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Friday, June 22, 2001

And allow me an aside about the Guestbook thing again

So despite my whining, there are still plenty of you lurkers out there who can't seem to grasp that Guestbooks are meant to be signed. Nay, Guestbooks DEMAND to be signed. It's not like I want to capture your souls (not at present, anyway), but just to know who you are in a way that SiteMeter just can't capture. And I DON'T say this for the benefit of folks like Tab or Chance or Dylan, who may already have signed it, or if not, would be likely to write something about "Have a nice summer vacation, you putz. I enjoyed having you in my classes, even when you shot milk out of your nose like a ninny. Enjoy your summer as a prisoner of war and I'll see you for class assembly in September. A Friend Always (which just had to have each word capitalized), R. Buckminster Fuller" or something akin, just to be silly and turn my Guestbook into a big ol' joke, which it is anyway, because it's all a joke, and this is the worst entry ever and I'm a big loser, and I'm going to die alone and unloved.

Hey, Dave Eggers makes me laugh, and he'd make you laugh, too, if you're not the kind of closed-minded dork who resists trying new things like I am.

Spell-check only works when you employ it, by the way.

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