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Friday, June 15, 2001


The cold light of day falls on my face... Well, really, it's the light from a sun nearly at the noon position in the sky when I finally pry my butt out of bed. Couldn't fall asleep for the life of me last night, so I stayed up re-arranging stuff like my videos and books, because I just couldn't bring myself to do stuff like work on my school obligations. Yeesh.

Oh, I updated my Links page to include some spiffy new blogs I've found in the last few days, too. I added an About Me page, too, just because. And I changed the background and text colors so they don't hurt my eyes anymore, so I hope you appreciate that, too.

Still feeling a bit distraught and paralyzed that that member of my master's committee was so discouraging about my master's proposal. I can't really put together something new in a couple weeks, so it's going to take some doing to motivate the study, I guess, but it's still disheartening to have something you're excited about scrutinized that way.

Sloan is in constant rotation on the cd player again, now that I listened to Citizen Fish over and over for a couple days.

I had actually read about it, but Sandro also sent me a link to a news story about "D'oh!" making it into the dictionary revision. That alone should be reason for us all to bow down to the power of pop culture, no?

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