trivia, despite all the glib references people like me throw out...

And I know I'm borrowing this little observation from my twin, but doesn't it sound like the hillbilly woman on those Black Angus commercials says "Black ANUS"?

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