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Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny

Errrrrr, make that Skattie.

So those of you who know me know I couldn't stay away from blogging, at least not entirely. But I can say that the break has been lovely, and has solidified (in my head) what I wrote about the 'net. Say what you will, it is addictive, at least for certain folks, and it's not always a constructive use of time or energy, when there are so many life opportunities out there, so tantalizingly close.

If that's condescending, then I'm sorry. But I don't see that.

Anyway, my point was that I never did want to get away from using some means of keeping the folks I care about caught up on my life. And I certainly enjoy the catharsis that comes from being able to speak my mind. But when the process becomes bigger than the person, then it's no longer fun. And I was obsessed with trying to entertain, which is best left to people who have the time and creativity for that. Not to say that I'm going to make this as dull and painful as possible, but I don't have the time to make this blog all purdy and funny. There are other blogs that do that much better.

I reckon I'll keep this updated fairly often, but maybe not every day.

Oh, and I'm surly and stressed out. But I'll blab about that when I feel more like devoting myself to the long and whiny explanation behind that. If you sense some angst, though, you're reading between the lines rather well.

And I'll opine more on the McVeigh execution eventually, too.

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