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Friday, June 22, 2001

Is it possible I am better-known elsewhere?

I found this today: "Just read Jen's blog. Turns out that this guy, Skattie, whom I've read so much about, took her off his links than put her
back on after a little groveling. This seems like blogger blackmail. I wonder if there's any money in it. Anyway, I checked
out his blog, as I probably should have long ago. Talk about primary colors! My eyes! My eyes! But besides the harsh
glare (due to the awful lighting and monitor here at the graduate school), he's just like the rest of us: overly sensitive
about potential geekiness and in love with sushi."

That came via Meredith, by the way. I should note that the bright colors are just for my incidental pages, by the way, having added some spiffy new wallpaper (which will stay in place until I find something more suitable that doesn't mess up the stuff at the bottom of the page), although the glaring quality of said colors is intentional (Hey, if my eyes have to ache from staring at a computer screen, yours should, too, I reckon). And there's no question about potential geekiness. Oh, my geek genes are fully expressed...

By the way, I am once again thwarted, as the folks for whom I make time in my busy schedule seemingly have no concern for my discomfort. I could view this as a reprieve, since it allows me to be better-prepared, but instead I'd rather complain about how I had to pry my weary bones out of bed this morning.

*sigh* I'm becoming a cranky old man.

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