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Wednesday, June 20, 2001


That's how I feel this morning. The good news is that I finished the intro draft for my master's, so the writing for the rest of it should be easy, and rewrites are always infinitely easier than the initial document (at least for me, who just spits these things out fully formed and organized, without having to make an outline for myself. True story; I just hold these things in my head and compose them there. Thank goodness senility hasn't set in yet). Anyway, I was so relieved upon completion of that step that I couldn't sleep for a while. So I'm still groggy, and you'll have to excuse any stupidities or typos that slip in (besides, I will go back and edit, because I'm like that).

In my hurry to congratulate others, I neglected to mention Asian Bastard, one of the truly funny people out there blogging, for getting the Blogger highlight yesterday. I know I've bitched before about how the "Blogs of Note" seem rather arbitrary at times, but with this selection and the earlier inclusion of Geektastic, it seems there is some good taste being spread about via those picks.

My roomies got back last night, which is kind of nice, in that I'll no longer be watering the lawn and taking care of the yard myself, and I won't have to listen to the sad mewlings of the kitties. On the other hand, though, it also means I'll probably be subjected to the occasional John Denver track booming from upstairs (which is worse than you can imagine) or NPR turned up loud enough for the neighbors to hear (which I don't mind, except that it makes me want to compete noise for noise with some of my louder punk stuff). I throw that out as an aside because I'm really rambling and (mostly) just feel like whining about something.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, coffee. Where would I be without you?

I'm still feeling funky, by the way, but not nearly as funky as last week. It's funny how you can just get caught up in these little pity trips that just sap all the energy out of you, which only makes things worse. So maybe it's the sense of having accomplished something? Whatever the case, at least I'm back to my perkier, more charming self (at least in my eyes. I acknowledge that I could be coming off as obnoxious here). I look back on the initial entries to the new blog and can't help but shudder. *shudder*

In case any of you have heard of that controversial rebirthing case here in Colorado and were wondering about my take on it (surely someone was wondering): I shake my head at those "therapists" (and I use the parenthetical here, because their theoretical bents in treating cases seems pretty flimsy to me. Let's just say I start making duck noises when I read about people like this) and really wonder how they could have been so oblivious to the child's agony, as she was being smothered. Yeah, stuff like this doesn't really seem very therapeutic, no matter how I think about it.

Oh, and yippee, we killed another person via lethal injection yesterday. I know I can sleep better at night knowing that cowboy G.W. is out there keeping the world safe for capitalism.

Am I a geek if I confess that I look forward to riding my bike to the comics shop after clinic meeting today for my weekly goodies?

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