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Tuesday, June 19, 2001

Holy cow

Look. Really look, folks. I got up early this morning, skipping my usual morning routine of sipping coffee and spending entirely too much time in front of my laptop. Instead, I showered, dragged my coffee and granola bars along, and went to school, where I proceeded to enter data for a few hours.

Yeah, that's part of where my money this summer is coming from, doing data entry. Thrilling, I know. But doggonit if it didn't feel like I was being productive. And, curiously, it also inspired some creative thinking for my master's proposal. Not enough so that I'm finishing up just yet (What do you want? The draft isn't due until tomorrow morning, so I'm going to do exactly what anyone else would do and wait until tonight and then hurriedly finish it up), but enough so I feel like I have ideas that will make the writing easier.

So how's your morning been?

I also got my copy of "Simple Men" on VHS, and if you haven't seen it, you've deprived yourself. It's probably Hal Hartley's finest film, and a great example of indy filmmaking. Or that's what I think, anyway. I'm prone to hyperbole.

So yeah, I'm on to more coffee, my belated orange juice, a bagel with cream cheese, and now I'm off to do some unproductive surfing. But I'll get busy with what I should be doing without the nagging, thanks.

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